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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12014Theorizing intuition in practice: developing grounded theory with elite business leadersRobson, Martin; Cooksey, Ray W 9-Jan-2015
22013Community engagement to resolve climate adaptation conflicts: utilising consensus-building, joint fact-finding strategies and cognitive frames analysisPrior, Julian 21-Nov-2013
32011Higher degree research supervision: From practice toward theoryMaxwell, Thomas W ; Smyth, Robyn 26-Jul-2011
42016Should Direct to Consumer Advertisements (DTCA) of Prescription Drugs Remain Banned in Malaysia?Marimuthu, Sharllene 11-Jul-2016
52017Is daily replication necessary when sampling cortisol concentrations in association studies of children with autism spectrum disorder? A systematic review and discussion paperSharpley, Christopher ; Bitsika, Vicki ; Agnew, Linda ; Andronicos, Nicholas 24-Oct-2017
62012The lived experience of distance students: Individuality, mobility, connectedness, quality and resourcefulnessAndrews, Patricia Marguerite; Tynan, Belinda; Wise, Nathan 3-Aug-2012
72015Biological determinants of depression following bereavementAssareh, Amelia A; Sharpley, Christopher ; McFarlane, James R; Sachdev, Perminder S9-Jan-2015
82010Key Parameters of Face Shape Variation in 3D in a Large SampleEvison, Martin; Dryden, Ian; Fieller, Nick; Mallett, Xanthe ; Morecroft, Lucy; Schofield, Damian; Vorder Bruegge, Richard11-Jul-2016
92010An Exploration of Sample Representativeness in Anthropometric Facial ComparisonMallett, Xanthe ; Dryden, Ian; Vorder Bruegge, Richard; Evison, Martin11-Jul-2016
102013The paradox of the planktonRohde, Klaus21-Nov-2013
112013The Balance of Nature and Human ImpactRohde, Klaus21-Nov-2013
122011Stress, depression, workplace and social supports and burnout in intellectual disability support staffMutkins, Elizabeth; Brown, Rhonda ; Thorsteinsson, Einar B 26-Jul-2011
132013Community stability and instability in ectoparasites of marine and freshwater fishSimkova, Andrea; Rohde, Klaus21-Nov-2013
142011Navigating 21st Century Education: Attitudes and perceptions from the other side of the digital divideThorneycroft, Sarah9-Jan-2015
152014Differential Responses of Cecal Microbiota to Fishmeal, 'Eimeria' and 'Clostridium perfringens' in a Necrotic Enteritis Challenge Model in ChickensStanley, Dragana; Wu, Shubiao ; Rodgers, Nicholas ; Swick, Robert A ; Moore, Robert9-Jan-2015
162016Type 1 Metallothionein (ZjMT) Is Responsible for Heavy Metal Tolerance in 'Ziziphus jujuba'Li, Lan-Song; Meng, Yu-Ping; Cao, Qiu-Feng; Yang, Yong-Zhen; Wang, Fan; Jia, Hu-Sheng; Wu, Shubiao ; Liu, Xu-Guang11-Jul-2016
172017Interactive effects of elevated CO₂, temperature and extreme weather events on soil nitrogen and cotton productivity indicate increased variability of cotton production under future climate regimesOsanai, Yui ; Tissue, David T; Bange, Michael P; Braunack, Michael V; Anderson, Ian C; Singh, Brajesh K24-Oct-2017
182011Historical biogeographical patterns in continental Australia: congruence among areas of endemism of two major clades of eucalyptsLadiges, Pauline; Parra-O, Carlos; Gibbs, Adele; Udovicic, Frank; Nelson, Gareth; Bayly, Michael26-Jul-2011
192011Moral Courage, Resistance and Trauma Response in a Prolonged Conflict: An Example of AcehCook-Tonkin, Louise; Spence, Rebecca ; Boughton, Robert 3-Aug-2012
