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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
1Aug-2021Global education at the teacher and school education levels: Views from pre-service teachers at an Australian higher education institutionSigauke, Aaron ; Gwirayi, Pesanayl27-Aug-2021
2Aug-2021Identifying the core concepts of pharmacology educationWhite, Paul J; Davis, Elizabeth A; Santiago, Marina; Angelo, Tom; Shield, Alison; Babey, Anna-Marie ; Kemp-Harper, Barbara; Maynard, Gregg; Al-Sallami, Hesham S; Musgrave, Ian F; Fernandes, Lynette B; Ngo, Suong N T; Hinton, Tina8-Sep-2021
32022Developing a Signature Pedagogy and Integrated Support Model for First-Year Teacher Education Students Studying at a Regional UniversityHarrington, Ingrid ; Whannell, Robert ; Bartlett-Taylor, Tim 1-Sep-2021
4Aug-2021Message from the Editor-in-ChiefHarrington, Ingrid 29-Nov-2022
5Dec-2020The impact and outcomes of (non-education) doctorates: the case of an emerging BhutanMaxwell, T W ; Chophel, Dendup24-Mar-2022
62014Students' feedback preferences: how do students react to timely and automatically generated assessment feedback?Bayerlein, Leopold 22-Oct-2014
72022'Things living in the cyber-universe': facilitating peer workshopping in the online creative non-fiction classroomPaquet, Lili ; Van Luyn, Ariella 20-Jan-2022
82022Using technology platforms for work-integrated learningBayerlein, Leopold ; Dean, Bonnie A; Perkiss, Stephanie; Jeske, Deborah4-Feb-2022
915-May-2019Use of the game-based learning platform KAHOOT! to facilitate learner engagement in Animal Science studentsCameron, Kristie E; Bizo, Lewis A 4-May-2022
101-Jun-2016Graduates' Attitudes to Research Skill Development in Undergraduate Media EducationWilmore, Michael ; Willison, John29-Apr-2022
112021Accreditation without Impact: The Case of Accreditation by Professional Accounting Bodies in AustraliaTimpson, Mel; Bayerlein, Leopold 23-Jul-2020
1229-Jul-2023Affirmative Ethics in the COVID-19 Moment: Perplexities, Paradoxes, and SurprisesCharteris, Jennifer ; Nye, Adele ; Pillay, Daisy; Foulkes, Ruth16-Aug-2023
13Apr-2022Message from the Editor-in-ChiefHarrington, Ingrid 29-Nov-2022
14Aug-2022Message from the Editor-in-ChiefHarrington, Ingrid 29-Nov-2022
15Oct-2022Message from the Editor-in-ChiefHarrington, Ingrid 29-Nov-2022
162021Video feedback in tertiary music performance classesJohnson, Carol; Blackburn, Alana 28-Feb-2022
1721-Mar-2018The Double Flip: Applying a Flipped Learning Approach to Teach the Teacher and Improve Student SatisfactionKehoe, Thomas ; Schofield, Penelope; Branigan, Elizabeth; Wilmore, Michael 26-Apr-2022
18Sep-2021Message from the Editor-in-ChiefHarrington, Ingrid 29-Nov-2022
19Dec-2020Research at the Royal University of Bhutan and ways forwardGyamtso, Deki C; Sherab, Kezang; Maxwell, T W 25-Mar-2022
20Dec-2021Solidarity and Community: Collaborative Learning in Times of CrisisCripps Clark, John; Jacobs, Brendan ; MacCallum, Judith17-Mar-2022
21Apr-2021A transdisciplinary protocol for digital scholarshipJacobs, Brendan 17-Mar-2022
22Aug-2018Using theory: its influence on writingO'Neill, Kristy 17-Aug-2021
232016What is Next in Educational Research?Fan, Si; Fielding-Wells, Jill 18-Aug-2022
24Jun-2022Undergraduate thesis supervisory conference: Academic discourse socialisation multiple-case studyYamada, Kiyomi 10-Jun-2022
2513-May-1998Invasion of American-style education fundamentalsHarkness, Alistair 24-Jul-2023
2629-Mar-2021People call me "bogan": how to mend the country-city divide in higher educationDownes, Natalie; McMahon, Samantha; O'Neill, Kristy ; Roberts, Philip15-Jun-2022
272021Learning to research in distance mode: Technologies for building higher degree research community onlineNolan, Huw ; Nye, Adele ; Rumpca, Nikki; Van Luyn, Ariella 26-Jul-2022
