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Wolcott, Matthew LAnimal Genetics and Breeding Unit
Johnston, DavidAnimal Genetics and Breeding Unit
Barwick, StephenAnimal Genetics and Breeding Unit
Meyer, KarinAnimal Genetics and Breeding Unit
Zhang, YueSchool of Environmental and Rural Science
UNE Business School
Guy, Sarita0000-0002-5553-1808Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit
Le Mottee, KristianSchool of Environmental and Rural Science
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12016Graded, pre- and post-pelleting additions of whole wheat influences relative gizzard weight, feed conversion efficiency and energy utilisation in broiler chickensTruong, Ha; Moss, Amy ; Liu, Sonia; Selle, Peter28-Jun-2019
22019The impacts of hammer-mill screen size and grain particle size on the performance of broiler chickens offered diets based on two red sorghum varietiesSelle, P H; Truong, H H; Khoddami, A; Moss, A F ; Roberts, T H; Liu, S Y14-Jun-2019
32016Odour flux from litter of broiler chickens fed diets differing in protein levels and additivesSharma, Nishchal Kumar; Swick, Robert A ; Dunlop, Mark; Wu, Shubiao ; Castada, Hardy; Choct, Mingan 13-Oct-2016
42018The Selection Element in Whole Grain Feeding RegimesMoss, A F ; Troung, H H; Sydenham, C J; Liu, S Y; Selle, P H30-Jun-2019
52017Pre- and Post-Pellet Whole Grain Additions to Poultry Diets Investigated Via Nutritional GeometryMoss, A F ; Chrystal, P V; Truong, H H; Liu, S Y; Selle, P H28-Jun-2019
62017Fishmeal and Corn Starch Inclusions in Sorghum-Soybean Meal Diets Have Differing Impacts on the Performance of Broiler ChickensSydenham, C J; Truong, H H; Moss, A F ; Selle, P H; Liu, S Y28-Jun-2019
72017Branched-Chain Amino Acids: Ringmasters of Amino Acid Catabolism in Enterocytes?Selle, P H; Sydenham, C J; Moss, A F ; Truong, H H; Liu, S Y30-Jun-2019
82017Negative Impacts of Phytate are Subject to Digestible Lysine:Starch Ratios in Poultry DietsLiu, S Y; Chrystal, P V; Moss, A F ; Selle, P H28-Jun-2019
931-Jan-2017Bite Size Maths: Building Mathematics Low Socioeconomic Student Capability in Regional/Remote AustraliaWoolcott, Geoff; Mason, Raina; Markopoulos, Christos; Boyd, William; Chen, Ouhao; Seton, Carolyn; Lake, Warren; Whannell, Robert ; Foster, Alan; Galligan, Linda; Marshman, Margaret; Schmalz, Jelena ; Sultanova, Nargiz12-Feb-2019
102017Protective Factors in Families: Themes From a Socioecological Study of Australian Defence Force Families Experiencing Parental DeploymentRogers-Baber, Margaret 22-May-2017
112016Narrative, Acculturation and Ritual: Themes from a Socio-ecological Study of Australian Defence Force Families Experienceing Parental DeploymentBaber, Margaret 20-Jul-2016
122014Review of 'Functional Grammar in the ESL Classroom: Noticing, Exploring and Practising' Rodney H. Jones and Graham LockFeez, Susan 10-May-2017
13-Harnessing the power of cultural health narratives when working with parents of young childrenRogers, Marg 2-Jul-2019
142014Indigenous Nations’ Rights in the Balance: An Analysis of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous PeoplesBurns, Marcelle 29-Apr-2019
1519-Jun-2019We know contact with nature makes you feel better. Can virtual contact do the same?Bhullar, Navjot 2-Jul-2019
164-Jan-2019Deissmanns Wochenbriefe: Ein Vorbild fur unsere ZeitGerber, Albrecht 5-Jul-2019
172018Assessment of a genomic design for a French meat sheep breeding programRaoul, J; Swan, A A ; Elsen, J M4-Jul-2019
182010Die Vorstellung von Restauration und Expansion in der auswartigen Politik JustiniansKoehn, Clemens 31-May-2019
19Aug-2018Critical Literacy and Transformative Social Practice: An Ethical GroundingHearfield, Colin ; Boughton, Bob 5-Jul-2019
202016Kawaii aesthetics and the exchange between anime and musicSmith, Paul 31-May-2019
212017Family Matters editorial 2017Sims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
