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Hunt, Peter WSchool of Environmental and Rural Science
Cunha Marques, RuiUNE Business School
Godwin, JulieLearning and Teaching Transformation
Ni, GuiyanSchool of Environmental and Rural Science
Anton-Mendez, Maria0000-0003-1237-8126School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
1012014Der leise Tod: Das Imperium Romanum und die asymmetrische KriegfuhrungKoehn, Clemens ; Erkelenz, Christina31-May-2019
1022018Sperm abnormality traits can contribute to the genetic evaluation for male and female reproduction in tropical beef genotypesWolcott, M L ; Johnston, D J ; Corbet, N J8-Jul-2019
10312-Jan-2011Continental-scale patterns of Cecropia reproductive phenology: evidence from herbarium specimensZalamea, Paul-Camilo; Munoz, Francois; Stevenson, Pablo R; Paine, C E Timothy ; Sarmiento, Carolina; Sabatier, Daniel; Heuret, Patrick8-Jul-2019
1042012Article 101: Regle de la SpecialiteQuirico, Ottavio 3-Jun-2019
105-Is cooperation cost reducing? An analysis of public-public partnerships and inter-municipal cooperation in Brazilian local governmentSilvestre, Hugo Consciencia; Marques, Rui Cunha; Dollery, Brian ; Correia, Aldenisio Moraes8-Jul-2019
10621-Sep-2012Strategien der Kriegfuhrung: Ein Triumph neuer Techniken?Koehn, Clemens 31-May-2019
1072012Article 100: DepensesQuirico, Ottavio 3-Jun-2019
1082012Article 102: Emploi des TermesQuirico, Ottavio 3-Jun-2019
10929-Jun-2018On Farm Validation of ASKBILL - A Sheep Wellbeing and Productivity Application for Australian IndustryGoodacre, M; Kemmis, L S; Paul, D ; Kahn, L P ; Shahinfar, S ; Fitzgerald, P T 20-Jun-2019
1102018Genomic selection can be used to balance improvement of lean meat yield and eating quality in terminal sire sheep breedsSwan, A A ; Boerner, V ; Brown, D J 8-Jul-2019
1112018How useful are genomic tests for commercial cattle (or, Should I read the fine print?)Banks, R G 8-Jul-2019
1122018An overview of the Merino Lifetime Productivity ProjectRamsay, A M M; Swain, B C; Swan, A A 8-Jul-2019
1132018How accurate is foetal aging at pregnancy scanning to predict lambing date?Bunter, K L ; Smith, J; Fowler, D8-Jul-2019
1142018The prevalence of health conditions recorded in an Australian sheep abattoirGuy, S Z Y ; Henry, M L E8-Jul-2019
1152018The Canons DatabaseStoessel, Jason ; Blackburn, Alana ; Collins, Denis11-Apr-2019
1162018Talpids humerus and mandible 2D aligned landmark coordinatesWroe, Stephen ; Sansalone, Gabriele 8-Oct-2018
1172017Service delivery and development at the grassroots: the evolution and contribution of community-based organisations in NepalAcharya, Keshav; Zafarullah, Habib M 16-Feb-2018
1182008The impaired state: assessing state capacity and governance in BangladeshZafarullah, Habib Mohammad ; Rahman, Redwanur8-Dec-2009
1192002Administrative Reform in Bangladesh: An Unfinished AgendaZafarullah, HM 26-May-2008
120Mar-2015現實導向療法對於改善失智症病人照護之成效Chiang, Fei-Mei; Wang, Shou-Yu ; Yeh, Shu-Hui; Lin, Li-Wei19-Jun-2019
121Dec-2014照顧一位初次腦中風病患接受血栓溶解劑治療及處置併發症的護理經驗Tsai, Hui-Ju; Chuang, Yeu-Hui; Wang, Shou-Yu ; Huang, Yu-Ping; Su, Shu-Fen20-Jun-2019
122Feb-2013食道癌病人常見的健康問題及護理Huang, Mei-Chi; Chang, Wen; Han, Chin-Yen; Wang, Shou-Yu 20-Jun-2019
1232018Climate change, regulatory policies and regional cooperation in South AsiaZafarullah, Habib ; Huque, Ahmed Shafiqul11-Jun-2019
124Oct-2007Krieg-Diplomatie-Ideologie. Zur Außenpolitik hellenistischer MittelstaatenKoehn, Clemens30-May-2019