284-Aug-2022Reducing student anxiety in online tertiary music education through the application of Universal Design for LearningBlackburn, Alana ; McGrath, Naomi 16-Aug-2022
2928-Jul-2022Health and Physical Education unit redesign process and its impact on student engagement and motivationO'Neill, Kristy 19-Apr-2023
302021International Student Education in Tertiary Settings: Interrogating Programs and Processes in Diverse ContextsZhang, Zuocheng ; Grimshaw, Trevor; Shi, Xingsong26-Aug-2021
312021Mapping the terrain of international student education in tertiary settingsZhang, Zuocheng ; Grimshaw, Trevor; Shi, Xingsong26-Aug-2021
322021Teaching History for the Contemporary World: An IntroductionClark, Jennifer; Nye, Adele 23-Jun-2021
332020A Work-Integrated Learning model to enhance the readiness and self-efficacy of pre-service HPE teachersMainsbridge, Casey ; Cruickshank, Vaughan; Patterson, Kira1-Nov-2022
3423-Feb-2022How sport can help young people to become better citizensCruickshank, Vaughan; Mainsbridge, Casey Peter 18-Oct-2022
352016Evidencing the impact of pre-service teachers: Shifting the conversationBrett, Peter; Kilpatrick, Sue; Fitzallen, Noleine; Mainsbridge, Casey ; Reynolds, Bronwyn; Kertesz, John; Thomas, Sharon2-Dec-2022
362023The influence of postgraduate study experience in Australia on the professional and personal lives of returning faculty members in the two colleges of education in Bhutan - DatasetTshering, Dolay10-Aug-2023
372021Positioning: Making Use of Post-qualitative Research PracticesNye, Adele ; Clark, Jennifer23-Jun-2021
382021In and Beyond the Now: A PostscriptNye, Adele ; Clark, Jennifer23-Jun-2021
399-Feb-2022Reflections of a student engagement program designed and delivered by academicsBeasy, Kim; Morrison, Renee; Coleman, Bianca; Mainsbridge, Casey 4-Nov-2022
4015-Dec-2021In pursuit of a healthy academic status and student experience: An approach to supporting academically fragile students in higher educationMainsbridge, Casey ; Muir, Tracey; Fan, Si; Douglas, Tracy1-Nov-2022
4129-Apr-2020Addressing student attrition within higher education online programs through a collaborative community of practiceCanty, Alison Jane; Chase, James; Hingston, Matthew; Greenwood, Melanie; Mainsbridge, Casey Peter ; Skalicky, Jane25-Oct-2022
422022Pre-service teacher perceptions of teaching health education onlineCruickshank, Vaughan; Mainsbridge, Casey ; Patterson, Kira8-May-2023
431-Mar-2022Pre-service teacher perceptions of teaching health education onlineCruickshank, Vaughan; Mainsbridge, Casey 4-Nov-2022
44-Academics' perspectives on a student engagement and retention program: dilemmas and deficit discoursesColeman, Bianca; Beasy, Kim; Morrison, Renee; Mainsbridge, Casey 27-Oct-2022
45May-2022Message from the Editor-in-ChiefHarrington, Ingrid 29-Nov-2022
4617-Jun-2022Using Interactive Online Pedagogical Approaches to Promote Student EngagementMuir, Tracey; Wang, Isabel; Trimble, Allison; Mainsbridge, Casey ; Douglas, Tracy4-Nov-2022
472022Making the links between health and physical education, sport and civics and citizenship education in AustraliaBrett, Peter; Mainsbridge, Casey ; Cruickshank, Vaughan27-Oct-2022
482021Teaching History for the Contemporary World: Tensions, Challenges and Classroom Experiences in Higher EducationNye, Adele ; Jennifer Clark26-May-2021
4928-May-2021Global education at the teacher education level: a comparative study of views of pre-service teachers in Australia and ZimbabweSigauke, Aaron ; Gwirayi, Pesanayi22-Jun-2021
502022Celebrating innovative teaching at UNE: The Commencing Student Success ProjectHarrington, Ingrid 1-May-2023
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