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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12015Ethnopharmacology in Australia and OceaniaJones, Graham L ; Sadgrove, Nicholas9-Feb-2016
22015Sexting, Digital Dissent and Narratives of Innocence - Controlling the Child's BodySimpson, Brian H 13-Jun-2017
32015Soil: A Journey Through Time and SpaceQuinton, John N; Mataix-Solera, Jorge; Brevik, Eric C; Cerda, Artemi; Pereg, Lily ; Six, Johan; van Oost, Kristof24-Feb-2016
42015Communion with God: Marriage as Metaphor in the Old TestamentSilvas, Anna M 22-Feb-2016
52015God and Communion: Marriage as Sacrament in the New TestamentSilvas, Anna M 22-Feb-2016
62015The Political Economy of Pakistan's 'War on Terror'Brasted, Howard V ; Ahmed, Zahid Shahab19-Jun-2017
72015Professional skills for nurses and other health professionals: Contexts and capability of practicePerrin, Cheryl; Stanley, David ; Taylor, Melissa13-Jun-2017
82015Trust and the Experience of LoveUtley, Fiona20-Jan-2016
92015Whose Hus? Confronting the Challenges of Interpreting Jan Hus after 600 YearsFudge, Thomas 29-Jan-2016
102015Regulators networks: collaborative agency approaches to the implementation and enforcement of environmental lawPink, Grant ; Bartel, Robyn 28-Jan-2016