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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
1Aug-2023The impacts of moral injury on First Responder, Defence and Veteran partners and childrenRogers, Marg ; Cawood, Matt30-Aug-2023
22016Narrative, Acculturation and Ritual: Themes from a Socio-ecological Study of Australian Defence Force Families Experienceing Parental DeploymentBaber, Margaret 20-Jul-2016
312-Sep-2023'It's not fair!' Kids grumble and complain for a reason, here's how to handle itRogers, Marg ; Dittman, Cassy; Krishnamoorthy, Govind19-Sep-2023
425-Nov-2021Managerialism has taken over in early childhood educationRogers, Margaret 10-Feb-2022
511-Aug-2023Teacher Planning and Curriculum Frameworks: A Case Study of ECEC Practice in AustraliaKeary, Anne; Garvis, Susanne; Zheng, Haoran ; Walsh, Lucas20-Aug-2023
62016Young Children's Use of ICT in Shanghai PreschoolsDong, Chuanmei 29-Jun-2018
713-Jan-2022COVID chaos has shed light on many issues in the Australian childcare sector. Here are 4 of themRogers, Marg 30-May-2022
831-Dec-2021International Programs and Resources to Support Children from Military Families: A reviewRogers, Marg ; Bible, Vanessa ; Johnson, Amy; Bird, Jo ; Harrington, Ingrid ; Baker, Pep 31-Jan-2022
931-Jan-2022Time, money, exhaustion: why early childhood educators will join the Great ResignationRogers, Marg 24-May-2022
10Jun-2010Enhancing Physical Education in Omani Basic Education Curriculum: Rationale and ImplicationsMehana, Majida ; Kilani, Hashem16-Aug-2023
113-Feb-2022Smile and wave ladies: The attempt to silence Grace Tame mirrors the plight of early childhood educatorsRogers, Marg ; Boyd, Wendy; Sims, Margaret 24-May-2022
126-Jan-2004School mobility and achievement: A meta-analysisMehana, Majida ; Reynolds, Arthur J16-Aug-2023
1311-Nov-2020Problematising sustainability in nature play programs: Pedagogical transformations and ambitious alignmentsHughes, Fran ; Elliott, Sue ; Noone, Genevieve 1-Nov-2022
142017Empowering children through the creative arts: Is it possible to access the voice of 2-5 year olds?Rogers, Margaret 4-Feb-2019
152022Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Qualitative Study of Government Policies Relating to the Early Childhood Sector Across Ten CountriesRothe, Antje; Moloney, Mary; Sims, Margaret ; Calder, Pamela; Blyth, Doreen; Boyd, Wendy; Doan, Laura; Dovigo, Fabio; Girlich, Sarah; Georgiadou, Sofia; Kakana, Domna; Mellon, Conor; Opazo, María-José; O'Síoráin, Carol-Ann; Quinn, Marian; Rogers, Marg ; Silberfeld, Carolyn; Tadeu, Bárbara24-Mar-2023
164-Apr-2022Managerialism is driving the crisis in early childhood educationRogers, Margaret 24-May-2022
17Mar-2022The Bold and The Backlash: When Marginalised Voices are Heard in Neoliberal LandRogers, Margaret ; Sims, Margaret ; Boyd, Wendy12-May-2022
1822-Oct-2018Waiting for Daddy: Rose's StoryRogers, Marg ; Bird, Jo ; Roberts, Raph; Donald, Trish7-Aug-2020
194-Apr-2022The top five ways COVID places harsher burdens on educators. There's an urgent need for changeRogers, Margaret ; Boyd, Wendy; Sims, Margaret 24-May-2022
202015Early childhood students under stress: The interrelationship between physical environment, physiological reactions, student-teacher bonding and learning in the first year of schoolWhannell, Patricia ; Whannell, Robert ; Sims, Margaret ; McFarlane, James 30-Jan-2015
2111-Feb-2019Viewer Engagement in Children's Animated Television Shows: A Systemic Functional PerspectiveWatson, Lindall Ann; Unsworth, Leonard ; Chan, Eveline 14-Oct-2019
223-Mar-2022Why can't we value and pay for the emotional cost of caring?Rogers, Marg ; Jefferies, Diana; Ng, Joanne26-May-2022