125Oct-2018The feasibility of using low-density marker panels for genotype imputation and genomic prediction of crossbred dairy cattle of East AfricaAliloo, H ; Mrode, R; Okeyo, A M; Ni, G ; Goddard, M E; Gibson, J P20-Jun-2019
126Feb-2017Including nonadditive genetic effects in mating programs to maximize dairy farm profitabilityAliloo, H ; Pryce, J E; Gonzalez-Recio, O; Cocks, B G; Goddard, M E; Hayes, B J20-Jun-2019
1272015急性缺血性腦中風的藥物治療及預防趨勢Hiseh, Chen-Ying; Chen, Fong-Ying; Lin, Li-Wei; Wang, Shou-Yu ; Chao, Yu-Huan19-Jun-2019
1281-Feb-2012簡介紮根理論研究法Wang, Shou-Yu ; Windsor, Carol; Yates, Patsy20-Jun-2019
1292019Disabling the Mainstream: Disability and Coming Out in Anne HoltPaquet, Lili 20-Jun-2019
1301-Jun-2012加護病房護理人員執行發燒處置決策過程之文化脈絡Shih, Chiung-Feng; Su, Shu-Fen; Wang, Shou-Yu Cindy 20-Jun-2019
1312016Accounting for dominance to improve genomic evaluations of dairy cows for fertility and milk production traitsAliloo, Hassan ; Pryce, Jennie E; Gonzalez-Recio, Oscar; Cocks, Benjamin G; Hayes, Ben J20-Jun-2019
1321-Dec-2013大腸癌病人決定接受標靶治療之決策過程Yao, Yuan-Hsien; Huang, Yu-Ping; Yang, Cheng-I; Wang, Shou-Yu 20-Jun-2019
1336-Jun-2012探討母親在病嬰診斷癲癇初期使用抗癲癇藥物遵從性的經驗Huang, Yu-Ping; Wang, Cindy ; Chen, Hsiu-Jung; Wu, Wen-Shan20-Jun-2019
1342013持續性尿失禁婦女採保守療法之成效―文獻探討Lin, Yu-Ching; Wang, Shou-Yu ; Chen, Fong-Ying20-Jun-2019
135Dec-2012Exploring Taiwanese nursing students’ lived experiences of paediatric clinical practiceHuang, Yu-Ping; Chen, Yuen-Chih; Wang, Shou-Yu ; Lee, Huey-Ing; Chen, Hsiu-Jung20-Jun-2019
136May-2013Comparison of Poisson, probit and linear models for genetic analysis of number of inseminations to conception and success at first insemination in Iranian Holstein cowsAbdollahi-Arpanahi, R; Penagaricano, F; Aliloo, H ; Ghiasi, H; Urioste, J I20-Jun-2019
137Sep-2014Accounting for heterogeneity of phenotypic variance in Iranian Holstein test-day milk yield recordsAliloo, H ; Miraie-Ashtiani, S R; Moradi Shahrbabak, M; Urioste, J I; Sadeghi, M20-Jun-2019
138Oct-2018Changing tertiary landscapes for the artist-academic: towards a framework for nurturing creative arts research beyond the PhDVan Luyn, Ariella ; Glade-Wright, Robyn15-Mar-2019
13928-May-2019From 2-dimensional to 3-dimensional: Overcoming dilemmas in intestinal mucosal interpretationCharlesworth, Richard P G ; Marsh, Michael N24-Jun-2019
140-Measuring disaster resilience in the Philippines: evidence using network data envelopment analysisVillano, Renato A ; Magcale-Macandog, Damasa B; Acosta, Lilibeth A; Tran, Carolyn-Dung Thi Thanh ; Eugenio, Elena A; Macandog, Paula Beatrice M24-Jun-2019
1412019Pauline Hanson, One Nation (PHON) and Right-Wing Protective Popular Nationalism: Monocultural Tendencies at the Expense of Social CohesionFlannery, Belinda J; Watt, Susan E 24-Jun-2019
142Jun-2019A perfect storm: fear of litigation for end of life careMitchell, Geoffrey K; Willmott, Lindy; White, Ben P; Piper, Donella ; Currow, David C; Yates, Patsy M24-Jun-2019
1432019Seeing for Himself: Harold Holt, Bushfire and Newspaper Depictions of Prime Ministerial EmpathyWilliamson, Rosemary 24-Jun-2019
144-Parental Involvement in Supporting Their Children with Special Educational Needs at School and Home in BhutanJigyel, Karma; Miller, Judith A ; Mavropoulou, Sofia; Berman, Jeanette 24-Jun-2019
1452018Genotype by Birth or Rearing Type Interaction in the Growth Trajectory of Merino LambDakhlan, A; Moghaddar, N ; van der Werf, J H J 23-May-2019
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