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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12015Measuring the economic impacts of trade liberalisation on forest products trade in the Asia-Pacific region using the GTAP modelStenberg, Luz; Siriwardana, Mahinda 23-Jun-2016
22017Biochar addition in rice farming systems: Economic and energy benefitsMohammadi, Ali; Cowie, Annette ; Cacho, Oscar J ; Kristiansen, Paul ; Anh Mai, Thi Lan; Joseph, Stephen 11-Oct-2017
32014Technical efficiency in competing panel data models: A study of Norwegian grain farmingKumbhakar, Subal C; Lien, Gudbrand; Hardaker, John Brian6-Nov-2017
42017Using path analysis to predict bodyweight from body measurements of goats and sheep of communal rangelands in BotswanaTemoso, Omphile; Coleman, Michael ; Baker, Derek ; Morley, Philip ; Baleseng, Leonard; Makgekgenene, Alec; Bahta, Sirak9-Nov-2017
52013Structuring Exotic Options Contracts on Water to Improve the Efficiency of Resource Allocation in the Australian Water MarketFleming, Euan ; Villano, Renato ; Williamson, Brendon21-Nov-2013
62009Synergies, scope economies and scale diseconomies on farms in NorwayFleming, Euan ; Lien, Gudbrand3-Feb-2010
72002Elasticity of demand for Australian cotton in JapanChang, C ; Nguyen, C2-May-2008
82013Is Input Mix Inefficiency Neglected in Agriculture? A Case Study of Pig-based Farming Systems in England and WalesHadley, David ; Fleming, Euan ; Villano, Renato 24-Jun-2013
92010Old Model, New Problem: When Should You Update a Model and What Happens When You Do?Griffith, Garry ; Malcolm, Lyle; Mounter, Stuart ; Slattery, Henry6-May-2011
102015Vertical Price Transmission and Spillovers between Agri-Food ChainsMorales, L Emilio ; Hoang, Nam ; Griffith, Garry ; Salcedo, Salomon18-Jan-2016
112013Pro-poor development performance of livestock projects: Analysis and lessons from projects' documentationWanyoike, Francis; Baker, Derek 25-Aug-2014
122014Factors Affecting Milk Market Participation and Volume of Supply in EthiopiaKuma, Berhanu; Baker, Derek ; Getnet, Kindie; Kassa, Belay2-Sep-2014
132007Optimal provision of food quality attributesBaker, Derek 29-Aug-2014
142011The private sector's role in agricultural extension systems: potential and limitationsFeder, G; Birner, R; Anderson, Jock R7-May-2012
152013Consumer Preferences for Animal Source Foods in Uganda: Quality, Retail Forms and Retail OutletsMtimet, Nadhem; Baker, Derek ; Pica-Ciamarra, Ugo; Jagwe, John2-Sep-2014
162012Sheep market participation of rural households in Western EthiopiaTerfa, Zelalem G; Haile, A; Baker, Derek ; Kassie, Girma T2-Sep-2014
172011Quantifying value chain analysis in the context of livestock systems in developing countriesRich, Karl M; Ross, R Brent; Baker, Derek ; Negassa, Asfaw2-Sep-2014
182011Determinants of participation decisions and level of participation in farm level milk value addition: The case of smallholder dairy farmers in EthiopiaKuma, Berhanu; Getnet, Kindie; Baker, Derek ; Kassa, Belay12-Sep-2014
19Jan-2019What's driving innovation in small businesses in Australia? The case of the food industrySoriano, Franklin A; Villano, Renato A ; Fleming, Euan M ; Battese, George E 2-Apr-2019
202012A framework for assessing the impacts of community-based enterprises on household povertyTeerakul, Nuttamon; Villano, Renato ; Wood, Fiona ; Mounter, Stuart 28-May-2012
212003Agriculture in the EU's Eastern Enlargement: The Current Status for CEECsBaker, Derek 30-Sep-2014
222006Branding Behavior in the Danish Food IndustryBaker, Derek ; Baltzer, Kenneth; Moller, Anja Skadaer30-Sep-2014
232012Optimization of Search Strategies in Managing Biological Invasions: A Simulation ApproachHester, Susan ; Cacho, Oscar J 28-May-2012
242009Economic assessment of an intra-specific cross of silver perch ('Bidyanus bidyanus' Mitchell) for commercial farmingGuy, Jeffrey; Johnston, Bill; Cacho, Oscar Jose 9-Mar-2010
252017A quantitative value chain analysis of policy options for the beef sector in BotswanaDizyee, Kanar Hassan Hamza; Baker, Derek ; Rich, Karl M16-Jun-2017
262015Performance Measurement of Extensive Beef Cattle Farms in BotswanaTemoso, Omphile; Hadley, David ; Villano, Renato 4-Mar-2016
272017Impacts of exposure and access to seed on the adoption of dual-purpose Cowpea and Groundnut varieties in GhanaAsante, Bright O; Villano, Renato ; Patrick, Ian W; Battese, George E 21-Jun-2017
282006Winners and losers from food industry policy: An application to Danish food industry firmsBaker, Derek 17-Oct-2014
