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Sims, Margaret0000-0003-4686-4245School of Education
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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12015Managing kids' risksSims, Margaret 10-Aug-2017
22015Winter wonderland playtime importantSims, Margaret 10-Aug-2017
32015Timing early childhood learning experiencesSims, Margaret 10-Aug-2017
42015Learning from past mistakes key to learningSims, Margaret 10-Aug-2017
52015Monitoring vitamin DSims, Margaret 10-Aug-2017
62015Early childhood students under stress: The interrelationship between physical environment, physiological reactions, student-teacher bonding and learning in the first year of schoolWhannell, Patricia ; Whannell, Robert ; Sims, Margaret ; McFarlane, James R30-Jan-2015
72017Parental Plurilingual Capital in a Monolingual Context: Investigating Strengths to Support Young Children in Early Childhood SettingsSims, Margaret ; Ellis, Elizabeth M ; Knox, Vicki 8-Jan-2018
82012Family day care educators: an exploration of their understanding and experiences promoting children's social and emotional wellbeingDavis, Elise; Priest, Naomi; Williamson, Lara; Davies, Belinda; Smyth, Lisa; Waters, Elizabeth; Herrman, Helen; Sims, Margaret ; Harrison, Linda; Cook, Kay; Marshall, Bernie13-Aug-2012
92010Cortisol Levels and Child Care Quality in Australian 3-5 Year Old Children: Cortisol Changes and the Quality of Child Care in Australian Preschool and Kindergarten ChildrenGuilfoyle, A; Sims, Margaret 3-Aug-2011
102008Sex Education and the Responsibility of SchoolsSims, Margaret 13-Jul-2011
112014Information-seeking in family day care: access, quality and personal costCorr, L; Davis, E; Cook, K; McKinnon, A; Sims, Margaret ; Herrman, H23-Dec-2014
122017Family Matters editorial 2017Sims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
132005Review of 'Lugalbanda: The boy who got caught up in a war' Kathy Henderson, Illustrations by Jane Ray. Walker Books (2006) RRP $16.95 (paperback)Sims, Margaret 13-Jul-2011
147-Jun-2017Preschool childcare gets an early startSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
152008The 'A good beginning report': Implications for AustraliaSims, Margaret 13-Jul-2011
162008Children, Families and Community: embracing change, embracing familiesSims, Margaret 13-Jul-2011
1722-Nov-2017Substituting people with ITSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
1819-Jul-2017Simple lesson in the value of imaginationSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
1916-Aug-2017Early start, long-term benefitSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
201-Feb-2017Early learning sows the seedsSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
2125-Oct-2017Good start a simple game of numbersSims, Margaret 14-Jun-2019
2211-Oct-2017Enjoy the outdoor playspaceSims, Margaret 14-Jun-2019
2324-May-2017The comfort of family routineSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
242019Using a Rights-Based Approach When Planning Learning Experiences for Young Children and Their FamiliesSims, Margaret 18-Jul-2019
258-Apr-2019Bullying Is Not Tolerated Here: We Have Policies and Procedures Which Protect Staff. An Auto-Ethnography of FrustrationSims, Margaret 13-Oct-2019
2631-May-2019Terrorism and Early Childhood: Our Role on the Slippery Slope of RacismSims, Margaret 14-Oct-2019
272013The experiences of grandparents who have limited or no contact with their grandchildrenSims, Margaret ; Rofail, Maged9-Dec-2013
282016Family MattersSims, Margaret 28-Nov-2017
292011The early childhood teacher of tomorrowSims, Margaret 28-Jul-2011
302009Interview with Janet: A story of resilience and teamworkSims, Margaret 8-Mar-2010
312011Children's Experiences of Social Exclusion - what is it like living in a slum in Kampala?Sims, Margaret ; Nagaddya, Teddy; Nakaggwa, Florence; Kivunja, Charles ; Ngungutse, David; Ayot, Evelyn15-Aug-2011
322009The Effectiveness of Chaplaincy As Provided by the National School Chaplaincy Association to Government Schools in Australia.Hughes, Phillip; Sims, Margaret 16-Apr-2010
332016Class ActsSims, Margaret 24-Jan-2018
342016Occupational well-being and stress among early childhood professionals: the use of an innovative strategy to measure stress reactivity in the workplaceNislin, M A; Sajaniemi, N; Sims, Margaret ; Suhonen, E; Maldonado, E F; Hyttinen, S; Hirvonen, A31-Mar-2016
352016Opinion: grandparents matter, and should be treated like they doSims, Margaret 4-Oct-2016
362009Caring for Young Children: What Children NeedSims, Margaret 16-Apr-2010
372014Racism? Surely notSims, Margaret 10-Feb-2015
382003Aboriginal Families and the School SystemSims, Margaret ; O'Connor, Moira; Forrest, Michelle2-Nov-2009
392015Opinion: A focus on children's rights and strengths serves them bestSims, Margaret 26-Sep-2016
402014Working with babiesSims, Margaret 5-Aug-2017
412015Pains of ear infectionsSims, Margaret 7-Aug-2017
422015Embracing their cultureSims, Margaret 7-Aug-2017
432015Learning in the digital ageSims, Margaret 7-Aug-2017
442015Examination of early childhood programsSims, Margaret 7-Aug-2017
452014Strong foundations, successful futuresSims, Margaret 25-Nov-2014
462015Organisational capacity building: Readiness for change in Australian child careDavis, Elise; Corr, Lara; Cook, Kay; Sims, Margaret ; Gilson, Kim-Michelle; Ting, Christina; Ummer-Christian, Rahila27-Feb-2015
472011Building Integrated Connections for Children, their Families and CommunitiesBrettig, Karl; Sims, Margaret 6-Sep-2011
482011What is Neuroscience Telling Us about Supporting Families?Sims, Margaret 6-Sep-2011
492015Perceptions of Multigrade Teaching: A Narrative Inquiry into the Voices of Stakeholders in Multigrade Contexts in Rural ZambiaKivunja, Charles ; Sims, Margaret 24-Mar-2015
Results 101-150 of 246 (Search time: 0.045 seconds).


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