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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12015The Economics of the Red Meat Industry: A Value Chain PerspectiveGriffith, Garry ; Fleming, Euan ; Mounter, Stuart 27-Apr-2018
22015Revisit Intentions of Malaysian Consumers to Heritage SitesAdapa, Sujana ; Laukkanen, Tommi12-May-2015
32015When does organic carbon induce aggregate stability in vertosols?Smith, Rhiannon ; Tongway, David ; Tighe, Matthew ; Reid, Nick 14-May-2015
42015Modes of Diffusion of Cholera Toxin Bound to GM1 on Live Cell Membrane by Image Mean Square Displacement AnalysisMoens, Pierre ; Digman, Michelle ; Gratton, Enrico14-May-2015
52015Creative Multiplicities: Urban Morphologies of Creative ClusteringWood, Stephen ; Dovey, Kim1-May-2015
62015What Influences the Types of Help that Problem Gamblers Choose? A Preliminary Grounded Theory ModelHing, Nerilee; Nuske, Elaine; Tolchard, Barry ; Russell, Alex7-May-2015
72015Enhanced biological N2 fixation and yield of faba bean ('Vicia faba' L.) in an acid soil following biochar addition: dissection of causal mechanismsVan Zwieten, Lukas; Rose, Terry; Herridge, David ; Kimber, Stephen; Rust, Josh; Cowie, Annette ; Morris, Stephen14-Feb-2017
82015Examining the impact of shade on above-ground biomass and normalized difference vegetation index of C₃ and C₄ grass species in North-Western NSW, AustraliaBarnes, Phoebe ; Wilson, Brian ; Reid, Nick ; Bayerlein, Leopold ; Koen, Terry B; Olupot, Gregory7-May-2015
92015A Hitherto Overlooked 1925 Letter from Professor J.R.R. Tolkien, Then at Leeds University, to the about-to-retire from Oxford Professor Joseph WrightRyan, John S 17-Feb-2017
102015Three-step approach for developing integrated work-ready assessment tools to foster student's learning and satisfactionAdapa, Sujana 12-May-2015