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1Jun-2015Warming and elevated CO₂ combine to increase microbial mineralisation of soil organic matterOsanai, Yui ; Janes, Jasmine K ; Newton, Paul C D; Hovenden, Mark J12-Jun-2019
2Jan-2015The desire to survive: The adaptation process of adult cancer patients undergoing radiotherapyChao, Yu Huan; Wang, Shou-Yu ; Hsu, Tsui Hua; Wang, Kai Wei K17-Jun-2019
3May-2015Stimulus set size modulates the sex-emotion interaction in face categorizationLipp, Ottmar V; Karnadewi, Fika; Craig, Belinda M ; Cronin, Sophie L18-Jun-2019
4Jan-2015A Happy Face Advantage With Male Caucasian Faces: It Depends on the Company You KeepLipp, Ottmar V; Craig, Belinda M ; Dat, Mylyn C18-Jun-2019
52015"No More Boomerang": Environment and Technology in Contemporary Aboriginal Australian PoetryRyan, John C 8-May-2017
630-Sep-2015從挫敗和成功經驗中成長-四技護理系學生參與急重症就業學程的學習經驗Yang, Cheng-I; Yuan, Kuang-Hsia; Wang, Shou-Yu ; Lei, Ruoh-Lih; Chen, Shu-Ling19-Jun-2019
72015Developing Information Literacy and Academic Writing Skills Through the Collaborative Design of an Assessment Task for First Year Engineering StudentsWilkes, Janelle ; Godwin, Julie ; Gurney, Lisa J29-Sep-2015
82015Validation of markers with non-additive effects on milk yield and fertility in Holstein and Jersey cowsAliloo, Hassan ; Pryce, Jennie E; Gonzalez-Recio, Oscar; Cocks, Benjamin G; Hayes, Ben J20-Jun-2019
9Mar-2015現實導向療法對於改善失智症病人照護之成效Chiang, Fei-Mei; Wang, Shou-Yu ; Yeh, Shu-Hui; Lin, Li-Wei19-Jun-2019
102015急性缺血性腦中風的藥物治療及預防趨勢Hiseh, Chen-Ying; Chen, Fong-Ying; Lin, Li-Wei; Wang, Shou-Yu ; Chao, Yu-Huan19-Jun-2019