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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12014Recruiting, Sampling and Data Collection with Difficult Populations: Clients of Male Sex WorkersMinichiello, Victor ; Scott, John ; Callander, Denton16-Dec-2014
22014SaumarezAtchison, John 24-Nov-2015
32014Robert MadgwickRyan, John S 24-Nov-2015
42014Our own SmithsonianHarris, John ; Chambers, Peter24-Nov-2015
52014Ambulance serviceOates, William 24-Nov-2015
62014MulticulturalismWilton, Janis 24-Nov-2015
72014Forensic Facial AnalysisEvison, Martin18-Apr-2017
82014Agricultural CrimeDonnermeyer, Joseph F 18-Apr-2017
92014Peace EducationPage, James S 9-Feb-2015
102014Tourism, Leisure, and CrimeBarclay, Elaine ; Mawby, Rob I; Jones, Carol1-May-2015