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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12022Reflexivity: a model for teaching and learning cultural responsiveness in mental healthSmith, Peter ; Rice, Kylie ; Schutte, Nicola ; Usher, Kim 3-Jun-2022
22022A Mixed-Methods Assessment of Human Well-Being Related to the Presence of Companion Animals During the COVID-19 PandemicBennett, Bindi; Cosh, Suzie ; Thepsourinthone, Jack; Lykins, Amy 22-Jun-2022
32022Athlete Identity and Career Transition: Implications for Retirement OutcomesCosh, Suzanne M 29-Jul-2021
410-Oct-2022The Relationship of Purpose in Life with Depression and Anxiety Data SetBoreham, Ian; Schutte, Nicola 18-Oct-2022
52022A systematic review and empirical investigation: bullying victimisation and anxiety subtypes among adolescentsFerraz de Camargo, Louise; Rice, Kylie ; Thorsteinsson, Einar 19-Dec-2022
6Feb-2022Prediction of all-cause mortality from 24 month trajectories in patient-reported psychological, clinical and quality of life outcomes in uveal melanoma patientsBrown, Stephen L ; Fisher, Peter L; Hope-Stone, Laura; Heimann, Heinrich; Hussain, Rumana; Cherry, M Gemma29-Nov-2022
7Apr-2022Correlates of therapist drift in psychological practice: A systematic review of therapist characteristicsSpeers, Andrew J H ; Bhullar, Navjot ; Cosh, Suzanne ; Wootton, Bethany M12-May-2022
8202211.12 - Clinical Psychology Responses to the Climate CrisisDoherty, Thomas J; Lykins, Amy D ; Piotrowski, Nancy A; Rogers, Zoey; Sebree Jr, Derrick D; White, Kristi E27-Jun-2022
9Aug-2022Using a population mental health perspective in a psycho-oncology service for uveal melanoma survivorsBrown, Stephen L ; Hope-Stone, Laura; Cherry, M Gemma4-Jan-2023
1019-Apr-2022Is accurate routine cancer prognostication psychologically harmful? 5-year outcomes of life expectancy prognostication in uveal melanoma survivorsBrown, Stephen L ; Fisher, Peter; Hope-Stone, Laura; Damato, Bertil; Heimann, Heinrich; Hussain, Rumana; Cherry, M Gemma29-Nov-2022
112022Factorial and construct validity of the Cognitive Emotion Regulation Questionnaire (CERQ) in an Australian sampleRice, Kylie ; Larsen, Sally A ; Sharp, Samantha; Rock, Adam J 13-Dec-2022
1231-Mar-2022Commentary: An Extension of the Australian Postgraduate Psychology Education Simulation Working Group Guidelines: Simulated Learning Activities Within Professional Psychology PlacementsRice, Kylie ; Murray, Clara V ; Tully, Phillip J ; Hone, Alice ; Bartik, Warren J ; Newby, Daiva ; Cosh, Suzanne M 20-May-2022
1313-Jun-2022The Effects of COVID-19 Social Restrictions and Subsequent Informal Support Limitations on Intimate Partner Violence: An Opinion PieceDavies, Ryan L ; Rice, Kylie ; Rock, Adam 15-Jun-2022
142022Interventions for anticipatory traumatic reaction: a pilot studyHopwood, Tanya L ; Schutte, Nicola S ; Loi, Natasha M 19-May-2022
1514-Apr-2022Transdiagnostic Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Depression and Anxiety Disorders in Cardiovascular Disease Patients: Results From the CHAMPS Pilot-Feasibility TrialTully, Phillip J ; Turnbull, Deborah A; Horowitz, John D; Beltrame, John F; Baune, Bernhard T; Sauer-Zavala, Shannon; Baumeister, Harald; Bean, Christopher G; Pinto, Ronette B; Cosh, Suzie ; Wittert, Gary A20-May-2022
161-Jun-2022The Utility and Development of the Competencies of Professional Psychology Rating Scales (COPPR)Rice, Kylie ; Schutte, Nicola S ; Cosh, Suzanne M ; Rock, Adam J ; Banner, Stephanie E ; Sheen, Jade3-Jun-2022
17Oct-2022Coping styles and mental health outcomes of community members affected by black summer 2019-20 bushfires in AustraliaUsher, Kim ; Durkin, Joanne ; Douglas, Lesley ; Coffey, Yumiko ; Bhullar, Navjot 18-Apr-2023
182022Constructions of athlete mental health post-retirement: a discursive analysis of stigmatising and legitimising versions of transition distress in the Australian broadcast mediaCosh, Suzanne M ; Crabb, Shona; McNeil, Dominic G ; Tully, Phillip J 31-Mar-2023
19Oct-2022Compulsive Exercise, Exercise Identity, and Coping StylesPike, Caitlin ; Taylor, Amanda M; Cosh, Suzanne 3-Apr-2023
202022A psychometric validation of the Dysmorphic Concerns Questionnaire (DCQ) in adolescents and young adultsDavies, Katey L; Hanley, Sarah M ; Bhullar, Navjot ; Wootton, Bethany M19-Apr-2023
21Dec-2022Climate anxiety, wellbeing and pro-environmental action: correlates of negative emotional responses to climate change in 32 countriesOgunbode, Charles A; Doran, Rouven; Hanss, Daniel; Ojala, Maria; Salmela-Aro, Katariina; van den Broek, Karlijn L; Bhullar, Navjot ; Aquino, Sibele D; Marot, Tiago; Schermer, Julie Aitken; Wlodarczyk, Anna; Lu, Su; Jiang, Feng; Maran, Daniela Acquadro; Yadav, Radha; Ardi, Rahkman; Chegeni, Razieh; Ghanbarian, Elahe; Zand, Somayeh; Najafi, Reza; Park, Joonha; Tsubakita, Takashi; Tan, Chee-Seng; Chukwuorji, JohnBosco Chika; Ojewumi, Kehinde Aderemi; Tahir, Hajra; Albzour, Mai; Reyes, Marc Eric S; Lins, Samuel; Enea, Violeta; Volkodav, Tatiana; Sollar, Tomas; Navarro-Carrillo, Ginés; Torres-Marín, Jorge; Mbungu, Winfred; Ayanian, Arin H; Ghorayeb, Jihane; Onyutha, Charles; Lomas, Michael J; Helmy, Mai; Martínez-Buelvas, Laura; Bayad, Aydin; Karasu, Mehmet17-Apr-2023
22Aug-2022Social media and eating disorder recovery: An exploration of Instagram recovery community users and their reasons for engagementAu, Emily S ; Cosh, Suzanne M 31-Mar-2023
2325-Mar-2022"Dr Who, a Tardis, and a relocation": Women with Dissociative Identity Disorder reflect on barriers to identifying and disclosing their traumaKate, Mary-Anne ; Jamieson, Graham ; Middleton, Warwick15-May-2023
248-Dec-2022Recasting Jung Through an Indigenist Approach to Deepen Shared Knowledges of Well-being and Healing on Australian Soils: Protocol for a Qualitative Landscape Research StudyZaccone, Sophie ; Jamieson, Graham ; Murray, Clara V ; Lock, Mark J; Doyle, David18-Jan-2023
Results 1-24 of 24 (Search time: 0.028 seconds).


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