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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12002Ancient and Countless Pagan Threads in a Courtly Tapestry: The Case of 'Sir Gawain and the Green Knight'Hawkins, Julie 28-May-2009
22002Accessing students' prior concepts of physical change by the use of a purpose designed survey instrumentTaylor, Neil ; Coll, Richard K6-Jun-2018
32002A Different Chariot?: Response to 'Cauliflowers, Chariots and Creative Cognition'Lloyd, Linley 25-Nov-2009
42002Discursive space(s) in science curriculum materials in Canada, Australia and Aotearoa/New ZealandNinnes, Peter Martin3-Dec-2012
52002The Beatings Will Continue Until Quality Improves: using carrots and sticks in the quest for educational improvementScott, Catherine; Dinham, Steve3-Dec-2012
62002Pressure points: school executive and educational changeDinham, Steve; Scott, Catherine10-Dec-2012
72002NSW Quality Teaching Awards - Research, Rigour and TransparencyDinham, Steve13-Dec-2012
82002Designing Family Support Programs: Building Children, Family and Community ResilienceSims, Margaret 8-Oct-2009
92002Maternal Education and Child Health: An Exploratory Investigation in a Central Australian Aboriginal CommunityEwald, D; Boughton, Robert George 13-Oct-2009
102002A Teacher is...: The Use of Metaphors with Pre Service TeachersBerman, Jeanette ; Boileau Little, Deborah ; Graham, Lorraine; Maurer, Brian John; Paterson, David Leonard ; Richmond, Christine Roberta; Sargeant, Jonathon Gilbert26-Mar-2010

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