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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12015Do Fecal Odors from Native and Non-native Predators Cause a Habitat Shift Among Macropods?Cox, Tarnya E; Murray, Peter J; Bengsen, Andrew; Hall, Graham ; Xiuhua, Li17-Apr-2015
22014Did 'precautionary' 1080 baiting have a realistic potential to eradicate Red Fox ('Vulpes vulpes') in Tasmania without 'in situ' monitoring data?Marks, Clive A; Edwards, Ivo; Obendorf, David; Pereira, Filipe; Hall, Graham 17-Apr-2015
32014The dispersion and detection patterns of mtDNA-assigned red fox 'Vulpes vulpes' scats in Tasmania are anomalousMarks, Clive A; Obendorf, David; Pereira, Filipe; Edwards, Ivo; Hall, Graham 17-Apr-2015
42014Opportunistically Acquired Evidence is Unsuitable Data to Model Fox ('Vulpes vulpes') Distribution in TasmaniaMarks, Clive A; Obendorf, David; Pereira, Filipe; Edwards, Ivo; Hall, Graham 1-Apr-2015
516-Jul-2020Understanding the Relationship between Intention and Cat Containment Behaviour: A Case Study of Kitten and Cat Adopters from RSPCA QueenslandMcLeod, Lynette J ; Evans, Di; Jones, Bidda; Paterson, Mandy; Zito, Sarah21-Sep-2020
62017Providing perches for predatory and aggressive birds appears to reduce the negative impact of frugivorous birds in vineyardsPeisley, Rebecca K; Saunders, Manu ; Luck, Gary W19-Apr-2018
7Dec-2019Potential impacts of intraguild predation by invasive Asian house geckosNordberg, Eric J 13-Sep-2021
8Jul-2021Testing measures of boldness and exploratory activity in native versus invasive species: geckos as a model systemNordberg, Eric ; Denny, Rheanne; Schwarzkopf, Lin7-Sep-2021
9Jan-2019Antipredator behaviour of invasive geckos in response to chemical cues from snakesCornelis, Jari; Nordberg, Eric J ; Schwarzkopf, Lin14-Sep-2021
10Dec-2021Evaluating the evidence of culling a native species for conservation benefitsMelton, Courtney B; Reside, April E; Simmonds, Jeremy S; Mcdonald, Paul G ; Major, Richard E; Crates, Ross; Catterall, Carla P; Clarke, Michael F; Grey, Merilyn J; Davitt, Galen; Ingwersen, Dean; Robinson, Doug; Maron, Martine15-Aug-2023

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