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Greaney, Jennifer0000-0002-0163-0499School of Law
Varayudej, Same0000-0002-7235-3118School of Law
Sattler, Paul0000-0003-3413-1781School of Law
Werren, Julia0000-0001-6750-5212School of Law
Chen, Ying0000-0002-3894-5742School of Law
Radavoi, Ciprian0000-0002-9538-6019School of Law
Lunney, Mark0000-0003-1462-5960School of Law
Rahim, Mia0000-0003-0637-8445School of Law
Jackman, Bronwen0000-0001-7909-5492School of Law
Cormier, Monique0000-0001-9273-1641School of Law
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12003Effective Intervention for Students with Learning Difficulties in the Middle School Grades: A QuickSmart ApproachBellert, Anne M; Graham, Lorraine; Pegg, John E 28-Oct-2010
22004Active Learners in LecturesPaterson, David Leonard ; Berman, Jeanette ; Graham, Lorraine; Harrington, Ingrid ; Maurer, Brian John; Roach, Debbie; Sargeant, Jonathon Gilbert25-Jan-2010
32016Welfare of Sequential Allocation Mechanisms for Indivisible GoodsAziz, Haris; Walsh, Toby; Xia, Lirong; Kalinowski, Thomas 26-Apr-2019
42006Creating a legal framework for copyright management of open access within the Australian academic and research sectorFitzgerald, Brian; Fitzgerald, Anne; Perry, Mark ; Kiel-Chisholm, Scott; Driscoll, Erin; Thampapillai, Dilan; Coates, Jessica28-Aug-2013
52005Phytobiotics: alternatives to antibiotic growth promoters in monogastric animal feedsVidanarachchi, Janak Kamil; Mikkelsen, Lene ; Sims, I; Iji, Paul ; Choct, Mingan 18-Jan-2010
62010Second Life™ and the novice user: What issues exist prior to commencing teaching in a virtual environment?Masters, Yvonne 27-May-2011
72005Effect on growth performance of growing pigs fed a dry diet, a naturally fermented diet or an inoculated fermented dietSwanson, Monette; Choct, Mingan ; Van Barneveld, R J14-Jan-2010
82006Pattern Puzzle: A Metaphor for Visualising Software Complexity MeasuresGhandar, Adam; Huang, Xiaodi; Sajeev, Abudulkadir 10-Feb-2010
92010Ten Years On: Adult Education & Development in Timor-LesteBoughton, Robert G 18-Mar-2010
102009Whitehead and Bakhtin: A process conceptualization of leadershipDibben, Mark; Jabri, Muayyad 15-Mar-2013
112005Can dogs go-go-go with no-no meat?: Evaluating a meat-free diet in performance dogsBrown, Wendy ; McIntyre, K A; Redman, A J; Pluske, J R18-Jan-2010
122005Water: Dogs like it cold!Sydenham, Christine Joy; Brown, Wendy ; Bjone, Samantha; Hinch, Geoffrey 18-Jan-2010
132003Effects of early nutrition and carbohydrate supplementation on water drinking pattern of broiler chickensAo, Zhigang; Choct, Mingan 11-Jan-2010
142005The use of inert markers for protein digestibility studies in dogsBrown, Wendy ; Choct, Mingan ; Pluske, J R18-Jan-2010
152008The effect of microhabitats on vegetation and its relationships with seedlings and soil seed bank in a Mediterranean coastal sand dune communityYu, S; Bell, Dorothy ; Sternberg, M; Kutiel, P15-Mar-2010
162003Evaluation of a Health Promoting Schools program to reduce smoking in Australian secondary schoolsSchofield, Margot Jocelyn ; Lynagh, M; Mishra, G8-Jan-2013
172004Understanding the use of breast cancer screening services by women with intellectual disabilitiesSullivan, S; Slack-Smith, L; Hussain, Rafat 30-Mar-2010
182008Capturing the Academy: Australian higher learning and the exceptional powers of the regulatory stateQuiddington, Peter 9-Mar-2010
192006Russian Praise Words 'molodec' and 'umnica': A Semantic and Cultural AnalysisGladkova, Anna 22-Sep-2010
202002Effects of Certain Degeneracies in the Predator-Prey ModelDancer, Edward Norman ; Du, Yihong 8-Jan-2013
212003The role of special education for students with learning disabilitiesAyres, Roberta; Graham, Lorraine28-Oct-2010
222004Tracing bodylines: the body in feminist poststructural researchSomerville, Margaret Jean 8-Jan-2013
232009Interview with Janet: A story of resilience and teamworkSims, Margaret 8-Mar-2010
242017Genetic parameters for wool traits, live weight, and ultrasound carcass traits in Merino sheepMortimer, S I; Hatcher, S; Fogarty, N M; Van Der Werf, Julius H ; Brown, Daniel ; Swan, Andrew ; Greeff, J C; Refshauge, G; Edwards, J E Hocking; Gaunt, G M13-Feb-2018
252009Historical Thinking in Higher Education: Staff and student perceptions of the nature of historical thinkingNye, Adele ; Hughes-Warrington, Marnie; Roe, Jill; Russell, Penny; Peel, Mark; Deacon, Desley; Laugesen, Amanda; Kiem, Paul4-May-2012
262017A qualitative study of men's recollections of growing up with father absence: childhood father figures and family resilienceEast, Leah ; Hutchinson, Marie; Power, Tamara; Jackson, Debra 5-Feb-2018
272004Three year health outcomes among older women at risk of elder abuse: Women's Health AustraliaSchofield, Margot Jocelyn ; Mishra, G8-Jan-2013
282006Asymmetric Monetary Policy in AustraliaLeu, Shawn ; Sheen, Jeffrey4-Sep-2017
292017Social media, social inclusion, and museum disability accessMcMillen, Rebecca; Alter, Frances 17-Jan-2018
302002Information technology and ideologySaravanamuthu, Kalathevi 8-Jan-2013
312009Managed Floating in AustraliaLeu, Shawn 17-Aug-2017
322010High Performing Asian Economies: A CritiqueRam, Mia Mahmudur 4-Sep-2019
332018Law of Evidence in MalaysiaOmar, Habibah; Marimuthu, Siva Barathi ; Mahali, Mazlina16-Aug-2019
34Nov-2017The h-index Debate: An Introduction for LibrariansBarnes, Cameron 4-Sep-2019
352011The Walking PoemsRyan, John Charles 24-Jan-2018
362007La didattica della poesia nella classe di lingua: [saggio]Inglese, Mario16-Jun-2011
372019Breeding Exemption in Plants Under Intellectual Property RegimesWan, Zhiqian; Perry, Mark 4-Sep-2019
382015Social Audit Regulation: Development, Challenges and OpportunitiesRahim, Mia Mahmudur ; Idowu, Samuel O5-Sep-2019
39Apr-2018Scientific, Ethical, and Economic Aspects of Farm Animal WelfareCroney, Candace; Mench, Joy; Muir, William; Anthony, Raymond; Golab, Gail; Hofacre, Charles; Hulet, Michael; Johnson, Anna K; Lusk, Jayson L; Widmar, Nicole Olynk; Schinckel, Allan P; Shearer, Jan; Swanson, Janice; Thaxton, Yvonne Vizzier; Varner, Gary; Hermesch, Susanne ; Beck, Mary M; Engler, Michael; Garcia-Marquez, Arlene; Siegel, Paul; Watters, Jason; Evans, Robert2-Aug-2019
402013Polybios und die Inschriften: Zum Sprachgebrauch des HistorikersKoehn, Clemens 24-May-2019
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