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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12014Reflecting on the past six years of the 'Australasian Journal of Early Childhood': 2008 to 2013 and beyondSims, Margaret 11-Apr-2014
224-Feb-2020Early childhood help for children of deployed military personnelRogers, Marg 26-Feb-2020
32015A walk on the wild side at Quirindi PreschoolThompson, Alison; Frith, Charmiane; Elliott, Sue 28-Jan-2016
42015Food for ThoughtElliott, Sue 28-Jan-2016
52014The Digital Play Framework: helping early childhood educators integrate technologies with play-based learningEdwards, Susan; Bird, Jo 10-Feb-2016
62015When technology dominatesBird, Jo 16-Feb-2016
713-Jan-2022COVID chaos has shed light on many issues in the Australian childcare sector. Here are 4 of themRogers, Marg 30-May-2022
831-Jan-2022Time, money, exhaustion: why early childhood educators will join the Great ResignationRogers, Marg 24-May-2022
93-Feb-2022Smile and wave ladies: The attempt to silence Grace Tame mirrors the plight of early childhood educatorsRogers, Marg ; Boyd, Wendy; Sims, Margaret 24-May-2022
102014Strong foundations, successful futuresSims, Margaret 25-Nov-2014
112016Nature is just not enoughElliott, Sue 16-Jan-2017
122018Shifting the car park conversations: Creating outdoor spaces for and with familiesBest, Leigh; Motley, Sue; Elliott, Sue 25-Jul-2018
13Mar-2020Technologies and pretend playBird, Jo 20-May-2020
1412-Sep-2023'It's not fair!' Kids grumble and complain for a reason, here's how to handle itRogers, Marg ; Dittman, Cassy; Krishnamoorthy, Govind19-Sep-2023
152016EMBRACE Culture in Kindy ProgramLamb, Cherie Suzanne; James, Ranu; Prasad, Rekha; Hughes, Elle4-Jan-2018
16Aug-2023The impacts of moral injury on First Responder, Defence and Veteran partners and childrenRogers, Marg ; Cawood, Matt30-Aug-2023
172017Practical strategies for working with traumatised children from refugee backgrounds in early childhood settingsLamb, Cherie29-Mar-2018
1825-Oct-2021Bound for burnout: Early childhood educators are swimming against a gendered, micromanaged tideRogers, Marg 26-Oct-2021
1925-Nov-2021Managerialism has taken over in early childhood educationRogers, Margaret 10-Feb-2022
2022-Sep-2021Early childhood educators are slaves to the demands of box-ticking regulationsRogers, Marg 27-Sep-2021
2114-Sep-2021Accreditation effects on early childhood educator moraleRogers, Marg 27-Sep-2021
2222-Jul-2021Want To Know How To Get Funding For Your Project? We Talked To Stakeholders. Here’s What We DiscoveredRogers, Margaret 27-Sep-2021
2328-Aug-2021Early childhood directors are carrying an exhausting load during COVID-19, even beyond major outbreaks: ResearchRogers, Marg 28-Sep-2021
242017Early childhood professionals: Advocates for the future of our worldSims, Margaret 20-Mar-2018
253-Mar-2022Why can't we value and pay for the emotional cost of caring?Rogers, Marg ; Jefferies, Diana; Ng, Joanne26-May-2022
2628-Sep-2020Birthdays, holidays, Christmas without mum or dad: how to support kids with a parent away fighting firesRogers, Marg 27-Oct-2020
271-Oct-2020Thirty years of listening to children: Are we there yet?Rogers, Marg 16-Dec-2020
282013Professional RecognitionSims, Margaret 18-Jul-2013
294-Apr-2022The top five ways COVID places harsher burdens on educators. There's an urgent need for changeRogers, Margaret ; Boyd, Wendy; Sims, Margaret 24-May-2022
302018Quirindi Preschool leading community change: Rethinking, reducing, re-using and recyclingO'Brien, Karen; Tickle, Tina; Thompson, Alison; Elliott, Sue 26-Feb-2019
312017Empowering children through the creative arts: Is it possible to access the voice of 2-5 year olds?Rogers, Margaret 4-Feb-2019
324-Apr-2022Managerialism is driving the crisis in early childhood educationRogers, Margaret 24-May-2022
332014How high was Humpy Dumpty? Revised Australian playground equipment and surfacing standardsElliott, Sue ; Jeavons, Mary17-Apr-2015
3423-Jun-2022Regional and rural women need a nuanced approach to free preschoolRogers, Marg ; Sims, Margaret 26-Jun-2022
35Jun-2021More than one bridge is built: Building ECCD in BhutanBrooks, Margaret ; Dema, Chimi; Wangmo, Tshering28-Jul-2022
3618-Aug-2022The 'invisibility of children' of veterans needs to stop - let's support their wellbeing insteadRogers, Marg ; Bhullar, Navjot ; Johnson, Amy2-Sep-2022
3727-Oct-2022The cost of what the Budget doesn’t address will cost us all in the long runRogers, Marg ; Doan, Laura14-Nov-2022
3826-Sep-2022We build submarines and the defence force. Now we must support the families who work in themRogers, Marg ; Johnson, Amy7-Nov-2022
3925-Nov-2022How a Canadian program that helps educators 'thrive' not just 'survive' could help address Australia's childcare staff shortageRogers, Marg ; Doan, Laura K; Bhullar, Navjot 29-Nov-2022
402013Unravelling the knots and fostering collaboration: Innovative ways of opening up genuine conversations between leaders, teachers, and parents in early childhood 'spaces'Sonter, Lisa; Forrest, Rhonda 16-Dec-2013
412015Technology in early childhood: The future is todaySims, Margaret 28-Sep-2015
422012Numeracy in the early yearsSims, Margaret 9-May-2012
432019Aligning Bronfenbrenner with UNESCO’s dimensions of sustainabilityDavis, Julie M; Elliott, Sue 3-Jun-2019
4415-Dec-2022Support for children when a parent works awayRogers, Marg ; Johnson, Amy; Bhullar, Navjot 12-Jan-2023
456-Dec-2022Here's how we stem the exodus of Australian early childhood educatorsRogers, Marg ; Bhullar, Navjot ; Doan, Laura K4-Jan-2023
46Aug-2019Effective partnerships with families who have a parent who works awayRogers, Marg 27-Sep-2019
472013RelationshipsSims, Margaret 26-Mar-2014
4816-Jan-2023Perrottet's actions reinforce educator's roles in building children’s tolerance, empathy and respectRogers, Marg 24-Mar-2023
4921-Feb-2023Domestic violence leave will be transformative for young children and familiesRogers, Marg ; Bhullar, Navjot 21-Mar-2023
502015Grandparenting benefits us allSims, Margaret 8-Dec-2015
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