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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12008A Caesarian, Augustan, or Justinian Worldview of Theoretical and Quantitative Geography?Baker, Robert Graham 1-May-2009
22008Exploratory Analysis of Similarities in Solar Cycle Magnetic Phases with Southern Oscillation Index Fluctuations in Eastern AustraliaBaker, Robert Graham 1-May-2009
32012Towards a physics of Internet traffic in a geographic networkBaker, Robert G 21-Feb-2013
42013Geographic Information System Planning for Future Sea Level Rise Using Evidence and Response Mechanisms from the Past: A Case Study from the Lower Hunter Valley, New South WalesBaker, Robert G ; McGowan, Sarah A17-Jul-2013
52002The Impact of the Deregulation of Retail Hours on Shopping Trip Patterns in a Mall Hierarchy: An application of the RASTT model to the Sydney Project (1980-1998) and the global vacant shop problemBaker, RG 18-Jul-2008
62016The Sun-Earth connect 1: A fractional d-matrix of solar emissions compared to spectral analysis evidence of solar measurements and climate proxiesBaker, Robert G 1-Apr-2016
72001Inter-tidal fixed indicators of former Holocene sea levels in Australia: a summary of sites and a review of methods and modelsBaker, RG ; Haworth, RJ; Flood, PG 13-Jun-2008
82015The Sun-Earth connect 3: lessons from the periodicities of deep time influencing sea-level change and marine extinctions in the geological recordBaker, Robert G ; Flood, Peter G 1-Apr-2016
92015The timing and use of offshore islands in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Province, QueenslandRowland, Michael J; Wright, Shelley ; Baker, Robert G 1-Apr-2016
102013The internet differential equation and fractal networksBaker, Robert G 15-Mar-2013
112003Comment on 'Mid-Holocene higher sea level indicators from the south China coast'by W.W.-S. Yim and G. Huang (Mar. Geol. 182 (2002) 225-230): a regional perspectiveBaker, Robert Graham ; Davis, AM; Aitchison, JC; Flood, Peter Gerard ; Morton, BS; Haworth, Robert John20-May-2009
122017The Sun-Earth connect 2: Modelling patterns of a fractal Sun in time and space using the fine structure constantBaker, Robert G 14-Mar-2017
132010Determining Holocene sea-level changes on an exposed coastline: a case study of the Coffs Harbour area mid-north NSWSmedley, Glenn; Baker, Robert G 31-Oct-2011
142010A fluctuating southern hemisphere Holocene relative sea-level model: new sites, possible errors, sources and mechanisms?Baker, Robert G ; Wright, Shelley31-Oct-2011
152010Mid- to late-Holocene sea-level change in the northern Whitsundays QueenslandWright, Shelley; Baker, Robert G 31-Oct-2011
162017On the three 'laws' of spatial interaction and a string theory finale: Perspectives from social physics with examples in the digital and retail economyBaker, Robert G 29-Jun-2018
172005An Oscillating Holocene Sea-level?: Revisiting Rottnest Island, Western Australia, and the Fairbridge Eustatic HypothesisBaker, Robert Graham ; Haworth, Robert John; Flood, Peter Gerard 17-Aug-2009
182005The quantitative revolution plus 55 years: relevant, testable and reproducible modelling?Baker, Robert Graham ; Boots, B10-Aug-2009
192012Fixed Intertidal Biological Indicators and Holocene Sea-level on the Great Barrier Reef CoastWright, Shelley Anne; Baker, Robert ; Rajaratnam, Rajanathan 3-Aug-2012
202001Clubs, Spades, Diamonds and Disadvantage: the Geography of Electronic Gaming Machines in MelbourneMarshall, DC; Baker, Robert Graham 10-Aug-2009
212005Classifying Internet Traffic Using Linear RegressionMacKay, T; Baker, Robert Graham 7-Sep-2009
222014Consuming spaces or living places: the competition policy and centres policy dilemma for Main Street planningWood, Stephen ; Baker, Robert G 1-Apr-2015
232003On Modelling Internet Transactions as a Time-Dependent Random Walk: An Application of the Retail Aggregate Space-time Trip (RASTT) ModelBaker, Robert Graham 18-Aug-2009
242005Instantaneous global spatial interaction?: Exploring the Gaussian inequality, distance and Internet pings in a global networkBaker, RG 13-Jun-2008
252004Modeling Geographical Systems and PredictionBaker, Robert Graham 28-Mar-2012
262010Towards Robust Development of Retail Planning Policy: Maintaining the Viability and Vitality of Main Street Shopping PrecinctsBaker, Robert G ; Wood, Stephen 18-May-2011
272006Dynamic Trip Modelling: From Shopping Centres to the InternetBaker, RG 30-Jul-2008
282012Geographical modelling, public policy and informing the 'store wars' sovereignty debate in AustraliaBaker, Robert G ; Wood, Stephen 23-Apr-2017
291986The Effect of Practice on the Acquisition of Teaching Skills: A Microteaching StudyPegg, John Edward; MacLeod, Gordon; Baker, Robert ; Horadam, Alwyn11-Jan-2013
302004A 6000 Year Old Fossil Dugong from Botany Bay: Inferences about Changes in Sydney's Climate, Sea Levels and WaterwaysHaworth, Robert John; Baker, Robert Graham ; Flood, Peter Gerard 1-May-2009
312012Maintaining town centre vitality in competitive environments: pedestrian movements, land-use and built-form in Armidale and Tamworth, NSWWood, Stephen ; Sneesby, Tim; Baker, Robert G 18-Feb-2013
322002Predicted and observed Holocene sea-levels on the Australian coast: What do they indicate about hydro-isostatic models in far-field sites?Haworth, Robert John; Baker, Robert Graham ; Flood, Peter Gerard 4-May-2009
332014Pleasure in the first degreeBaker, Robert 27-Jan-2015
342002The Evolving Market Structures of Gambling: Case Studies Modelling the Socioeconomic Assignment of Gaming Machines in Melbourne and Sydney, AustraliaMarshall, DC; Baker, Robert Graham 7-Aug-2009
352005Modelling gambling time and economic assignments to weekly trip behaviour to gambling venues?Baker, Robert Graham ; Marshall, DC10-Aug-2009
362002On Modelling internet transactions as a time-dependent random walk: An application of retail aggregate space-time trip (RASTT) modelBaker, Robert Graham 10-Aug-2009
372014How past sea-level changes can inform future planning: A case study from the Macleay River estuary, New South Wales, AustraliaMcGowan, Sarah A ; Baker, Robert G 24-Mar-2015
382015Using past episodes of sea-level rise to predict future marine inundations with climate changeMcGowan, Sarah Ann; Baker, Robert ; Wood, Stephen ; Bartel, Robyn 30-Mar-2015
392014Periodicities in mean sea level fluctuations and climate change proxies: Lessons from the modelling for coastal managementBaker, Robert G ; McGowan, Sarah A 5-May-2015
402016Rural casualty crashes on the Kings Highway: A new approach for road safety studiesAlian, Sahar; Baker, Robert G ; Wood, Stephen 7-Mar-2017
Results 1-40 of 40 (Search time: 0.036 seconds).


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