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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12016The Enemy at the Gates: The 1918 Mystery Aeroplane Panic in Australia and New ZealandHolman, Brett 4-Mar-2016
22019Convict bloodlines: Crime, intergenerational legacies and convict heritageMaxwell-Stewart, Hamish 10-May-2022
32018Transportation from Britain and Ireland, 1615-1875Maxwell-Stewart, Hamish 14-Dec-2021
42019Voting with Their Feet: Absconding and Labor Exploitation in Convict AustraliaMaxwell-Stewart, Hamish ; Quinlan, Michael17-Dec-2021
520181818 The Vandemonians: Michael Howe's Victory in TasmaniaMaxwell-Stewart, Hamish 14-Dec-2021
62018Exploring the life-course and intergenerational impact of convict transportationGodfrey, Barry; Inwood, Kris; Maxwell-Stewart, Hamish 13-Dec-2021
77-Jun-2017Penal Transportation, Family History, and Convict TourismMaxwell-Stewart, Hamish ; Nicholson, Lydia4-Jan-2022
8May-2016The Rise and Fall of Penal TransportationMaxwell-Stewart, Hamish 10-Dec-2021
92018Comparative Mutinies: Case Studies of Working-Class Agency in the 2nd Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment, 1863, and the Australian Imperial Force, 1918Wise, Nathan 12-Jun-2018
10Feb-2018Death and Thomas BockMaxwell-Stewart, Hamish 15-Dec-2021
112018Transnational Advocacy in Education: Maria Montessori's Connections with Australian WomenWhitehead, Kay; Feez, Susan 26-Jun-2018
1215-Sep-2021Towards a History of Deviance: Policing Drunkenness in Mid-Nineteenth-Century New South WalesAllen, Matthew 11-Feb-2022
132016Obedience to Superior Orders and Related DefencesCormier, Monique ; Finnin, Sarah2-Jul-2018
1428-Jul-2021Convict surveillance and reform in theory and practice: Jeremy Bentham versus New South WalesAllen, Matthew 6-May-2022
152016People and Place: Local HistoryWilton, Janis 14-Dec-2016
162016Imaging family memories: My Mum, her photographs, our memoriesWilton, Janis 14-Dec-2016
172021Australia's Migrant and Minority Community Press and Cultural Heritage: An IntroductionDewhirst, Catherine; Scully, Richard 3-Feb-2022
182013Expansion, 1820-50Ford, Lisa; Roberts, David 5-Sep-2013
192020Aunty Olive's photographsWilton, Janis 8-Mar-2021
202019"I leave everything": Encountering Grief with an Hazara RefugeePhillips, Denise 22-Sep-2021
2128-Apr-2022Bentham, convict transportation, and the Great Confinement ThesisMaxwell-Stewart, Hamish 15-Jun-2022
222014The University of New England: A chronology of major eventsJohnstone, Ian M; Munro, Celia23-Dec-2014
2312-Apr-2022Maritime Industry: WhalingGibbs, Martin 23-Mar-2023
242016Asia Surprised UsRyan, John S 23-Feb-2017
2528-Apr-2022'Inspection, the only effective instrument of reformative management': Bentham, surveillance, and convict recidivism in early New South WalesAllen, Matthew ; Roberts, David Andrew 27-May-2022
262014SaleyardsIhde, Erin 7-Jan-2015
272016Wright College and its DevelopmentRyan, John S 23-Feb-2017
282019Australian Cartooning: Unequalled and UnparalleledScully, Richard 1-May-2020
292014"To Dream My Family Tonight": Listening to Stories of Grief and Hope Among Hazara Refugees in AustraliaPhillips, Denise Anne 25-Jun-2014
302020The Satirical Press of Colonial Australia: A Migrant and Minority EnterpriseScully, Richard 13-Apr-2021
312015The lucky country syndrome in Australia: Resources, social democracy and regimes of development in historical political economy perspectiveLloyd, Christopher 17-May-2017
322013How did Burke die?Lewis, Darrell 21-Nov-2013
332020Australia's Minority Community Printed Press History in Global Context: An IntroductionDewhirst, Catherine; Scully, Richard 13-Apr-2021
342021Workforce Preparation and EmployabilityWise, Nathan 22-Jun-2022
352015Analytical frameworks of Australia's economic historyLloyd, Christopher 14-May-2017
3628-Apr-2020'Cooee': The Theme of Distance in Australian Recruitment Posters during World War IWise, Nathan 24-Jun-2022
372017The Great War in 'The Armidale Express'Thorn, Benjamin 6-Jul-2017
382013The 1890-1910 Crisis of Australian Capitalism and the Social Democratic Response: Was the Australian model a pioneering regime of Social Democratic Welfare Capitalist regulation?Lloyd, Christopher 17-Mar-2014
392019Uren v John Fairfax & Sons Pty Ltd (1966)Lunney, Mark 4-Dec-2019
402015Methodism and the Challenge of 'the Sixties'Clark, Jennifer R 9-Jul-2015
412015Dissent and Ill-Discipline: The Newcastle Penal Settlement, 1804-1823Roberts, David 9-Jul-2015
422022Settlement and DispossessionFord, Lisa; Roberts, David Andrew 11-May-2023
432014El uso de los sentimientos nacionales de aislamiento y abandono en la cartelería australiana de reclutamiento de la Primera Guerra MundialWise, Nathan 31-May-2017
442016Development of Crime and the Criminal Justice System in AustraliaWise, Jenny ; Roberts, David 4-Jan-2016
452015The Dirk Hartog Island post site: Early European Encounters with Australia and the Establishment of a Maritime Cultural LandscapeGibbs, Martin ; Duncan, Brad4-Jan-2016
462022Civil WrongsLunney, Mark 16-May-2023
472022Criminal Law and the Administration of Justice in Early New South Wales and Van Diemen's LandRoberts, David Andrew 16-May-2023
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