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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12017Editorial - Special Issue: Contemporary Research on Early Childhood Education for SustainabilityArlemalm-Hagser, Eva; Elliott, Sue 13-Feb-2018
22017Application of standards and regulations to early years outdoor playspacesJeavons, Mary; Jameson, Sharon; Elliott, Sue 22-May-2018
32017Why do outdoor play and learning matter?Little, Helen; Elliott, Sue ; Wyver, Shirley22-May-2018
411-Oct-2017Enjoy the outdoor playspaceSims, Margaret 14-Jun-2019
522-Nov-2017Substituting people with ITSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
616-Aug-2017Early start, long-term benefitSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
71-Feb-2017Early learning sows the seedsSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
819-Jul-2017Simple lesson in the value of imaginationSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
92017Examining curriculum policy and pedagogy across borders: Re-imagining socially transformative learning in early childhood educationElliott, Sue ; Carr, Victoria; Arlemalm-Hagser, Eva; Park, Eunhye2-Jun-2017
102017Children's Responses to Working and Non-Working TechnologiesBird, Jo 13-Jul-2017
112017Neoliberalism and early childhoodSims, Margaret 18-Oct-2017
122017The Nexus Between Routine Household Chores and a Filial HeartLi, Shi 17-Jan-2017
132017Early childhood professionals: Advocates for the future of our worldSims, Margaret 20-Mar-2018
142017Practical strategies for working with traumatised children from refugee backgrounds in early childhood settingsLamb, Cherie29-Mar-2018
152017An Australian Perspective: Seeking Sustainability in Early Childhood Outdoor Play SpacesElliott, Sue 7-Feb-2018
162017Enabling the exercise of choice and control: How early childhood intervention professionals may support families and young children with a disability to exercise choice and control in the context of the National Disability Insurance SchemeBrien, Jackie; Page, Jane; Berman, Jeanette 18-Feb-2018
172017Parental Plurilingual Capital in a Monolingual Context: Investigating Strengths to Support Young Children in Early Childhood SettingsSims, Margaret ; Ellis, Elizabeth M ; Knox, Vicki 8-Jan-2018
182017Social determinants of health and wellbeingSims, Margaret 29-Jun-2018
193-Aug-2017Young children's understandings and experiences of parental deployment within an Australian Defence Force familyRogers, Margaret Lynette ; Sims, Margaret ; Hathaway, Tanya ; Elliott, Sue 17-Oct-2019
206-Sep-2017Books open up a whole exciting worldSims, Margaret 14-Jun-2019
2112-Apr-2017Keys to children's behaviourSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
226-Dec-2017Lasting sting in a smackSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
2320-Dec-2017Dealing with those festive meltdownsSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
2415-Feb-2017Study offers vision of hope for the futureSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
255-Jul-2017Active encouragement: Why kids need to keep movingSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
2621-Jun-2017Climate hot topic for childrenSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
271-Mar-2017Take care with social mediaSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
2815-Mar-2017Top start makes a differenceSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
2929-Mar-2017Parenting without perfectionSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
302017Protective Factors in Families: Themes From a Socioecological Study of Australian Defence Force Families Experiencing Parental DeploymentRogers-Baber, Margaret 22-May-2017
312017Family Matters editorial 2017Sims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
3225-Oct-2017Good start a simple game of numbersSims, Margaret 14-Jun-2019
337-Jun-2017Preschool childcare gets an early startSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
3424-May-2017The comfort of family routineSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
352017Observing and assessing young children's digital play in the early years: Using the Digital Play FrameworkEdwards, Susan; Bird, Jo 21-Jun-2017
362017Qualitatsregulierung im australischen System fur fruhkindliche Bildung und BetreuungSims, Margaret ; Sumsion, Jennifer; Mulhearn, Gerry; Grieshaber, Sue26-Jun-2017
3713-Sep-2017Learning to deal with changeSims, Margaret 14-Jun-2019
3827-Sep-2017Learning to grow in a gardenSims, Margaret 16-Jun-2019
3926-Apr-2017The perfect storm of traumaSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
4010-May-2017Stress and our generic codeSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
4118-Jan-2017Explaining moving in picturesSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
422-Aug-2017Wonderful world of play opens the door for kidsSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
432017Childcare teachers' attitudes toward the integration of care and education in KoreaPark, Soyeon; Yang, Sungeun; Sims, Margaret 24-May-2017
445-Jun-2017The Digital Play Framework and the Exploration of Technology ToolsBird, Jo 6-Jun-2019
452017Empowering children through the creative arts: Is it possible to access the voice of 2-5 year olds?Rogers, Margaret 4-Feb-2019
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