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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12015The Dirk Hartog Island post site: Early European Encounters with Australia and the Establishment of a Maritime Cultural LandscapeGibbs, Martin ; Duncan, Brad4-Jan-2016
22016Development of Crime and the Criminal Justice System in AustraliaWise, Jenny ; Roberts, David 4-Jan-2016
32012From Phillip to Grose: Leadership in New South Wales from 1788 to 1794Cunneen, Stephen; Roberts, David ; Atkinson, Alan2-Aug-2012
42015Black Widow: The true story of Australia's first female serial killerBaxter, Carol 5-Jan-2016
52013Early Merchant Families of Sydney: Speculation and risk management on the fringes of empireHolcomb, Janette8-Apr-2014
64-Dec-2017New England ArchaeologyWatson, Pamela 11-Sep-2018
72016The Convict's Daughter: The scandal that shocked a colonyLindsey, Kiera 5-May-2022
84-Dec-2017Family TiesWilton, Janis 11-Sep-2018
94-Dec-2017Views of MaitlandWilton, Janis 11-Sep-2018
1023-May-2017Different Sights: Immigrants in New EnglandWilton, Janis 11-Sep-2018
11Dec-2019Finding Convicts and Convict Sites: A Job For Professionals, Community Or Both?Gibbs, Martin 23-Apr-2020
122019Australian Cartooning: Unequalled and UnparalleledScully, Richard 1-May-2020
132015Australia and New ZealandAllen, Matt 18-Feb-2016
142013'So Much Recklessness': Abduction in the Colony of New South WalesLindsey, Kiera 14-Sep-2021
152012Review of 'Memory is Another Country: Women of the Vietnamese Diaspora', Nathalie Huynh Chau Nguyen, Santa Barbara: Praeger, 2009. 212pp. £27.95 (hardback) (Also available as an e-book)Wilton, Janis 21-Feb-2013
162012Remembering 'Australia's glorious League': The Historiography of Anti-TransportationRoberts, David 25-Feb-2013
172012Review of Alistair Thomson, 'Moving Stories: An intimate history of four women across two countries', University of New South Wales Press, Sydney, 2011. 344 pages. ISBN 978 174223 278 2.Wilton, Janis 21-Feb-2013
182012Australia, local history inWilton, Janis 21-Feb-2013
192012Australian Convict Sites and the Heritage of Adaptation: The Case of Newcastle's Coal River Heritage PrecinctRoberts, David ; Eklund, Erik25-Sep-2012
202012Working the Land Laws: manipulation and management of free selection on Ollera Station, Guyra, 1860-1914Rodwell, Margaret Eleanor15-Oct-2012
212016The Cold War and Popular Culture: How can we use popular culture as a historical source to learn about the Cold War?Ihde, Erin 31-Oct-2016
222017The Myth of the Flogging Parson: Samuel Marsden and Severity of Punishment in the Age of ReformAllen, Matt 6-Jun-2018
232018Comparative Mutinies: Case Studies of Working-Class Agency in the 2nd Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment, 1863, and the Australian Imperial Force, 1918Wise, Nathan 12-Jun-2018
242017The Limits of Political Libel: The Ryan v Argus Libel TrialLunney, Mark 15-Jun-2018
252018Transnational Advocacy in Education: Maria Montessori's Connections with Australian WomenWhitehead, Kay; Feez, Susan 26-Jun-2018
262016Review of Charlotte Smith and Benjamin Thomas, 'Visions of Colonial Grandeur: John Twycross at Melbourne's International Exhibitions', Museum Victoria, Melbourne, 2014, pbk, ISBN 9781921833236, xv + 153 pp, $39.95.Wilton, Janis 14-Dec-2016
272016People and Place: Local HistoryWilton, Janis 14-Dec-2016
2824-Apr-2018Landscapes of production and punishment: convict labour management on the Tasman Peninsula 1830-1877Gibbs, Martin D ; Tuffin, Richard L ; Maxwell-Stewart, Hamish ; Roberts, David A ; Roe, David ; Steele, Jody N ; Hood, Susan; Godfrey, Barry S2-Jul-2018
292017A History of Australian Tort Law 1901-1945: England's Obedient Servant?Lunney, Mark 29-Jun-2018
307-Feb-2018Landscapes of Production and Punishment: Convict labour in the Australian contextTuffin, Richard ; Gibbs, Martin ; Roberts, David ; Maxwell-Stewart, Hamish ; Roe, David; Steele, Jody ; Hood, Susan; Godfrey, Barry2-Jul-2018
312015Matrilineal Narratives: Learning from Voices and ObjectsNye, Adele ; Barker, Lorina ; Charteris, Jennifer 18-Nov-2016
322012Beyond 'Birthstain': Further Research into Anti-Transportation Campaign in AustraliaSmith, Babette 25-Mar-2013
332012Anti-Transportation: The Statesmen's PerspectiveStoneman, David25-Mar-2013
342016Imaging family memories: My Mum, her photographs, our memoriesWilton, Janis 14-Dec-2016
352019The failure of political temperance: The politics of no-license in Broken Hill, 1883-1914Wailes, Lyn; Allen, Matthew 20-Jul-2020
362017The free and unfree settlements of Norfolk Island: an overview of archaeological researchGibbs, Martin ; Duncan, Brad ; Varman, Robert2-Jul-2018
37Aug-2019Distilling Liberty: Reconsidering the Politics of Alcohol in Early New South WalesAllen, Matthew 16-Jul-2020
382016Obedience to Superior Orders and Related DefencesCormier, Monique ; Finnin, Sarah2-Jul-2018
392016Antipodean Perspectives - (Nearly) Fifty Years of the Australasian Association for European History (AAEH)Scully, Richard 11-Jan-2017
402016The Enemy at the Gates: The 1918 Mystery Aeroplane Panic in Australia and New ZealandHolman, Brett 4-Mar-2016
412016Walking the Thylacine: Records of Indigenous Companion Animals in Australian Narrative and Photographic HistoryPhilip, Justine Mary; Garden, Don24-May-2016
422014Job Skill, Manliness and Working Relationships in the Australian Imperial Force during World War IWise, Nathan 29-Aug-2014
432017The Pursuit of Justice: The Military Moral Economy in the USA, Australia, and Great Britain - 1861-1945Wise, Nathan 8-May-2018
442014Review of John A. Moses and George F. Davis, 'Anzac Day Origins: Canon D. J. Garland and Trans-Tasman Commemoration': Barton Books, Barton, 2013, pbk, ISBN 9781921577 16 1, xxxii, 417 ppWise, Nathan 5-Sep-2014
452015Nazi medical experiments on Australian prisoners of war: Commentary on the testimony of an Australian soldierWeisz, George M 11-Jul-2016
462016'Mr Peel's Amendments' in New South Wales: Imperial Criminal Reform in a Distant Penal ColonyFord, Lisa; Roberts, David 19-Jul-2016
472016In the Shadow of Anzac: Labour Historiography of the First World War in AustraliaHolbrook, Carolyn; Wise, Nathan 9-Aug-2016
482019Voting with Their Feet: Absconding and Labor Exploitation in Convict AustraliaMaxwell-Stewart, Hamish ; Quinlan, Michael17-Dec-2021
492018Exploring the life-course and intergenerational impact of convict transportationGodfrey, Barry; Inwood, Kris; Maxwell-Stewart, Hamish 13-Dec-2021
50Jun-2019Historical forensic pathology – a "new" disciplineByard, Roger W; Maxwell-Stewart, Hamish 30-Nov-2021
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