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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12006Women in the Qur'an and Hebrew Scriptures: the development of text, story and characterTidswell, Toni; Garland, Lynda; Franzmann, Majella Maria; Shboul, Ahmad17-Dec-2010
22005Overview of US Telecommunications LawLee, K ; Prime, J28-Jul-2008
32002Dietary prevention of cannibalism in layersChoct, Mingan ; Hartini, Sri; Hinch, Geoffrey ; Nolan, John Vivian 2-Feb-2010
42009Truss Analogy for the Design of FRP- Retrofitted RC Exterior Beam-Column JointsMahini, Saeed S ; Pilvar, Habib Reza; Ronagh, Hamid Reza8-Aug-2014
52002Comparative Vertebrate LateralizationRogers, Lesley Joy; Andrew, RJ 29-Jul-2008
62002'A Father, A Son, My Only Daughter': Memorialising Road TraumaClark, JR ; Franzmann, MM 29-Jul-2008
72007Application of multivariate techniques in conservation planning frameworksLinke, S; Watts, Matthew; Klein, Carissa J; Bailey, R C; Possingham, Hugh P23-May-2017
82005Laying Down the LawCook, C; Creyke, R; Geddes, RS; Holloway, I29-Jul-2008
92009Preface: hydrogeoecology, the interdisciplinary study of groundwater dependent ecosystemsHancock, Peter J ; Hunt, Randall J; Boulton, Andrew J 2-Feb-2010
102005A Labour of Sex?: Female and Male ProstitutionScott, J 29-Jul-2008

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