233-Aug-2017Young children's understandings and experiences of parental deployment within an Australian Defence Force familyRogers, Margaret Lynette ; Sims, Margaret ; Hathaway, Tanya ; Elliott, Sue 17-Oct-2019
242017Co-constructing learning in the early years using project-based learningJacobs, Brendan ; Usher, Adam27-Mar-2023
252014Pleasure in the first degreeBaker, Robert 27-Jan-2015
2618-Mar-2022A bigger defence force will affect more military families' children - their well-being must be protectedRogers, Margaret ; Johnson, Amy25-Aug-2022
27-Parental Perceptions of Social and Emotional Well-being of Young Children from Australian Military FamiliesRogers, Marg ; Johnson, Amy; Coffey, Yumiko ; Fielding, Jill ; Harrington, Ingrid ; Bhullar, Navjot 30-Aug-2023
2825-Oct-2021Bound for burnout: Early childhood educators are swimming against a gendered, micromanaged tideRogers, Marg 26-Oct-2021
292015Chinese Parents' Role Modeling: Promoting GratitudeLi, S 14-May-2015
3023-Jun-2022Regional and rural women need a nuanced approach to free preschoolRogers, Marg ; Sims, Margaret 26-Jun-2022
312022Theories for Visual Arts PracticeBrooks, Margaret ; Lindsay, Gai28-Jul-2022
322022Visual Arts Curriculum and PedagogyBrooks, Margaret ; Lindsay, Gai28-Jul-2022
332022Working with Artists and MuseumsBrooks, Margaret ; Lindsay, Gai28-Jul-2022
342022Art for Cultural ConnectionBrooks, Margaret ; Lindsay, Gai28-Jul-2022
35Jun-2021More than one bridge is built: Building ECCD in BhutanBrooks, Margaret ; Dema, Chimi; Wangmo, Tshering28-Jul-2022
3624-Apr-2021Contextualised, not Neoliberalised Professionalism in Early Childhood Education and Care: Effects of Prescribed Notions of Quality on Educator Confidence in AustraliaRogers, Marg 2-Jun-2021
3727-Oct-2022The cost of what the Budget doesn’t address will cost us all in the long runRogers, Marg ; Doan, Laura14-Nov-2022
382015Leadership in Early Childhood Education Contexts: Looks, Roles, and FunctionsKivunja, Charles 2-Oct-2015
392016Early Childhood Care and Development in Bhutan: Mind the Gap(s)Wangmo, Tshering; Brooks, Margaret 13-Jul-2017
4025-Nov-2022How a Canadian program that helps educators 'thrive' not just 'survive' could help address Australia's childcare staff shortageRogers, Marg ; Doan, Laura K; Bhullar, Navjot 29-Nov-2022
412015Technology in early childhood: The future is todaySims, Margaret 28-Sep-2015
422021Stakeholder engagement in an online community education project via diverse media engagementsRogers, Marg ; Johnson, Amy; Bird, Jo ; Serow, Pep ; Harrington, Ingrid ; Bible, Vanessa 25-Jun-2021
432021Teacher performance assessments in the early childhood sector: wicked problems of regulationBird, Jo ; Charteris, Jennifer 29-Jun-2021
4416-Jan-2023Perrottet's actions reinforce educator's roles in building children’s tolerance, empathy and respectRogers, Marg 24-Mar-2023
452020Leading practice in early childhood educationBird, Jo ; Mok, Angel 6-May-2022
466-Dec-2022Here's how we stem the exodus of Australian early childhood educatorsRogers, Marg ; Bhullar, Navjot ; Doan, Laura K4-Jan-2023
4715-Dec-2022Support for children when a parent works awayRogers, Marg ; Johnson, Amy; Bhullar, Navjot 12-Jan-2023
4824-Sep-2022Neoliberalism and government responses to Covid-19: Ramifications for early childhood education and careSims, Margaret ; Calder, Pamela; Moloney, Mary; Rothe, Antje; Rogers, Marg ; Doan, Laura; Kakana, Domna; Georgiadou, Sofia14-Nov-2022
4926-Sep-2022We build submarines and the defence force. Now we must support the families who work in themRogers, Marg ; Johnson, Amy7-Nov-2022
5024-Sep-2022Stakeholder engagement with funding bodies, steering committees and surveys: Benefits for education projectsRogers, Marg ; Baker, Penelope ; Harrington, Ingrid ; Johnson, Amy; Bird, Jo ; Bible, Vanessa 14-Nov-2022
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