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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12017Infrared thermal imaging as a method to evaluate heat loss in newborn lambsLabeur, L ; Villiers, G; Small, A H; Hinch, Geoffrey ; Schmoelzl, Sabine 20-Jan-2018
22013Backtest and novelty behavior of female and castrated male piglets, with diverging social breeding values for growthReimert, I; Rodenburg, T B; Ursinus, W W; Duijvesteijn, Naomi ; Camerlink, I; Kemp, B; Bolhuis, J E11-Jan-2018
32016Effect of previous reproductive performance on current reproductive rate in South Australian Merino ewesKleemann, David O.; Walker, Simon K.; Ponzoni, Raul W.; Gifford, Dennis R.; Walkley, James R. W.; Smith, Darryl H.; Grimson, Richard J.; Jaensch, Kaylene S.; Walkom, Samuel ; Brien, Forbes D.12-Jan-2018
47-Apr-2023Partitioning the forms of genotype-by-environment interaction in the reaction norm analysis of stabilityWaters, Dominic L ; van der Werf, Julius H J ; Robinson, Hannah; Hickey, Lee T; Clark, Sam A 25-Jul-2023
52017Equine gestational length and location: is there more that the research could be telling us?Clothier, Jane ; Hinch, Geoffrey ; Brown, Wendy ; Small, Alison9-Feb-2018
69-Feb-2023Manipulating response to selection on many traitsvan der Werf, J H J ; Clark, S A 25-Jul-2023
72016The Relationship of Eggshell Structure to Eggshell Penetration by 'Salmonella' Typhimurium in Table EggsRay, Aaron ; Roberts, Julie R; Chousalkar, Kapil ; Flavel, Richard 4-Feb-2018
82016Characterisation of the main drivers of intra- and inter- breed variability in the plasma metabolome of dogsLloyd, Amanda J; Beckmann, Manfred; Tailliart, Kathleen; Brown, Wendy ; Draper, John; Allaway, David30-Mar-2016
92021Economic values for farrowing rate to improve seasonal fertilityHermesch, Susanne 14-Mar-2022
102021Improving carcase value by incorporating primal weights into pig breeding objectivesSarker, N R ; Walmsley, B J ; Hermesch, Susanne 26-May-2022
11Oct-2020Mid- and late-pregnancy ewe shearing affects lamb neonatal reactivity and vigourLabeur, Lea ; Small, Alison H; Hinch, Geoff N ; McFarlane, James R ; Schmoelzl, Sabine 10-Sep-2020
122014Collaboration improves dog management and welfare in Tiwi islandsBrown, Wendy ; Kennedy, Brooke; Allen, Jan; Cutter, Stephen; De Santis, Rosanna3-Nov-2014
132017Genetic solutionsDominik, Sonja ; Smith, Jennifer L; Conington, Joanne; Daetwyler, Hans D; Olesen, Ingrid; Bunter, Kim L 29-Jun-2018
141-Feb-2023Predicting phenotypes of beef eating quality traitsForutan, Mehrnush; Lynn, Andrew; Aliloo, Hassan ; Clark, Samuel A ; McGilchrist, Peter ; Polkinghorne, Rod ; Hayes, Ben J25-Jul-2023
1526-Jul-2023Genetic parameters and lambda values for post-weaning production traits in Merino sheepde las Heras-Saldana, S ; Gurman, P ; Swan, A A ; Brown, D J 22-Aug-2023
169-Feb-2023Genomic regions in Australian cattle associated with consumer satisfaction of beefLynn, A M; McGilchrist, P ; Aliloo, H ; van der Werf, J H J ; Polkinghorne, R ; Clark, S A 25-Jul-2023
172014Beef Cattle Production and TradeCottle, David ; Kahn, Lewis 4-Jun-2014
182016Sheep greenhouse gas emission intensities under different management practices, climate zones and enterprise typesCottle, David ; Harrison, M T; Ghanramani, A18-Apr-2016
19-Parameter Estimation and Assessment of Bias in Genetic Evaluation of Carcass Traits in Hanwoo Cattle Using Real and Simulated DataBedhane, Mohammed; van der Werf, Julius ; de las Heras-Saldana, Sara ; Ackerson, Leland IV; Lim, Dajeong; Park, Byoungho; Park, Mi Na; Roh, Seung; Clark, Samuel 25-Jul-2023
20Dec-2021Estimation of macro- and micro-genetic environmental sensitivity in unbalanced datasetsMadsen, M D; van der Werf, J ; Börner, V ; Mulder, H A; Clark, S 25-Jul-2023
219-Feb-2023Estimation of variance components for female longevity in Australian Angus cattle using random regression modelsAliloo, H ; Clark, S 25-Jul-2023
22Jul-2021Evaluation of partial body weight for predicting body weight and average daily gain in growing beef cattleMacNeil, Michael D; Berry, Donagh P; Clark, Sam A ; Crowley, John J; Scholtz, Michiel M25-Jul-2023
239-Feb-2023Genetic parameters for fatty acid traits of beef in Australian AngusDuff, C J ; Samaraweera, A M ; McGilchrist, P ; Clark, S A 25-Jul-2023