202015LD Score regression distinguishes confounding from polygenicity in genome-wide association studiesBulik-Sullivan, Brendan K; Loh, Po-Ru; Finucane, Hilary K; Ripke, Stephan; Yang, Jian; Patterson, Nick; Daly, Mark J; Price, Alkes L; Neale, Benjamin M; Corvin, Aiden; Hartmann, Annette M; Henskens, Frans A; Herms, Stefan; Hirschhorn, Joel N; Hoffmann, Per; Hofman, Andrea; Hollegaard, Mads V; Hougaard, David M; Hougaard, David M; Ikeda, Masashi; Walters, James TR; Joa, Inge; Julia, Antonio; Kahn, Rene S; Kalaydjieva, Luba; Karachanak -Yankova, Sena; Karjalainen, Juha; Kavanagh, David; Keller, Matthew C; Kelly, Brian J; Kennedy, James L; Farh, Kai-How; Khrunin, Andrey; Kim, Yunjung; Klovins, Janis; Knowles, James A; Konte, Bettina; Kucinskas, Vaidutis; Kucinskiene, Zita Ausrele; Kuzelova -Ptackova, Hana; Kahler, Anna K; Laurent, Claudine; Holmans, Peter A; Lee Chee Keong, Jimmy; Lee, Phil; Collier, David A; Huang, Hailiang; Pers, Tune H; Agartz, Ingrid; Agerbo, Esben; Albus, Margot; Alexander, Madeline; Amin, Farooq; Bacanu, Silviu; Begemann, Martin; Belliveau Jr, Richard A; Bene, Judit; Bergen, Sarah E; Bevilacqua, Elizabeth; Bigdeli, Tim B; Black, Donald W; Bruggeman, Richard; Buccola, Nancy G; Buckner, Randy L; Byerley, William; Cahn, Wiepke; Cai, Guiqing; Cairns, Murray J; Campion, Dominique; Cantor, Rita M; Carr, Vaughan J; Carrera, Noa; Catts, Stanley V; Chambert, Kimberly D; Chan, Raymond C K; Chen, Ronald Y L; Chen, Eric Y H; Cheng, Wei; Cheung, Eric F C; Chong, Siow Ann; Cloninger, C Robert; Cohen, David; Cohen, Nadine; Cormican, Paul; Craddock, Nick; Crespo- Facorro, Benedicto; Crowley, James J; Curtis, David; Davidson, Michael; Davis, Kenneth L; Degenhardt, Franziska; Favero, Jurgen D; DeLisi, Lynn E; Demontis, Ditte; Dikeos, Dimitris; Dinan, Timothy; Djurovic, Srdjan; Donohoe, Gary; Drapeau, Elodie; Duan, Jubao; Price, Alkes L; Dudbridge, Frank; Durmishi, Naser; Eichhammer, Peter; Eriksson, Johan; Escott-Price, Valentina; Essioux, Laurent; Fanous, Ayman H; Farrell, Martilias S; Frank, Josef; Franke, Lude; Freedman, Robert; Freimer, Nelson B; Friedl, Marion; Friedman, Joseph I; Fromer, Menachem; Genovese, Giulio; Georgieva, Lyudmila; Gershon, Elliot S; Giegling, Ina; Giusti -Rodriguez, Paola; Lee, Sang Hong ; Godard, Stephanie; Goldstein, Jacqueline I; Golimbet, Vera; Gopal, Srihari; Gratten, Jacob; Haan, Lieuwe de; Hammer, Christian; Hamshere, Marian L; Hansen, Thomas; Haroutunian, Vahram26-Oct-2017
212011Tinnitus-related Distress: A Review of Recent FindingsMalouff, John M ; Schutte, Nicola ; Zucker, Lucy26-Jul-2011
222013Latitudinal diversity gradients: equilibrium and nonequilibrium explanationsRohde, Klaus21-Nov-2013
232014The ABC of health care dynamics: Understanding complex affective, behavioural, and cognitive dynamics in interprofessional teamsMitchell, Rebecca; Parker, Vicki T ; Giles, Michelle; Boyle, Brendan12-Jan-2015
242008Literal, figurative, abstract: a semantic investigation into literal meanings and metaphorical uses of English game and playAlexander, Dennis Colin; Goddard, Cliff ; Fraser, Helen B; Reid, Nicholas J3-Aug-2012
252011Within-season temporal variation in correlations between vineyard canopy and winegrape composition and yieldHall, Andrew; Lamb, David ; Holzapfel, Bruno P; Louis, John P26-Jul-2011
262015The Hand in Art: Bronzino's Allegory of Venus and CupidLazzeri, Davide; Albury, William Randall ; Lippi, Donatella; Weisz, George M 11-Jul-2016
272013Teaching and Learning Functional Grammar in Junior Primary ClassroomsFrench, Ruth; Unsworth, Leonard ; Feez, Susan ; Kigotho, Mutuota ; Williams, Geoff; Buckland, Corinne18-Nov-2013
