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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12006Getting power from old bones: Two Mediterranean museums and their importanceDavidson, Iain 16-Jul-2009
22006A Farmer's Choice?: Legal Liability of Farmers Growing CropsLunney, Mark ; Burrell, R12-Aug-2009
32009Why She Loves HimJames, Wendy15-Apr-2010
42007The Sweeping PlainSharkey, Michael16-Apr-2010
52001Birds: Their Habits and SkillsKaplan, Gisela ; Rogers, Lesley 16-Apr-2010
62003Lethal Humour: Nick Garland, Barry Humphries and 'The Adventures of Barry McKenzie'Pender, Anne 10-Sep-2009
72005Reflections on History Today and the Appearance of a New World Disorder?Brasted, Howard Vining 11-Sep-2009
82002Spreadsheet Modelling in Corporate FinanceHovey, Martin 19-Nov-2009
92009My Dog JackPigram, John19-Oct-2012
102008Intellectual PropertyCollins, Craig; Forrest, Heather19-Nov-2009