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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
18-Sep-2021Application of Ultraviolet Light for Poultry Production: A Review of Impacts on Behavior, Physiology, and ProductionRana, Md Sohel ; Campbell, Dana L M 19-May-2022
2Aug-2020Evaluation of remote monitoring units for estimating body weight and supplement intake of grazing cattleSimanungkalit, G ; Hegarty, R S ; Cowley, F C ; McPhee, M J 7-Oct-2020
3Jun-2021An Analysis of Technical Efficiency in the Presence of Developments Toward Commercialization: Evidence from Tanzania's Milk ProducersBahta, Sirak; Omore, Amos; Baker, Derek ; Okike, Iheanacho; Gebremedhin, Berhanu; Wanyoike, Francis21-Oct-2020
415-Feb-2020Identifying Sheep Activity from Tri-Axial Acceleration Signals Using a Moving Window Classification ModelBarwick, Jamie ; Lamb, David William ; Dobos, Robin ; Welch, Mitchell ; Schneider, Derek ; Trotter, Mark 30-Oct-2020
52020Early rearing enrichments influenced nest use and egg quality in free-range laying hensBari, M S ; Cohen-Barnhouse, A M ; Campbell, D L M 28-Jan-2021
6Sep-2020Analysis of Cattle Social Transitional Behaviour: Attraction and RepulsionXu, Haocheng; Li, Shenghong; Lee, Caroline ; Ni, Wei; Abbott, David; Johnson, Mark; Lea, Jim M; Yuan, Jinhong; Campbell, Dana L M 29-Jan-2021
725-Jan-2021Relationship between Range Use and Fearfulness in Free-Range Hens from Different Rearing EnrichmentsBari, Md Saiful ; Allen, Simon S; Mesken, Jarrod ; Cohen-Barnhouse, Andrew M ; Campbell, Dana L M 29-Jan-2021
814-Aug-2020Rearing Enrichments Affected Ranging Behavior in Free-Range Laying HensCampbell, Dana L M ; Dyall, Tim R; Downing, Jeff A; Cohen-Barnhouse, Andrew M ; Lee, Caroline 29-Jan-2021
92021Free-range egg production: its implications for hen welfareCampbell, D L M ; Bari, M S ; Rault, J-L29-Jan-2021
1030-Sep-2020Virtual Fence Responses Are Socially Facilitated in Beef CattleKeshavarzi, Hamideh; Lee, Caroline ; Lea, Jim M; Campbell, Dana L M 29-Jan-2021
1120-Jun-2020Virtual Fencing Technology Excludes Beef Cattle from an Environmentally Sensitive AreaCampbell, Dana L M ; Ouzman, Jackie; Mowat, Damian; Lea, Jim M; Lee, Caroline ; Llewellyn, Rick S29-Jan-2021
1214-Aug-2020Relationships Between Rearing Enrichments, Range Use, and an Environmental Stressor for Free-Range Laying Hen WelfareBari, Md Saiful ; Downing, Jeff A; Dyall, Tim R; Lee, Caroline ; Campbell, Dana L M 1-Feb-2021
132021Skeletal health of layers across all housing systems and future research directions for AustraliaCampbell, D L M 29-Jan-2021
14Oct-2020Mid- and late-pregnancy ewe shearing affects lamb neonatal reactivity and vigourLabeur, Lea ; Small, Alison H; Hinch, Geoff N ; McFarlane, James R ; Schmoelzl, Sabine 10-Sep-2020
1510-Feb-2021Abattoir Factors Influencing the Incidence of Dark Cutting in Australian Grain-Fed BeefSteel, Cameron C ; Lees, Angela M ; Bowler, D; Gonzalez-Rivas, P A; Tarr, G; Warner, R D; Dunshea, F R; Cowley, Frances C ; McGilchrist, P 9-Jul-2021
162020Flock use of the range is associated with the use of different components of a multi-tier aviary system in commercial free-range laying hensSibanda, T Z ; Walkden-Brown, S W ; Kolakshyapati, M ; Dawson, B ; Schneider, D ; Welch, M ; Iqbal, Z ; Cohen-Barnhouse, A ; Morgan, N K ; Boshoff, J ; Ruhnke, I 1-Jul-2021
