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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12002Globalisation and the Emergence of International Consortia in Higher EducationDenman, Brian 21-Dec-2009
22002Online Instruction Versus Face-to-Face Instruction At UNIMASNgu, Bing 28-Feb-2013
32002Text editing in chemistry instructionNgu, Bing ; Low, Renae; Sweller, John28-Feb-2013
42002Levinas and Environmental EducationHardy, J 12-May-2008
52002The Contribution of Music to Positive Aging: A ReviewHays, Terrence Neville; Bright, Ruth; Minichiello, Victor 18-Dec-2009
62002Multiage Classes: what research tells us about their suitability for rural schoolsLloyd, Linley 17-Dec-2009
72002A Different Chariot?: Response to 'Cauliflowers, Chariots and Creative Cognition'Lloyd, Linley 25-Nov-2009
82002Introduction: Internationalising Education in the Asia-Pacific Region: Critical Reflections, Critical TimesNinnes, Peter Martin; Tamatea, Laurence Martin 12-Jan-2010
92002Primary Science Education Development in the South Pacific: Some Views About InterventionsTaylor, Neil ; Vlaardingerbroek, B; Coll, R C12-Jan-2010
102002Advanced Level Chemistry Students' Concepts Of Chemical BondingColl, Richard K; Taylor, Neil 20-Jun-2018