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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12014Breeding behaviour and prey of Black Falcons, 'Falco subniger', including food-cachingCharley, D; Lutter, H; Debus, Steve J S 26-Apr-2016
22014Observations on the Post-Fledging Period of the Collared Sparrowhawk ('Accipiter Cirrocephalus')Barnes, C P; Debus, Steve J S 28-Apr-2016
3May-2022Simple fence modification increases land movement prospects for freshwater turtles on floodplainsWaltham, Nathan J.; Schaffer, Jason; Walker, Sophie; Perry, Justin; Nordberg, Eric 17-May-2022
4Jan-2020Temporal autocorrelation: a neglected factor in the study of behavioral repeatability and plasticityMitchell, David J; Dujon, Antoine M; Beckmann, Christa ; Biro, Peter A31-Mar-2022
528-Mar-2022Afraid of the Dark? The Influence of Natural and Artificial Light at Night on the Behavioral Activity of a Nocturnal GeckoNordberg, Eric J ; Schwarzkopf, Lin8-Jul-2022
62013Nest-site selection of Western Reef Heron ('Egretta gularis') in relation to mangrove ('Avicennia marina') structure in the Persian Gulf: Implication for managementEtezadifar, Farzaneh ; Barati, Ahmad 4-Apr-2014
72021Distribution of Cantor's Kukri snake Oligodon cyclurus (Cantor, 1839) (Squamata: colubridae) in BhutanPhuntsho, Tashi; Wangyal, Jigme Tshelthrim 28-Oct-2022
82013Observations on Hunting and Breeding Behaviour of the Black Falcon ('Falco Subniger')Debus, Steve J S ; Zuccon, A E12-Mar-2014
96-Jun-2017Measures of eastern quoll vocalisation extracted using PRAATDorph, Annalie; McDonald, Paul15-Dec-2017
1016-Oct-2020Geckos cling best to, and prefer to use, rough surfacesPillai, Rishab; Nordberg, Eric ; Riedel, Jendrian; Schwarzkopf, Lin8-Sep-2021
112014A low-cost, yet simple and highly repeatable system for acoustically surveying cryptic speciesLambert, Kathryn ; McDonald, Paul 21-Oct-2014
122014Multiple species use of a water-filled tree hollow by vertebrates in dry woodland habitat of northern New South WalesVickers, Dana; Hunter, John T ; Hawes, Wendy23-Jun-2015
132014Human-resource subsidies alter the dietary preferences of a mammalian top predatorNewsome, Thomas M; Ballard, Guy ; Fleming, Peter ; van de Ven, Remy; Story, Georgeanna; Dickman, Chris30-Jul-2015
1413-Mar-2020Nonlinear variation in clinging performance with surface roughness in geckosPillai, Rishab; Nordberg, Eric ; Riedel, Jendrian; Schwarzkopf, Lin8-Sep-2021
15May-2017Mate guarding and male mate choice in the chameleon grasshopper Kosciuscola tristis (Orthoptera: Acrididae)Mahoney, Peter C; Tatarnic, Nikolai J; O'Hanlon, James C ; Umbers, Kate D L25-Sep-2019
162012Hunting behaviour of Black FalconsDebus, Steve J S 13-May-2013
17Jan-2020Spontaneous activity rates and resting metabolism: Support for the allocation model of energy management at the among‐individual levelBiro, Peter A; Thomas, Frédéric; Ujvari, Beata; Adriaenssens, Bart; Beckmann, Christa 6-Apr-2022
182012A snapshot in the post-fledging period of the Black FalconBarnes, C P; Debus, Steve J S 13-May-2013
192015Parental time-budgets, breeding behaviour and affinities of the Red Goshawk 'Erythrotriorchis radiatus'Debus, Steve J S ; Baker-Gabb, D J; Aumann, T A9-Jan-2017
202015Assessment of band recoveries for three Australian eagle speciesDebus, Steve J S 9-Jan-2017
212015Some vocalisations of the Grey Falcon 'Falco hypoleucos'Baylis, T; van Gessel, F W; Debus, Steve J S 9-Jan-2017
222015Do Fecal Odors from Native and Non-native Predators Cause a Habitat Shift Among Macropods?Cox, Tarnya E; Murray, Peter J; Bengsen, Andrew; Hall, Graham ; Xiuhua, Li17-Apr-2015
232014Opportunistically Acquired Evidence is Unsuitable Data to Model Fox ('Vulpes vulpes') Distribution in TasmaniaMarks, Clive A; Obendorf, David; Pereira, Filipe; Edwards, Ivo; Hall, Graham 1-Apr-2015
2411-Mar-2019The Thermal Games Dung Beetles PlayHemmings, Zac ; Andrew, Nigel ; Hall, Graham 15-Feb-2021
254-Mar-2020Can Geckos Increase Shedding Rate to Remove Fouling?Fushida, Ayano; Riedel, Jendrian; Nordberg, Eric J ; Pillai, Rishab; Schwarzkopf, Lin25-Nov-2021
26May-2019Heat seekers: A tropical nocturnal lizard uses behavioral thermoregulation to exploit rare microclimates at nightNordberg, Eric J ; Schwarzkopf, Lin14-Sep-2021
27Aug-2018Metabolic Scope as a Proximate Constraint on Individual Behavioral Variation: Effects on Personality, Plasticity, and PredictabilityBiro, Pete; Garland, Theodore; Beckmann, Christa ; Ujvari, Beata; Thomas, Frederic; Post, John R7-Apr-2022
28Feb-2019Reduced competition may allow generalist species to benefit from habitat homogenizationNordberg, Eric J ; Schwarzkopf, Lin14-Sep-2021
29Jun-2018Terrestrial invertebrates: An underestimated predator guild for small vertebrate groupNordberg, Eric J ; Edwards, Lexie; Schwarzkopf, Lin14-Sep-2021
301-Jun-2016Midwinter Emergence in Hibernating Timber Rattlesnakes (Crotalus horridus)Nordberg, Eric J ; Cobb, Vincent A8-Sep-2021
3116-Dec-2017Body temperatures and winter activity in overwintering Timber Rattlesnakes (Crotalus horridus) in Tennessee, USANordberg, Eric J ; Cobb, Viincent A14-Sep-2021
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