172021Improving carcase value by incorporating primal weights into pig breeding objectivesSarker, N R ; Walmsley, B J ; Hermesch, Susanne 26-May-2022
182021Economic values for farrowing rate to improve seasonal fertilityHermesch, Susanne 14-Mar-2022
192020Effects of outdoor ranging on external and internal health parameters for hens from different rearing enrichmentsBari, Md Saiful ; Laurenson, Yan C S M ; Cohen-Barnhouse, Andrew M ; Walkden-Brown, Stephen W ; Campbell, Dana L M 1-Feb-2021
2028-Sep-2020Poultry welfare monitoring: wearable technologiesCampbell, Dana L M ; Erasmus, Marisa A2-Feb-2021
212022The myth of wild dogs in Australia: are there any out there?Cairns, Kylie M; Crowther, Mathew S; Nesbitt, Bradley James ; Letnic, Mike7-Apr-2022
222020Welfare of beef cattle in Australian feedlots: a review of the risks and measuresSalvin, Hannah E; Lees, Angela M ; Cafe, Linda M ; Colditz, Ian G ; Lee, Caroline 22-Mar-2022
2323-Jun-2021Multiple Country and Breed Genomic Prediction of Tick Resistance in Beef CattleCardoso, Fernando Flores; Matika, Oswald; Djikeng, Appolinaire; Mapholi, Ntanganedzeni; Burrow, Heather M ; Yokoo, Marcos Jun Iti; Campos, Gabriel Soares; Gulias-Gomes, Claudia Cristina; Riggio, Valentina; Pong-Wong, Ricardo; Engle, Bailey; Porto-Neto, Laercio; Maiwashe, Azwihangwisi; Hayes, Ben J2-May-2022
24Sep-2020Heat load increases the risk of clinical mastitis in dairy cattleVitali, A; Felici, A; Lees, A M ; Giacinti, G; Maresca, C; Bernabucci, U; Gaughan, J B; Nardone, A; Lacetera, N2-Feb-2022
25Mar-2021Airborne Transmission of Vaccinal and Wild Type Infectious Laryngotracheitis Virus and Noninfectivity of Extracts of Excreta from Infected ChickensYegoraw, Addisu Awukew; Shahid Nazir ; Gerber, Priscilla F ; Walkden-Brown, Stephen W 2-May-2022
2628-Aug-2020Business Models and Innovation in the Indonesian Smallholder Beef Value ChainAsikin, Zenal; Baker, Alister ; Villano, Renato ; Daryanto, Arief 22-Jul-2021
27Feb-2022Influence of feeding Saccharomyces cerevisiae on the heat load responses of lactating dairy cows during summerLees, A M ; Olm, J C W; Lees, J C ; Gaughan, J B13-May-2022
28Mar-2021Frame Analysis: An Inclusive Stakeholder Analysis Tool for Companion Animal Management in Remote Aboriginal CommunitiesKennedy, Brooke P A ; Brown, Wendy Y ; Butler, James R A 14-Apr-2022
29Apr-2020Global Strategies for Population Management of Domestic Cats (Felis catus): A Systematic Review to Inform Best Practice Management for Remote Indigenous Communities in AustraliaKennedy, Brooke P A ; Cumming, Bonny; Brown, Wendy Y 22-Apr-2022
30May-2022The impact of weather on the incidence of dark cutting in Australian feedlot cattleSteel, Cameron ; Lees, A M ; Tarr, G; Warner, R; Dunshea, F; Cowley, F ; McGilchrist, P 13-May-2022
31Nov-2021Automated Muzzle Detection and Biometric Identification via Few-Shot Deep Transfer Learning of Mixed Breed CattleShojaeipour, Ali ; Falzon, Greg ; Kwan, Paul ; Hadavi, Nooshin ; Cowley, Frances C ; Paul, David 28-Jan-2022
322020Suitability of litter amendments for the Australian chicken meat industryCockerill, S A; Gerber, P F ; Walkden-Brown, S W ; Dunlop, M W5-Jul-2020
332020Alpaca Field Behaviour When Cohabitating with Lambing EwesMatthews, Paige T; Barwick, Jamie ; Doughty, Amanda K ; Doyle, Emma K ; Morton, Christine L ; Brown, Wendy Y 22-Apr-2022