282006Process-Based Ecological River Restoration: Visualizing Three-Dimensional Connectivity and Dynamic Vectors to Recover Lost LinkagesKondolf, GM; Boulton, Andrew ; Huber, H; Koljonen, S; Louhi, P; Nakamura, K; O'Daniel, S; Poole, GC; Rahel, FJ; Stanley, EH; Wohl, E; Bang, A; Carlstrom, J; Cristoni, C25-Jul-2011
292005Stating mechanisms and refining criteria for ecologically successful river restoration: a comment on Palmer et al. (2005)Jansson, R; Backx, H; Boulton, Andrew ; Dixon, M; Dudgeon, D; Hughes, FMR; Nakamura, K; Stanley, EH; Tockner, K25-Jul-2011
302002Impacts on fauna on an upland grassland soil as determined by micromorphological analysisDavidson, D A; Bruneau, P M C; Grieve, I C; Young, Iain 1-Apr-2010
312011Толерантность по-русски, или о судьбе одного заимствованияGladkova, Anna 7-Jan-2015
322016Chores, Medicine for a Widespread Lack of Gratitude in the One-child Generations of ChinaLi, Shi 5-Jul-2016
332012How feed constituents regulate gut motility, feed utilisation and growth in broiler chickensSacranie, Adam; Iji, Paul ; Svihus, Birger; Mikkelsen, Lene 2-Aug-2012
342016Satisfaction with school and sexual orientation: Icelandic urban and rural adolescent populationsSveinbjornsdottir, Sigrun; Thorsteinsson, Einar Baldvin ; Arnarson, Arsaell Mar5-Jul-2016
352006Performing Urban Character: Nine Takes on Place IdentityDovey, Kim; Wood, Stephen ; Woodcock, Ian6-Apr-2010
362009What's in a name? Preschoolers' noun learning performance in relation to their risk for reading disabilityGilliver, Megan L; Byrne, Brian J 25-Jul-2011
372014A word or two on writingStanley, David 18-Oct-2017
382012性别视野与中国小说史Wu, Cuncun 7-Jan-2015
392016Yield Responses of Maize and Sunflower to Mulch under No-till Farming Conditions in Northwest CambodiaMontgomery, Stephanie C; Tighe, Matthew ; Guppy, Christopher ; Wright, Graeme; Flavel, Richard ; Phan, Sophanara; Im, Sophoeun; Martin, Robert 6-Jul-2016
402012From Phillip to Grose: Leadership in New South Wales from 1788 to 1794Cunneen, Stephen; Roberts, David ; Atkinson, Alan2-Aug-2012
412014Having your cake and eating it too: The rhetoric and reality of redesigning staff professional developmentThorneycroft, Sarah; Landrigan, Brian7-Jan-2015
422011Whose? L2 English speakers' possessive pronoun gender errorsAnton-Mendez, Ines 25-Jul-2011
432017Coping and caring: Support resources integral to perioperative nurses during the process of organ procurement surgerySmith, Zaneta ; Leslie, Gavin; Wynaden, Dianne18-Oct-2017
442009Interrogation of GPS tracking data to determine spatial grazing preferences of livestockTrotter, Mark ; Lamb, David ; Hinch, Geoffrey 6-Apr-2010
452010Generation time and the maximum growth rate for populations with age-specific fecundities and unknown juvenile survivalDillingham, Peter 18-Nov-2013
462012Children's Book Awards in Australia: Their Effects on the Literary MarketplaceFisher, Heather Jean; Hale, Elizabeth ; Fisher, Jeremy ; Croker, Beverley M; Buckland, Corinne; Unsworth, Leonard 2-Aug-2012
472009What can sheep teach us about shelter use?Taylor, Donnalee Bernice ; Hinch, Geoffrey ; Trotter, Mark ; Brown, Wendy ; Price, Ian ; Doyle, Emma ; Lamb, David 6-Apr-2010
482016Sexual orientation and health and well-being: Population based youth studies in IcelandSveinbjornsdottir, Sigrun; Thorsteinsson, Einar Baldvin ; Arnarson, Arsaell Mar6-Jul-2016
492014A Modular Approach for Query Spotting in Document Images and Its Optimization Using Genetic AlgorithmsChatbri, Houssem; Kwan, Paul H ; Kameyama, Keisuke7-Jan-2015
502012Bayesian Methods for Ion Selective ElectrodesDillingham, Peter ; Radu, Tanja; Diamond, Dermot; Radu, Aleksandar; McGraw, Christina 18-Nov-2013
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