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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12015EditorialMorgan, Anne-Marie 22-Jul-2019
2Feb-2015Orthopyroxene - omphacite- and garnet - omphacite-bearing magmatic assemblages, Breaksea Orthogneiss, New Zealand: Oxidation state controlled by high-P oxide fractionationChapman, Timothy ; Clarke, Geoffrey L; Daczko, Nathan R; Piazolo, Sandra; Rajkumar, Adrianna30-Jul-2019
3Mar-2015A Novel Method for the Photographic Recovery of Fingermark Impressions from Ammunition Cases Using Digital ImagingPorter, Glenn ; Ebeyan, Robert; Crumlish, Charles; Renshaw, Adrian30-Jul-2019
41-Sep-2015The Collective Bargaining Authorization Provision for SMEs in the Australian Competition Law: Serving or Distorting a Public Benefit?Rahim, Mia Mahmudur ; Brady, Iolani30-Aug-2019
524-Jun-2015The Functional Significance of Chiral Genitalia: Patterns of Asymmetry, Functional Morphology and Mating Success in the Praying Mantis Ciulfina baldersoniHolwell, Gregory I; Kazakova, Olga; Evans, Felicity; O'Hanlon, James C ; Barry, Katherine L2-Oct-2019
630-Jun-2015Evolution of dinosaur epidermal structuresBarrett, Paul M; Evans, David C; Campione, Nicolas E 19-Sep-2019
7Apr-2015Tooth counts through growth in diapsid reptiles: implications for interpreting individual and size-related variation in the fossil recordBrown, Caleb Marshall; VanBuren, Collin S; Larson, Derek W; Brink, Kirstin S; Campione, Nicolas E ; Vavrek, Matthew J; Evans, David C19-Sep-2019
825-Sep-2015Abnormal Electrophysiological Motor Responses in Huntington's Disease: Evidence of Premanifest CompensationTurner, Lauren M; Croft, Rodney J; Churchyard, Andrew; Looi, Jeffrey C L; Apthorp, Deborah ; Georgiou-Karistianis, Nellie23-May-2019
92015Validation of markers with non-additive effects on milk yield and fertility in Holstein and Jersey cowsAliloo, Hassan ; Pryce, Jennie E; Gonzalez-Recio, Oscar; Cocks, Benjamin G; Hayes, Ben J20-Jun-2019
10Jul-2015Head size, weaponry, and cervical adaptation: Testing craniocervical evolutionary hypotheses in CeratopsiaVanBuren, Collin S; Campione, Nicolas E ; Evans, David C18-Sep-2019