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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
126-Jul-2023Effects of selection and data truncation on estimates of genetic parameters obtained fitting a single-step modelMeyer, Karin 18-Sep-2023
2Jan-1998Genetic relationships of growth and lean meat with meat quality and reproduction traits in Australian pigsHermesch, S ; Luxford, B G; Graser, H-U24-Sep-2023
32019Genotype by Temperature Grouping Interaction for Farrowing Rate at First InseminationBunz, A M G ; Bunter, K L ; Morrison, R; Luxford, R G; Hermesch, Susanne 6-May-2020
42014Using random regression models to optimize selection for yield, persistency and calving interval in Philippine dairy buffaloesFlores, Ester B; Van Der Werf, Julius H 8-Mar-2016
52019Correcting Sampling Bias in Microsatellite Marker Testing for PollednessConnors, N K ; Banks, R G ; Johnston, D J 6-May-2020
62014Breeding Goals and Phenotyping Programs for Multi-Trait Improvement in the Genomics EraDekkers, J C M; Van Der Werf, J H J 8-Mar-2016
72014Is Variation in Growth Trajectories genetically correlated with Meat quality Traits in Australian Terminal Lambs?de Hollander, C A; Moghaddar, N ; Kelman, K R; Gardner, G E; van der Werf, J H J 8-Mar-2016
82014Optimal breeding strategies for sheep should consider variation in feed availabilityRose, G; Mulder, H A; Van Der Werf, J H J ; van Arendonk, J A M8-Mar-2016
92019Genotype Panel Requirements for Inclusion into BREEDPLAN Single Step EvaluationsConnors, N K ; Ferdosi, M H 7-May-2020
1026-Jul-2023Comparison of udder and teat traits in Merino ewes recorded at lambing and weaningSmith, E G ; Acton, G A; Bell, A M; Smith, J L20-Sep-2023
112014Evaluation of the BEAGLE Haplotype Reconstruction Algorithm: Using Half Sib Families to Evaluate the Accuracy of Haplotype ReconstructionFerdosi, M H ; van der Werf, J H J ; Tier, B ; Gondro, C 8-Mar-2016
122019Contributions from Genetic Groups and Outcrossing to Components of Reproduction in Maternal Sheep BreedsBunter, K L ; Swan, A A ; Brown, D J 6-May-2020
132019Breeding for Reduced Breech Flystrike as part of Multi-Trait SelectionBrien, F D; Walkom, S F ; Swan, A A ; Brown, D J 6-May-2020
142019Evolution of Genetic Evaluation for Ewe Reproductive PerformanceGurman, P M ; Brown, D J ; Swan, A A ; Boerner, V ; Bunter, K L ; McMillan, A J 4-May-2020
1526-Jul-2023Genetic benchmarking of Maternal sheep flocks using genomic testingBrown, D J ; Gurman, P M ; Swan, A A 18-Sep-2023
162012Egg quality and food safety of table eggs: Egg quality and age of flock - A horizontal studyRoberts, Juliet R ; Chousalkar, Kapil 28-Aug-2012
172012Natural Variation in Methane Emissions among Progeny of Angus BullsArthur, P F; Herd, Robert M ; Donoghue, K ; Bird, S H; Hegarty, Roger 4-Mar-2016
182019More Genotypes than Markers: The SS-T-BLUP Model in Action: An Application Study in Multi-Trait Australian Angus BREEDPLAN Genetic EvaluationBoerner, V ; Johnston, D J 22-Jul-2020
192014Genomic Selection in Sheep Breeding ProgramsVan Der Werf, J H J ; Banks, R G ; Clark, S A ; Lee, S J; Daetwyler, H D; Hayes, B J; Swan, A A 8-Mar-2016
2026-Jul-2023Genome wide association study and heritability estimates for ram semen traitsHodge, H J; De las Heras-Saldana, S ; Rindfleish, S J; Stephen, C P; Pant, S D22-Aug-2023
212019Current Progress on Developing a Selection Index for Australian Meat GoatsAldridge, M N; Pitchford, W S; Brown, D J 5-May-2020
222019Costs of and Returns from Performance Recording in Beef and Sheep StudsBanks, R G ; Zhang, Yue ; Zhang, Y ; Shovelton, J5-May-2020
232017Genetic correlations between production traits and components of reproduction in merino sheepBrown, Daniel ; Bunter, Kim L ; Swan, Andrew 31-May-2018
2426-Jul-2023The value of research and industry flocks for predicting breech strike resistance in Australian Merino sheepDehnavi, E ; Swan, A A ; Smith, J L; Bird-gardiner, T L ; Burbidge, G; Brown, D J 20-Sep-2023
2526-Jul-2023Utility of pooled DNA samples for estimating a flock profileGurman, P M ; Gore, K ; Brown, D J 20-Sep-2023
2626-Jul-2023Preliminary genetic parameters for flystrike and its association with production traits in Australian Merino sheepDehnavi, E ; Swan, A A ; Ramsay, A M M; Burbidge, G; Brown, D J 20-Sep-2023
