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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12002The Socio-Religious Aspects of Oath-Taking in Early to Classical GreeceBostock, Robert Nigel; Stanton, Gregory 16-Feb-2016
22002Pella: Die Stadt am JordangrabenWatson, Pamela 3-Aug-2009
32002Within Reason: Rational Choice and LogicKhlentzos, Drew Michael ; Blinov, Arcady Leonidovich 11-Aug-2009
42002The Australian Labor Party and the Notion of Economic ManagementBattin, Timothy 5-Aug-2009
52002Rethinking ESL Literacy Education in Multicultural Conditions: the Passage Through Cultural-Historical PsychologyKostogriz, Alexander; Green, Bill; Nicholls, Ruth 1-Aug-2013
62002Online support for action research in a teacher education internship in rural AustraliaMaxwell, Thomas William ; Reid, Jo-Anne; McLoughlin, Catherine; Clarke, Catherine Therese; Nicholls, Ruth Marian 7-Aug-2009
72002Plaster Analysis: The Microanalytic Characterization of Plaster SamplesGrave, P 25-Aug-2008
82002Adorno and the modern ethos of freedomHearfield, Colin ; McDonald, William ; Lynch, Anthony 21-Jun-2012
92002The Transported Convict Women of Colonial Maryland, 1718-1776Ziegler, Edith 20-Dec-2013
102002"Feel This!" Jan Hus and the Preaching of ReformationFudge, Thomas 19-Dec-2013

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