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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
129-Sep-2015Site U1442Reagan, M K; Pearce, J A; Petronotis, K; Almeev, R; Avery, A A; Carvallo, C; Christeson, G L; Ferre, E C; Godard, M; Heaton, D E; Kirchenbaur, M; Kurz, W; Kutterolf, S; Li, H Y; Li, Y; Michibayashi, K; Morgan, S; Nelson, W R; Prytulak, J; Python, M; Robertson, A H F; Ryan, J G; Sager, W W; Sakuyama, T; Shervais, J W; Shimizu, K; Whattam, S A; Chapman, T 27-Aug-2019
22015Introducing Micrela: Predicting mutual intelligibility between related languages in Europevan Heuven, Vincent J; Gooskens, Charlotte ; van Bezooijen, Renee19-Jul-2017
32015Does German Help Speakers of Dutch to Understand Written and Spoken Danish Words? The Role of Non-Native Language Knowledge in Decoding an Unknown but Related LanguageSwarte, Femke; Shuppert, Anja; Gooskens, Charlotte 9-May-2017
42015Indigenous Exotic: Cosmopolitan Dingoes and BrumbiesMcDougall, Russell J 21-Feb-2017
52015Communicating in an e-health environmentParker, Vicki T ; Bellamy, Douglas; Besuijen, Deidre17-Feb-2017
62015Friendship and Happiness from a Sociological PerspectiveGreco, Silvana; Holmes, Mary; McKenzie, Jordan19-Feb-2017
72015The letters of Basil of Caesarea and the role of letter-collections in their transmissionSilvas, Anna M 6-May-2015
82015Protecting the small majority: insect conservation in Australia and New ZealandHolwell, Greg I; Andrew, Nigel R 18-May-2015
91-Sep-2015Androgyny and the Fear of Demonic Intervention in the Early Modern Iberian Peninsula: Ecclesiastical and Popular ResponsesSoyer, Francois 22-Jun-2020