22Dec-2018Energetic Demands of Interchange and Full-Match Rugby League PlayersCummins, Cloe J ; Gray, Adrian J ; Shorter, Kathleen A ; Halaki, Mark; Orr, Rhonda18-Mar-2019
232012Spectral filtering of fluorescent lighting: effects upon reading and visual discomfort in slow readersLoew, Stephen ; Watson, Kenneth 18-Jun-2019
241-Nov-2012The process and patterns of combining the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western medicine in Taiwanese people with cancerWang, Shou-Yu ; Windsor, Carol; Yates, Patsy18-Jun-2019
252017Host plants for Helicoverpa spp. in inland Australia: Impacts of the Millennium DroughtLe Mottee, Kris ; Del Socorro, Alice ; Gregg, Peter 18-Jun-2019
262017Transition from diagnosis to regular medication use for adults with HIV/AIDS infectionWang, Shou-Yu ; Liu, Shu-Hui; Huang, Yu-Ping18-Jun-2019
27Sep-2018Temporal context cues in human fear conditioning: Unreinforced conditional stimuli can segment learning into distinct temporal contexts and drive fear respondingLuck, Camilla C; Bramwell, Shannon; Kerin, Jessica; Green, Luke J S; Craig, Belinda M ; Lipp, Ottmar V18-Jun-2019
28May-2015Stimulus set size modulates the sex-emotion interaction in face categorizationLipp, Ottmar V; Karnadewi, Fika; Craig, Belinda M ; Cronin, Sophie L18-Jun-2019
292014Different Faces in the Crowd: A Happiness Superiority Effect for Schematic Faces in Heterogeneous BackgroundsCraig, Belinda M ; Becker, Stefanie I; Lipp, Ottmar V18-Jun-2019
302014Searching for emotion or race: Task-irrelevant facial cues have asymmetrical effectsLipp, Ottmar V; Craig, Belinda M ; Frost, Mareka J; Terry, Deborah J; Smith, Joanne R18-Jun-2019
312017The influence of social category cues on the happy categorisation advantage depends on expression valenceCraig, Belinda M ; Koch, Severine; Lipp, Ottmar V18-Jun-2019
322018Manual bias, behavior, and cognition in common marmosets and other primatesRogers, Lesley J 18-Jun-2019
332018Facial age cues and emotional expression interact asymmetrically: age cues moderate emotion categorisationCraig, Belinda M ; Lipp, Ottmar V18-Jun-2019
34Jan-2015A Happy Face Advantage With Male Caucasian Faces: It Depends on the Company You KeepLipp, Ottmar V; Craig, Belinda M ; Dat, Mylyn C18-Jun-2019
35Apr-2016探討首次腦中風病人初期之調適過程Tsai, Hui-Ju; Tseng, Shih-Ping; Wang, Shou-Yu ; Chang, Ying-Ying; Chao, Yu-Huan19-Jun-2019
362015"No More Boomerang": Environment and Technology in Contemporary Aboriginal Australian PoetryRyan, John C 8-May-2017
371-Sep-2014Experience of Nurses Caring for Child With Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation in General Pediatric Ward: A Descriptive Phenomenological ApproachHuang, Yu-Ping; Kellett, Ursula; Wang, Shou-Yu ; Chang, Mei-Yu; Chih, Hui-Min18-Jun-2019
38Oct-2017Facial race and sex cues have a comparable influence on emotion recognition in Chinese and Australian participantsCraig, Belinda M ; Zhang, Jing; Lipp, Ottmar V19-Jun-2019
3930-Sep-2015從挫敗和成功經驗中成長-四技護理系學生參與急重症就業學程的學習經驗Yang, Cheng-I; Yuan, Kuang-Hsia; Wang, Shou-Yu ; Lei, Ruoh-Lih; Chen, Shu-Ling19-Jun-2019
40Aug-2013In Search of the Emotional Face: Anger Versus Happiness Superiority in Visual SearchSavage, Ruth A; Lipp, Ottmar V; Craig, Belinda M ; Becker, Stefanie I; Horstmann, Gernot19-Jun-2019
412008Turning up the heat: collaboration as a response to a chilly research environmentBeck, Wendy Elizabeth ; Dunne, Kerry ; Fisher, Josephine A ; O'Sullivan, Jane; Sheridan, Alison Jane 1-May-2009
422009TEXT Special Issue Number 6 - Supervising the Creative Arts Research Higher Degree: Towards Best PracticeBrien, Donna Lee; Williamson, Rosemary A 7-Apr-2010
432015The Environmental Sustainability of the EU Investment Policy after Lisbon: Progressive International Law DevelopmentsQuirico, Ottavio 3-Jun-2019
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