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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12005Pollination Efficiency and Pollinator EffectivenessGross, CL 24-Jul-2008
22008Co-producing careIedema, Rick; Sorensen, Roslyn; Jorm, Christine; Piper, Donella 25-Mar-2012
32004A Question of Scale and Focus at the University of Adelaide, Australia: Trends in Research Management and Support at the Institutional LevelWood, Fiona ; Meek, VL 27-May-2008
42002Students' rightsRiley, D ; Kohn, A27-Jun-2008
52009Trade Links between Australia, India and South Africa: Prospects for Trade LiberalizationSiriwardana, Mahinda 2-Jun-2010
62005The Philosophy and Feasibility of Henry George's Land-Value Tax: Criticisms and Defences, with particular reference to the Problem of the Land-rich-and-income-poorPullen, John Michael 3-Jun-2010
72003Malthus on IndolencePullen, John Michael 4-Jun-2010
82005Henry George's Land Reform: The Distinction between Private Ownership and Private PossessionPullen, John Michael 4-Jun-2010
92009The Case of AustraliaGriffith, Garry ; Wright, Victor 23-Nov-2011
102007Who Benefits and How Much?: An Evaluation of Contract Farming Systems in IndonesiaPatrick, Ian Walter ; Simmons, Phillip Ray ; Winters, Paul19-Feb-2010