242018A Novel Non-Invasive Selection Criterion for the Preservation of Primitive Dutch Konik HorsesMay-Davis, Sharon; Brown, Wendy ; Shorter, Kathleen ; Vermeulen, Zefanja; Butler, Raquel; Koekkoek, Marianne13-Apr-2018
259-Feb-2023A genome-wide scan for signatures of selection in Hanwoo and Angus cattle using whole-genome sequence dataKim, H J; de las Heras-Saldana, S ; Clark, S ; Van Der Werf, J H J 25-Jul-2023
269-Feb-2023The possibilities of estimating relationships between traits with and without micro-genetic environmental sensitivityMadsen, M D; van der Werf, J H J ; Clark, S 25-Jul-2023
272015Predicting genomic selection accuracy from heterogeneous sourcesvan der Werf, J H J ; Clark, S A ; Lee, S H 25-Jul-2023
2813-Apr-2023Reaction-norm analysis of neonatal lamb mortality suggests heritability varies with cold-stress: an example in the Elsenburg Merino selection linesNel, C L; Steyn, Y; Gilmour, A R; Waters, D ; Clark, S A ; van der Werf, J H J ; Swan, A A ; Dzama, K; Cloete, S W P25-Jul-2023
292016Vocal behaviour as an indicator of lamb vigourMorton, Christine Louise ; Small, Alison; Hinch, Geoffrey ; McDonald, Paul 26-Mar-2018
302021A deterministic algorithm for optimality of threshold in a GWAS experimentLoh, Z; van der Werf, J H J ; Clark, S 25-Jul-2023
312017Peripheral cellular and humoral responses to infestation with the cattle tick 'Rhipicephalus microplus' in Santa Gertrudis cattlePiper, E K; Jonsson, N N; Gondro, Cedric ; Vance, M E; Lew-Tabor, A; Jackson, L A8-Feb-2017
322012Dairy cattle genetics and its applications in BrazilMadalena, F E; Peixoto, M G C D; Gibson, John 20-May-2013
332017Outdoor stocking density in free-range laying hens: radio-frequency identification of impacts on range useCampbell, Dana ; Hinch, Geoffrey ; Dyall, T R; Warin, L; Little, B A; Lee, Caroline 19-Feb-2017
342015The value of research: using the 'Impact Tool' to evaluate realised and anticipated benefits of the Cooperative Research Centre for Beef Genetic TechnologiesGriffith, Garry ; Burrow, Heather M 23-Jan-2015
352012Egg Quality and Food Safety of Table Eggs: Egg Quality and Age of Flock - A Horizontal StudyRoberts, Juliet R ; Chousalkar, Kapil 8-Jul-2013
369-Oct-2017Understanding factors affecting the synthesis of protoporphyrin IX in the shell gland of laying hensKhan, Samiullah; Chousalkar, Kapil ; Talk, Andrew ; Wu, Shubiao ; Roberts, Julie 17-Sep-2019
372013The challenges of integrating geospatial technologies into livestock industriesDobos, Robin C ; Falzon, Gregory ; Schneider, Derek ; Trotter, Mark 9-Sep-2013
389-Apr-2018The effects of mild prenatal stress during mid- and late-pregnancy, on lamb vigour traitsLabeur, Lea ; Hinch, Geoffrey; Schmoelzl, Sabine; Small, Allison12-Sep-2018
392016Characterisation and selection of gilts with improved performance of progeny: Final Report APL Project 2014/458Hermesch, Susanne 2-Jun-2017
402014An independent validation association study of carcass quality, shear force, intramuscular fat percentage and omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid content with gene markers in Australian lambKnight, Matthew I; Daetwyler, Hans D; Hayes, Ben J; Hayden, Matthew J; Ball, Alex; Pethick, David W; McDonagh, Matthew B20-Jul-2015
412014Carbon precursors of methane synthesis in the rumen of sheep dosed with ionophoresLoughnan, M L; Nolan, John V ; Leng, Ronald 13-Aug-2015
422014New ways of measuring intake, efficiency and behaviour of grazing livestockGreenwood, Paul; Valencia, Philip; Overs, Leslie; Paull, David R; Purvis, Ian W28-Jul-2015
432012Opioid reward systems may influence willingness to walk for food in a motivation testDoughty, Amanda ; Ferguson, Drewe ; Matthews, L; Hinch, Geoffrey 2-Apr-2014
442016The effect of dietary supplementation of calcium pidolate with or without vitamin D metabolite on production performance and egg quality in commercial laying hensAl-Zahrani, Khalid Salem; Roberts, Julie R; Iji, Paul 8-Aug-2017
454-Sep-2023Utilisation of Leucaena leucocephala foliage, toxicity risk and management in ruminant breeding production systemsIrawan, Fahrul; Cowley, Frances ; Hegarty, Roger ; Halliday, Michael 10-Aug-2023
Results 1-45 of 45 (Search time: 0.057 seconds).


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