292010Are irrigated farming ecosystems more productive than rainfed farming systems in rice production in the Philippines?Mariano, Marc Jim; Villano, Renato ; Fleming, Euan 6-May-2011
302014Data and indicators for evidence-based livestock sector policies and investmentsPica-Ciamarra, Ugo; Baker, Derek 12-Sep-2014
31Mar-2019Farming systems and productivity gaps: Opportunities for improving smallholder performance in the Forest-Savannah transition zone of GhanaVillano, Renato ; Asante, Bright Owusu; Bravo-Ureta, Boris15-Mar-2019
322019Should Smallholder Farming in China be Discouraged? Panel Evidence from Anhui ProvinceGong, T C; Battese, George E ; Villano, Renato A 2-Apr-2019
332013Simulating the impact of fertiliser strategies and prices on the economics of developing and managing the Cicerone Project farmlets under climatic uncertaintyBehrendt, Karl; Scott, Jim M ; Cacho, Oscar J ; Jones, Randall17-Jul-2013
342013Integrated overview of results from a farmlet experiment which compared the effects of pasture inputs and grazing management on profitability and sustainabilityScott, Jim M ; Behrendt, Karl; Cacho, Oscar J ; Donald, Graham; Cottle, David ; Coventry, T; Williams, G; MacKay, Duncan ; Colvin, A; Scott, F; Shakhane, LM; Guppy, Christopher ; Hoad, Justin ; Gaden, CA; Edwards, Clare; Hinch, Geoffrey 17-Jul-2013
352016Closing system-wide yield gaps to increase food production and mitigate GHGs among mixed crop-livestock smallholders in Sub-Saharan AfricaHenderson, B; Godde, C; Herrero, Mario ; Medina-Hidalgo, D; van Wijk, M; Silvestri, S; Douxchamps, S; Stephenson, E; Power, B; Rigolot, C; Cacho, Oscar J 29-Jan-2016
362013Whole-farm returns show true profitability of three different livestock management systemsScott, Fiona; Scott, Jim M ; Cacho, Oscar J 19-Jul-2013
372005Evaluation of a Hybrid Seed Contract between Smallholders and a Multinational Company in East Java, IndonesiaWinters, P; Simmons, PR ; Patrick, IW 2-May-2008
382013Linking smallholder farmers to microcredit providers in Papua New Guinea: A participatory action research approachChang, Christie ; Dowa, Eleo; Malie, Regina; Anton, Conrad; Anamo, Iga; Dekene, Peter; Bubun, Debra16-Jul-2013
392013Optimising pasture and grazing management decisions on the Cicerone Project farmlets over variable time horizonsBehrendt, Karl; Cacho, Oscar J ; Scott, Jim M ; Jones, Randall17-Jul-2013
40Nov-2018The economic potential of residue management and fertilizer use to address climate change impacts on mixed smallholder farmers in Burkina FasoHenderson, Benjamin; Cacho, Oscar ; Thornton, Philip; van Wijk, Mark; Herrero, Mario15-Mar-2019
412013Meeting the Demand for Fresh Produce from the PNG LNG Market: Opportunities and ChallengesChang, Christie ; Lutulele, Robert; None, Rebecca; Maia, Zenaida; Hape, Paul17-Jul-2013
422013Economic risk analysis of different livestock management systemsScott, Fiona; Cacho, Oscar J ; Scott, Jim M 17-Jul-2013
432011Evaluation of research projects: Perspectives for applied research in food and agriculturePedersen, S M; Boesen, M V; Baker, Derek ; Larsen, A; Pedersen, J L27-Oct-2014
442002Mariculture of giant clams, 'Tridacna crocea' and 'T. derasa': management for maximum profit by smallholders in Solomon IslandsHean, Robyn L; Cacho, Oscar Jose 21-Aug-2013
452009Impact of Labour Migration on Farm Efficiency: A Study of Maize Farming in Northern ThailandNonthakot, Phanin; Villano, Renato 23-Jun-2011
462012Estimating the cost of protecting groundcover on privately managed properties in the Australian rangelands: the case of the West 2000 Plus Enterprise-Based Conservation schemeMoss, Jonathan ; Sinden, Jack A ; Stayner, Richard 25-Jun-2012
472009New Product Introductions in the Danish Food Industry: A Quantile Regression Model for Count DataPark, Timothy A; Baker, Derek 13-Nov-2014
482005On the Measurement of Subset Input Overuse Using Data Envelopment AnalysisShankar, B; Hadley, David 17-Jul-2012
492016Using seasonal stochastic dynamic programming to identify optimal management decisions that achieve maximum economic sustainable yields from grasslands under climate riskBehrendt, Karl; Cacho, Oscar J ; Scott, James M; Jones, Randall31-Aug-2016
502020Assessing the impact of adoption of improved seed yam technology in CameroonNchinda, Valentine P; Hadley, David ; Villano, Renato ; Morales, Emilio 13-Oct-2019
Results 1-50 of 202 (Search time: 0.04 seconds).


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