272017Weighting factors for genomic information used in Single-Step genomic selection in Australian beefZhang, Yuandan ; Swan, Andrew ; Johnston, David ; Girard, Christian 30-May-2018
282017Use of genomic data to determine breed composition of Australian sheepGurman, Phillip; Swan, Andrew ; Boerner, Vinzent 31-May-2018
2926-Jul-2023Remodelling the genetic evaluation of NFI in beef cattle - Part 2: Shortening the length of the feed intake testVargovic, L ; Moore, K L ; Johnston, D J ; Jeyaruban, G M ; Girard, C J ; Cook, J ; Torres-Vazquez, J A ; Miller, S P 20-Sep-2023
3026-Jul-2023Relationships of sire breeding values for Merino production traits with eating quality of lambMortimer, S I; Holman, B W B; Fowler, S M; Alvarenga, T I R C ; Hopkins, D L; Egerton-Warburton, K L; Smith, J L; Hine, B C; Swan, A A 19-Sep-2023
3126-Jul-2023Immune competence and micro-environmental sensitivityMadsen, M D; van der Werf, J H J ; Ingham, A; Hine, B; Reverter, A; Clark, S 20-Sep-2023
3226-Jul-2023Validation of breeding values for robustness in Australian MerinosWaters, D L ; van der Werf, J H J ; Brown, D J ; Walkom, S F ; Clark, S A 20-Sep-2023
3326-Jul-2023Multi-trait genome wide association meta-analysis of body weight, carcase composition and eating quality traits in Australian sheepMoghaddar, N ; Swan, A A ; Van Der Werf, J H J 20-Sep-2023
3426-Jul-2023Quantifying the linkage between genetics represented in the Southern Multi-Breed project and the wider Australian beef populationsMoore, K L ; Walkom, S F ; Siddell, J P; Walmsley, B 20-Sep-2023
352017Development of the beef genomic pipeline for BREEDPLAN single step evaluationConnors, Natalie ; Cook, Jim ; Girard, Christian ; Tier, Bruce ; Gore, Klint ; Johnston, David ; Ferdosi, Mohammad 31-May-2018
362017Weighting of genomic and pedigree relationships in single step evaluation of carcass traits in Australian sheepMcMillan, Aaron ; Swan, Andrew 31-May-2018
3726-Jul-2023Measured Goats in the Rangelands: An overview of a meat goat reference populationGranleese, T ; Mortimer, S I; Atkinson, T; Refshauge, G; Bird-Gardiner, T; Haynes, F; Brown, D J ; Alexandri, P ; Walkom, S F 19-Sep-2023
382017An update on genetic progress in the Australian sheep industrySwan, Andrew ; Banks, Robert ; Brown, Daniel ; Chandler, H R30-May-2018
392017Accounting for population structure in genomic prediction of Australian merino sheepMoghaddar, Nasir ; Brown, Daniel ; Swan, Andrew ; Van Der Werf, Julius H 31-May-2018
402017Approximating the accuracy of single step EBVsLi, Li ; Swan, Andrew ; Tier, Bruce 31-May-2018
4126-Jul-2023Age at puberty, days to calving and first parity return to oestrus in Australian temperate beef breedsDonoghue, K A; Rippon, R; Wolcott, M ; Moore, K L ; Clark, S A ; Walmsley, B J 18-Sep-2023
422014Genomic estimation of additive and dominance genetic variation and their effect on the accuracy of genomic prediction of sheepMoghaddar, N ; van der Werf, J H J 8-Mar-2016
432014The Effect of Using Genomic Breeding Values to Manage the Loss in Response to Selection Caused by Genotype by Environment InteractionsClark, Sam A ; Brown, Daniel ; Van Der Werf, Julius H 8-Mar-2016
442014Increased genetic gains in sheep breeding programs from using female reproductive technologies combined with genomic selectionGranleese, Tom ; Clark, Sam A ; Van Der Werf, Julius H 8-Mar-2016
452014Estimating Genomic Variance Explained per Chromosome Using Pedigree and Genomic Data in SheepEsquivelzeta-Rabell, C; Moghaddar, N ; Clark, S ; van der Werf, J H J 8-Mar-2016
462014Design of Reference Populations for Genomic Selection in Crossbreeding Programsvan Grevenhof, Isle E M; Van Der Werf, Julius H 8-Mar-2016
479-Feb-2023Manipulating response to selection on many traitsvan der Werf, J H J ; Clark, S A 25-Jul-2023
4826-Jul-2023New module for prediction of reproductive traits EBV in BreedplanJeyaruban, M G ; Johnston, D J 18-Sep-2023
492017Optimal and practical strategies to manage an ovulation rate mutation located on the X chromosome in a French sheep breedRaoul, Jerome; Bodin, L; Elsen, Jean-Michel; Swan, Andrew 4-Jun-2018
5026-Jul-2023Faecal microbiota of Angus cattle with divergent immune competenceMaslen, B N; Hine, B C; Duff, C; Alexandre, P A; Clark, S A ; Van Der Werf, J H J ; White, J D; Pant, S D20-Sep-2023
Results 1-50 of 342 (Search time: 0.041 seconds).


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