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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
128-Jan-2016A new species of Onthophagus (Scarabaeoidea: Scarabaeinae) from the Mexican Transition Zone, with remarks on its relationships and distributionArriaga-Jimenez, A ; Moctezuma, V; Rossini, M; Zunino, M; Halffter, G15-Mar-2020
22016Relationships between fire severity and recruitment in arid grassland dominated by the obligate-seeding soft spinifex ('Triodia pungens')Wright, Boyd ; Fensham, Roderick J24-Feb-2017
32016Neonatal lamb mortality: factors associated with the death of Australian lambsRefshauge, G; Brien, F D; Hinch, Geoffrey ; van de Ven, R8-Mar-2017
42016Fire severity mediates seedling recruitment patterns in slender mulga ('Acacia aptaneura'), a fire-sensitive Australian desert shrub with heat-stimulated germinationWright, Boyd ; Latz, Peter K; Zuur, A F24-Feb-2017
515-Oct-2016Salinity tolerances of two Australian freshwater turtles, Chelodina expansa and Emydura macquarii (Testudinata: Chelidae)Bower, Deborah S ; Scheltinga, David M; Clulow, Simon; Clulow, John; Franklin, Craig E; Georges, Arthur14-Jul-2020
6Aug-2016Carbon content and climate variability drive global soil bacterial diversity patternsDelgado-Baquerizo, Manuel; Maestre, Fernando T; Reich, Peter B; Trivedi, Pankaj; Osanai, Yui ; Liu, Yu-Rong; Hamonts, Kelly; Jeffries, Thomas C; Singh, Brajesh K13-Jun-2019
7Apr-2016Selection for increased muscling in Angus cattle did not increase the glycolytic potential or negatively impact pH decline, retail colour stability or mineral contentMcGilchrist, P ; Greenwood, P L; Pethick, D W; Gardner, G E30-Jun-2020
82016Quantifying the seed bank of an invasive grass in the sub-Antarctic: seed density, depth, persistence and viabilityWilliams, Laura Kate; Kristiansen, Paul ; Sindel, Brian M ; Wilson, Susan C ; Shaw, Justine20-Jul-2016