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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12012Review of 'Memory is Another Country: Women of the Vietnamese Diaspora', Nathalie Huynh Chau Nguyen, Santa Barbara: Praeger, 2009. 212pp. £27.95 (hardback) (Also available as an e-book)Wilton, Janis 21-Feb-2013
22012Remembering 'Australia's glorious League': The Historiography of Anti-TransportationRoberts, David 25-Feb-2013
32012Review of Alistair Thomson, 'Moving Stories: An intimate history of four women across two countries', University of New South Wales Press, Sydney, 2011. 344 pages. ISBN 978 174223 278 2.Wilton, Janis 21-Feb-2013
42012Australia, local history inWilton, Janis 21-Feb-2013
52014"To Dream My Family Tonight": Listening to Stories of Grief and Hope Among Hazara Refugees in AustraliaPhillips, Denise Anne 25-Jun-2014
62012Figures in the Landscape: The Experience of the Least Visible Workers on a New England Pastoral Station, 1850-1900Rodwell, Margaret Eleanor3-Jan-2013
72012Action, Adventure and Thrills Galore! Biggles in Australia: Radio and ComicsIhde, Erin 29-May-2013
82013Biggles sees red: Saving Australia from the communist menaceIhde, Erin 30-May-2013
92012Missing the Remains of Ned KellyGibson, Suzanne 29-May-2013
102014SaleyardsIhde, Erin 7-Jan-2015
1122-Oct-2016'A History for Tenzin': Researching and Writing History as Creative NonfictionKhaler, Angie; Wilton, Janis ; Pender, Anne 16-Jan-2023
122016Asia Surprised UsRyan, John S 23-Feb-2017
132014'Pray write me a list of Species ... that will pay me best': The business and culture of natural history collecting in mid-nineteenth century New South WalesCoote, Anne 29-Apr-2015
142014Hall, Edward Smith (1786-1860)Ihde, Erin 10-Feb-2015
152013Dreaming war: Airmindedness and the Australian mystery aeroplane scare of 1918Holman, Brett 15-Aug-2013
162014Review of 'Silences and Secrets: The Australian Experience of the Weintraubs Syncopators' By Kay Dreyfus. Melbourne: Monash University Publishing, 2013. Pp. 305. A$34.95 paper.Wilton, Janis 6-May-2015
172013Montessori: The Australian StoryFeez, Susan 7-Nov-2013
182013Broadening Readings of Sport Monuments: The Arthur Baynes Memorial ObeliskOsmond, Gary; Parker, Claire12-Nov-2013
192012Shadows of the Great War: Group Soldier Settlement in Greater Sydney, 1917-1939Allison, Glenys Maree; Oppenheimer, Melanie ; Wise, Nathan 18-Apr-2012
202013'Eat, Pray, Laugh!': Barry Humphries, Reg Livermore And Cross-Dressed Australian BurlesquePender, Anne 10-Feb-2014
212015Methodism and the Challenge of 'the Sixties'Clark, Jennifer R 9-Jul-2015
222012Alcohol and authority in early New South Wales: The symbolic significance of the spirit trade, 1788-1808Allen, Matthew 7-Feb-2014
232013The Matter of Dr Stanley: Part IReed, Michael7-Mar-2014
242015Policing a free society: Drunkenness and liberty in colonial New South WalesAllen, Matt 3-Sep-2015
252016Tony Sheldon: Child of the Theatre, Broadway StarPender, Anne 7-Jun-2017
262013Science, Fashion, Knowledge and Imagination: Shopfront Natural History in 19th-Century SydneyCoote, Anne 6-Mar-2014
272016Strindberg for Breakfast: Elspeth BallantynePender, Anne 8-Jun-2017
282016The Art of the Theatre: Helmut BakaitisPender, Anne 8-Jun-2017
292016The Barry Creyton ShowPender, Anne 8-Jun-2017
302016'Mags': The Magic and Mesmerising Maggie DencePender, Anne 7-Jun-2017
312016'I'm Very Stella': Jacki WeaverPender, Anne 7-Jun-2017
322016I am a Camera: Julia BlakePender, Anne 8-Jun-2017
332016The Boy's Sheer Poetry: Alan HopgoodPender, Anne 7-Jun-2017
342016Denise Scott: An Extraordinary WomanPender, Anne 7-Jun-2017
352016Mr John Clarke: New Zealand BoyPender, Anne 8-Jun-2017
362016'Strong Actor': Nick TatePender, Anne 7-Jun-2017
372016Wendy Blacklock and the Transformation of Australian TheatrePender, Anne 8-Jun-2017
382016Max's Method: Max CullenPender, Anne 7-Jun-2017
392016Henri Szeps: 'It's My Party' - Acting for LifePender, Anne 7-Jun-2017
402013Researching Chinese Market Gardening: Insights from Archaeology and Material CultureBoileau, Joanna13-Mar-2014
412013Diary of William Henry MutlowReed, Michael16-Dec-2013
422014The luck of the Irish: How a shipload of convicts survived the wreck of the Hive to make a new life in AustraliaSmith, Babette 5-Jun-2015
432013Misconceptions, Myths, and Maps: a fresh look at Armidale's 'Galloway Grid'Reed, Michael19-Dec-2013
442013Oral history and object biography as companion methodologies in researching the Cheer-Up Society of First World War South AustraliaSchoepf, Christeen A3-Apr-2014
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