34Apr-2021Causal Loop Analysis Can Identify Solutions to Complex Dog Management Problems in Remote Australian Aboriginal CommunitiesKennedy, Brooke P A ; Brown, Wendy Y ; Butler, James R A 14-Apr-2022
352020A comparison of eggshell mineral composition between cage and free-range eggs via inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectrometryDao, H T ; Swick, R A ; Nguyen, T V; Hunt, P W; Hine, B C; Lisle, L ; Ruhnke, I 2-Jun-2021
362021Lethal control of eutherian predators via aerial baiting does not negatively affect female spotted-tailed quolls (Dasyurus maculatus maculatus) and their pouch youngClaridge, Andrew W; Ballard, Guy ; Koertner, Gerhard ; Fleming, Peter J S ; Forge, Trent ; Hine, Abby5-May-2022
372021An investigation into the interaction of bedding application rates and air flows on positional behaviour of beef cattleHanafi, I N; Tait, L A ; Wilkes, J ; Hegarty, R S ; Jenkins, S ; Cowley, F C 8-Jul-2021
382020The influence of heat load on Merino sheep. 1. Growth, performance, behaviour and climateLees, A M ; Sullivan, M L; Olm, J C W; Cawdell-Smith, A J; Gaughan, J B19-Jan-2022
392021Satellite and telecommunication alert system for foot-hold trappingMeek, Paul D ; Ballard, Guy ; Milne, Heath ; Croft, Simon; Lawson, Geoff; Fleming, Peter J S 29-Apr-2022
402020The influence of heat load on Merino sheep. 3. Cytokine and biochemistry profilesLees, A M ; Wijffels, G; McCulloch, R; Stockwell, S; Owen, H; Sullivan, M L; Olm, J C W; Cawdell-Smith, A. J; Gaughan, J B17-Feb-2022
41Jun-2022Australian surveys on incidence and control of blowfly strike in sheep between 2003 and 2019 reveal increased use of breeding for resistance, treatment with preventative chemicals and pain relief around mulesingColvin, A F ; Reeve, I; Kahn, L P ; Thompson, L J; Horton, B J; Walkden-Brown, S W 16-Aug-2022
42Jan-2020The Influence of Temperament on Body Temperature Response to Handling in Angus CattleLees, Angela M ; Salvin, Hannah E; Colditz, Ian G; Lee, Caroline 13-Jan-2022
432020Crude protein-content of fat-free muscle and viscera in sheepDougherty, Holland ; Evered, Mark ; Oltjen, James; Oddy, Hutton ; Hegarty, Roger 20-Aug-2020
44May-2020Core and peripheral site measurement of body temperature in short wool sheepKearton, Tellisa R ; Doughty, Amanda K ; Morton, Christine L ; Hinch, Geoff N ; Godwin, Ian R ; Cowley, Frances C 9-Jul-2021
4521-May-2021A comparative morphological study of the sixth and seventh spinous processes of the cervical vertebrae in extinct and extant species of EquusMay-Davis, Sharon; Hunter, Robert; Brown, Wendy 4-Feb-2022
462020Aerial baiting and wild dog mortality in south-eastern AustraliaBallard, Guy ; Fleming, P J S ; Meek, P D ; Doak, S29-Apr-2022
4731-May-2022Relationship between sunlight and range use of commercial free-range hens in AustraliaRana, Md Sohel ; Lee, Caroline ; Lea, Jim M; Campbell, Dana L M 26-Aug-2022
482020The influence of heat load on Merino sheep. 2. Body temperature, wool surface temperature and respiratory dynamicsLees, A M ; Sullivan, M L; Olm, J C W; Cawdell-Smith, A J; Gaughan, J B17-Feb-2022
492020Dynamic modelling for nutritional management of ruminants in the face of climate changeDougherty, H C ; Evered, M ; Oltjen, J W; Oddy, V H 10-Jun-2021
50Jun-2021Preference testing for UV light spectrum and intensity in laying hensRana, Md Sohel; Cohen-Barnhouse, Andrew M ; Lee, Caroline ; Campbell, Dana L M 18-Aug-2022
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