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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
1Jun-2021An Analysis of Technical Efficiency in the Presence of Developments Toward Commercialization: Evidence from Tanzania's Milk ProducersBahta, Sirak; Omore, Amos; Baker, Derek ; Okike, Iheanacho; Gebremedhin, Berhanu; Wanyoike, Francis21-Oct-2020
22015Quality attributes in Australian lamb: a reviewEast, Miriam ; Baker, Derek 18-Aug-2021
32019Information in the Australian red meat supply chainBaker, Derek 9-Jan-2022
42009Innovative and Participatory Risk-Based Approaches to Assess Milk-Safety in Developing Countries: a case study in North East IndiaGrace, Delia; Baker, Derek ; Randolph, Tom21-Dec-2022
52009Integrating informal actors into the formal dairy industry in Kenya through training and certificationOmore, Amos; Baker, Derek 21-Dec-2022
62017Using path analysis to predict bodyweight from body measurements of goats and sheep of communal rangelands in BotswanaTemoso, Omphile; Coleman, Michael ; Baker, Derek ; Morley, Philip ; Baleseng, Leonard; Makgekgenene, Alec; Bahta, Sirak9-Nov-2017
723-Jun-2021Multiple Country and Breed Genomic Prediction of Tick Resistance in Beef CattleCardoso, Fernando Flores; Matika, Oswald; Djikeng, Appolinaire; Mapholi, Ntanganedzeni; Burrow, Heather M ; Yokoo, Marcos Jun Iti; Campos, Gabriel Soares; Gulias-Gomes, Claudia Cristina; Riggio, Valentina; Pong-Wong, Ricardo; Engle, Bailey; Porto-Neto, Laercio; Maiwashe, Azwihangwisi; Hayes, Ben J2-May-2022
8Nov-2019Upgrading the smallholder dairy value chain: a system dynamics ex-ante impact assessment in Tanzania's Kilosa districtDizyee, Kanar; Baker, Derek ; Omore, Amos30-Mar-2020
92016A Microeconometric Assessment of the Integrated Crop-Livestock Production Systems in GhanaAsante, Bright Owusu; Villano, Renato ; Patrick, Ian ; Battese, George 21-Nov-2016
1028-Aug-2020Business Models and Innovation in the Indonesian Smallholder Beef Value ChainAsikin, Zenal; Baker, Alister ; Villano, Renato ; Daryanto, Arief 22-Jul-2021
112015The value of research: using the 'Impact Tool' to evaluate realised and anticipated benefits of the Cooperative Research Centre for Beef Genetic TechnologiesGriffith, Garry ; Burrow, Heather M 23-Jan-2015
122017A system dynamics approach to chain/network analysis in the primary industry sector: Case studies of beef, dairy, and amaranth in the developing worldDizyee, Kanar Hassan Hamza; Baker, Derek ; Rich, Karl M; Fleming, Euan ; Burrow, Heather M 28-Mar-2018
132013The Analysis of Traders in a Developing Country Value Chain: Pig traders in UgandaMtimet, Nadhem; Baker, Derek 5-Jan-2023
1427-Aug-2018Economic assessments of practices and policies to address climate change and sustainable development for agriculture at global, regional and farm population scalesHenderson, Benjamin B; Cacho, Oscar ; Herrero, Mario 2-Aug-2019
15Jan-2012The Somali chilled meat value chain: Structure, operation, profitability and opportunities to improve the competitiveness of Somalia's chilled meat export tradeNegassa, Asfaw; Baker, Derek ; Mugunieri, Lawrence; Costagli, Riccardo; Wanyoike, Francis; Abdulle, Mohamed Hassan; Omore, Amos30-May-2023
162013A network approach to analysis of the performance of milk traders, producers and BDS providers in Tanzania and UgandaBaker, D ; Omore, A; Guillemois, D; Mtimet, N21-Dec-2022
17Mar-2023Relationships between Farmer Psychological Profiles and Farm Business Performance amongst Smallholder Beef and Poultry Farmers in South AfricaVillano, Renato A ; Koomson, Isaac ; Nengovhela, Nkhanedzeni B ; Mudau, Livhuwani; Burrow, Heather M ; Bhullar, Navjot 17-Apr-2023
1821-Feb-2023Psychological profiles of South African smallholder farmersBhullar, Navjot ; Nengovhela, Nkhanedzeni B ; Mudua, Livhuwani; Villano, Renato A ; Koomson, Isaac ; Burrow, Heather M 18-Apr-2023
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