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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12015Buddhism on a Bike: Tailoring Mindfulness-Acceptance to Promote Flow in Competitive AthletesScott-Hamilton, John ; Schutte, Nicola ; Brown, Rhonda ; Moyle, Gene12-Jan-2016
24-Aug-2021Self-compassion moderates the predictive effects of social media use profiles on depression and anxietyPhillips, Wendy J ; Wisniewski, Anna T 5-Dec-2022
32012Priming ability emotional intelligenceSchutte, Nicola ; Malouff, John M 21-Jan-2013
42017Facilitating empathy through virtual realitySchutte, Nicola ; Stilinovic, Emma13-Feb-2018
52013Adaptive Emotional Functioning: A Comprehensive Model of Emotional IntelligenceSchutte, Nicola ; Malouff, John M 11-Oct-2013
6Apr-2019The Impact of Signature Character Strengths Interventions: A Meta-analysisSchutte, Nicola S ; Malouff, John M 18-Mar-2019
72012Client Progress and Assessment in Alcohol and Other Drug Therapeutic Community TreatmentChenhall, R; Kelly, P; Magor-Blatch, L; Deane, F; Senior, K; Bhullar, Navjot ; DeLeon, G7-Jun-2013
82014The broaden and build process: Positive affect, ratio of positive to negative affect and general self-efficacySchutte, Nicola 17-Dec-2013
92017A latent profile analysis of dispositional hope and defense stylesHolloway, Katie; Bhullar, Navjot ; Schutte, Nicola 29-May-2017
10-Examining personality trait patterns in transdiagnostic dimensions of psychopathologyHayne, Daniel P ; Phillips, Wendy ; Cosh, Suzanne M ; Price, Ian 29-Nov-2022
112020The prevalence of Dissociative Disorders and dissociative experiences in college populations: a meta-analysis of 98 studiesKate, Mary-Anne ; Hopwood, Tanya ; Jamieson, Graham 20-Apr-2023
122021Measuring Dissociative Symptoms and Experiences in an Australian College Sample Using a Short Version of the Multidimensional Inventory of DissociationKate, Mary-Anne ; Jamieson, Graham ; Dorahy, Martin J; Middleton, Warwick20-Apr-2023
1328-Mar-2017A soldier and a sex worker walk into a therapist’s office. Who’s more likely to have PTSD?Kate, Mary-Anne ; Jamieson, Graham 20-Apr-2023
14Mar-2023Parent-child dynamics as predictors of dissociation in adulthoodKate, Mary-Anne ; Jamieson, Graham ; Middleton, Warwick3-May-2023
152022A psychometric validation of the Dysmorphic Concerns Questionnaire (DCQ) in adolescents and young adultsDavies, Katey L; Hanley, Sarah M ; Bhullar, Navjot ; Wootton, Bethany M19-Apr-2023
162021Childhood Sexual, Emotional, and Physical Abuse as Predictors of Dissociation in AdulthoodKate, Mary-Anne ; Jamieson, Graham ; Middleton, Warwick17-Apr-2023
1725-Mar-2022"Dr Who, a Tardis, and a relocation": Women with Dissociative Identity Disorder reflect on barriers to identifying and disclosing their traumaKate, Mary-Anne ; Jamieson, Graham ; Middleton, Warwick15-May-2023
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