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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12014Robert MadgwickRyan, John S 24-Nov-2015
22014City and UniversityRyan, John S 24-Nov-2015
31993LegendsRyan, John S 18-Aug-2016
41993BunyipRyan, John S 16-Aug-2016
51993NamesRyan, John S 18-Aug-2016
61972Dexter, Caroline (1819-1884)Ryan, John S 4-Mar-2013
71972Donnithorne, Eliza Emily (1826 ? - 1886)Ryan, John S 4-Mar-2013
81993Hardy, FrankRyan, John S 6-Jun-2014
91993Folk talesRyan, John S ; Seal, Graham6-Jun-2014