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12009Counterfactuals and Corrective Justice: Legal History and Allan Beever’s 'Rediscovering the Law of Negligence'Lunney, Mark 31-Mar-2010
22009Australian Defence Force OperationsMoore, Cameron ; McLaughlin, Rob25-Jul-2011
32016Should Direct to Consumer Advertisements (DTCA) of Prescription Drugs Remain Banned in Malaysia?Marimuthu, Sharllene 11-Jul-2016
42017The Arbitral Award in the Matter of the South China Sea between the Philippines and ChinaMoore, Cameron 31-Oct-2017
52009Achieving Network Neutrality: Maintaining Competition Between Content and Application ProvidersLee, Karen 3-Feb-2010
62003Violence, Spatiality and 'Other' RuralsHogg, RG ; Carrington, K 29-Jul-2008
72010Constructing childhood sexuality in teacher-student sexual relationshipsSimpson, Brian H 14-Apr-2011
81995Religion and the Constitution: an Illusory FreedomEburn, Michael E3-Feb-2010
92005Personal responsibility and the 'new' volentiLunney, M 1-Aug-2008
102013Fleming's 'Law of Tort': Australian-made or foreign import? Australia's role in making the 'king' of tortsLunney, Mark 20-Jun-2013
112014Rural patients' experiences of the open disclosure of adverse eventsPiper, Donella ; Iedema, Rick; Bower, Kate2-Sep-2014
122005Identity Manipulation in Cyberspace as a Leisure Option: Play and the Exploration of SelfSimpson, BH 6-Aug-2008
132010The Extension of Therapeutic Jurisprudence to Testamentary Competency and Substitute Decision-Making in the Australian ContextPurser, Kelly; Magner, Eilis; Madison, Jeanne 2-May-2011
142012Can timber and water resources be sustainably co-developed in south-eastern New South Wales, Australia?Webb, Ashley Adrian 4-Jul-2013
152002Laufen als fundamentaler Bestandteil des Golfsports? Behindertendiskriminierung und Golf – Die Entscheidung des Supreme Court der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika im Fall PGA-Tour, Inc., v. Casey Martin v. 29. Mai 2001: [Is Walking a Fundamental Part of Golf? The Decision of the US Supreme Court in PGA-Tour v. Martin]Brohmer, Jurgen 11-Feb-2010
162010Film as a Legal Pedagogical ToolLivings, Ben28-Aug-2014
172013Estimating catchment-scale annual soil loss in managed native eucalypt forests, AustraliaJamshidi, Reza; Dragovich, Deirdre; Webb, Ashley Adrian 8-Jul-2013
182015Re-orientating Human Rights Meanings and Understandings?: Reviving and Revisiting Australian Human Rights Exceptionalism Through a Liberal Democratic Rights AgendaCarne, Greg 7-Jan-2016
192012Temporary increases in suspended sediment yields following selective eucalypt forest harvestingWebb, Ashley Adrian ; Dragovich, Deirdre; Jamshidi, Reza4-Jul-2013
202010Wrongful birth and Sullivan v Gordon damages claims: An argument for consistency and reform in New South WalesTabolt, Katie; Werren, Julia C 2-May-2011
212010A Right to Assist? Assisted Dying and the Interim PolicyLivings, Ben6-Sep-2014
222015Soil Governance: Accessing Cross-Disciplinary PerspectivesHoward, Tanya ; Lawson, Andrew 7-Jan-2016
232012Autonomy, Consent and the Criminalisation of Assisted DyingLivings, Ben15-Sep-2014
242015Theory and Practice of Regional Community Based Intentional Innovation in Northern Inland New South WalesThomas, Philip; Adapa, Sujana ; Fortunato, Michael; Alter, Ted 10-Feb-2016
252002Practical joking and it's penalty: Wilkinson v Downton in contextLunney, M 8-Aug-2008
262012Thinking like a lawyer/acting like a professional: communities of practice as a means of challenging orthodox legal educationBaron, Paula; Corbin, Lillian 23-Jul-2013
272006Die Bosphorus-Entscheidung des Europäischen Gerichtshofs für Menschenrechte: Der Schutz der Grund- und Menschenrechte in der EU und das Verhältnis zur EMRKBrohmer, Jürgen 3-Aug-2009
282013Australian Lawyers as Public CitizensCorbin, Lillian 23-Jul-2013
292008Militaries as Wielders of Executive Power: The Australasian and Melanesian Militaries and their Formal Relationship with GovernmentMoore, Cameron 31-Jul-2009
302003Occupiers and Obvious RisksLunney, Mark 31-Jul-2009
312012Student engagement: rhetoric and realityBaron, Paula; Corbin, Lillian 24-Jul-2013
32Aug-2014Enhancing the Accountability of Transnational Corporations: The Case for ‘Decoupling’ Environmental IssuesRadavoi, Ciprian N ; Bian, Yongmin7-Mar-2019
332015Factors Countervailing Immigrant Phobia: A Paradoxically Successful Case of Chinese MigrationRadavoi, Ciprian Nicolae 3-Apr-2019
342016Algorithms or advocacy: does the legal profession have a future in a digital world?Simpson, Brian H 10-Feb-2016
352010If You Teach It, Will They Come? Law Students, Class Attendance and Student EngagementCorbin, Lillian ; Burns, Kylie; Chrzanowski, April23-Jul-2013
362008Lawyers, Clients and Friends: A Case Study of the Vexed Nature of Friendship and LawyeringTranter, Kieran; Corbin, Lillian 23-Jul-2013
372009Adding Value For Lawyers, Clients, and the Public: The Business Benefits of Ethically-Informed PracticeCarter, Justin; Corbin, Lillian 23-Jul-2013
382010Legal aspects of open disclosure II: attitudes of health professionals - findings from a national surveyStuddert, David M; Piper, Donella ; Iedema, Rick19-May-2011
392008Property Law in the South Island High Country: Part IIPage, John ; Brower, A5-Aug-2009
402006Australian university technology transfer managers: Backgrounds, work roles, specialist skills and perceptionsHarman, Grant ; Stone, Christopher Dudley 4-Aug-2009
412003The Limits of Judicial Accountability: the Role of Judicial Performance EvaluationColbran, Stephen5-Aug-2009
422015Slice them up or slice them out? Legal liability for operating on the troublesome patient in cosmetic surgeryKennedy, Aileen 26-Feb-2016
433-Dec-2018Impact of the ‘Yes, I Can!’ adult literacy campaign on interactions with the criminal justice systemWise, Jenny ; Harris, Bridget ; Nickson, Ray ; Boughton, Bob ; Beetson, Jack 26-Mar-2019
442007Public engagement and the installation of wireless facilities exempt from local planning requirementsLee, Karen 5-Aug-2009
452009False Imprisonment, Fare Dodging and Federation: Mr Robertson’s Evening OutLunney, Mark 9-Mar-2010
462013Agriculture Under Threat - A Crisis Of Confidence? The Solution: Redefine Adventitious Presence Maximum Levels from Zero to Zero++Perry, Mark ; Karky, Ramesh31-Jul-2013
472010From music tracks to Google maps: Who owns computer-generated works?Perry, Mark ; Margoni, Thomas6-Aug-2013
482009Media access to emergencies: command, control or co-ordination?Eburn, Michael E10-Mar-2010
492012Disentangling Climate Change Governance: A Legal PerspectiveQuirico, Ottavio 7-Aug-2013
502012A Privacy Preserving Solution for Webmail Systems with Searchable EncryptionRamachandran, Karthick; Lutfiyya, Hanan; Perry, Mark 7-Aug-2013
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