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Bannister, Barbara Louise0000-0001-6346-1048School of Education
Wise, Jenny0000-0003-0838-7265School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
Morgan, Natalie0000-0002-9663-2365School of Environmental and Rural Science
Horsley, Gregory HSchool of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
Swick, Robert0000-0003-3376-1677School of Environmental and Rural Science
Wu, Shubiao0000-0002-1790-6015School of Environmental and Rural Science
Paine, Charles Eliot Timothy0000-0001-8705-3719School of Environmental and Rural Science
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12018Data capture through Australian beef cattle and meat sheep value chains: opportunities for enhanced feedback to commercial producersGuy, S Z Y ; Brown, D J ; Banks, R G 21-Jun-2019
22019Genetic parameters for faecal worm egg count at different ages in Australian sheep under natural challengeLi, L ; Brown, D J ; Swan, A A ; van der Werf, J H J 21-Jun-2019
32018A review of factors influencing key biological components of maternal productivity in temperate beef cattleWalmsley, B J ; Lee, S J; Parnell, P F; Pitchford, W S21-Jun-2019
4Apr-2017A new lower Cambrian shelly fossil biostratigraphy for South Australia: ReplyBetts, Marissa J ; Paterson, John R ; Jago, James B; Jacquet, Sarah M; Skovsted, Christian B; Topper, Timothy P; Brock, Glenn A21-Jun-2019
56-Jan-2014Chelodina expansa Gray 1857 – Broad-Shelled Turtle, Giant Snake-Necked TurtleHodges, Kate M; Bower, Deborah S 3-Jun-2019
62018Genetic and phenotypic parameters for reproduction, production and bodyweight traits in Australian fine-wool Merino sheepDominik, S ; Swan A A 21-Jun-2019
7Aug-2015Professional Learning Regarding Pedagogy in a Virtual Academically Selective High SchoolBannister, Barbara 21-Jun-2019
82019The emission trading system, risk management committee and voluntary corporate response to climate change - a CDP studyHossain, Mohammed; Farooque, Omar 25-Jun-2019
9Oct-2018Writing, water and woe: the natural environment in Australian Women's Weekly feature articles on flood, 1934-2011Williamson, Rosemary 14-Mar-2019
1021-Mar-2019Imaginative Displacement: Classical Reception in the Young Adult Fiction of Margaret MahyHale, Elizabeth 4-Apr-2019
11Jun-2019Wearing many hats: Literary creative practice in New EnglandMasson, Sophie 25-Jun-2019
122018No traveller returns: the liminal world as ordeal and quest in contemporary young adult afterlife fictionMasson, Sophie 25-Jun-2019
13-Teaching performance assessments in the USA and Australia: Implications of the "bar exam for the profession"Charteris, Jennifer 24-Jun-2019
142017A Feather of Fenist the FalconMasson, Sophie Veronique20-Jul-2018
1516-Nov-2017Farmers, voluntary stewardship programs, and collaborative natural resource governance in rural AustraliaLawson, Andrew; Martin, Paul ; Williams, Jacqueline ; Monk, Andrew16-Nov-2017
1622-Aug-2017Unsuccessful introduced biocontrol agents can act as pollinators of invasive weeds: Bitou Bush (Chrysanthemoides monilifera ssp. rotundata) as an exampleGross, Caroline; Whitehead, Joshua D; Silveira de Souza, Camila; Mackay, David23-Aug-2017
172019Digestion Rates of Starch But Not Protein Vary in Common Cereal Grains Used in Broiler DietsLiu, S Y ; Khoddami, A; Chrystal, P V; Moss, A F ; Selle, P H26-Jun-2019
182007Climate, Environment and Society in the Pacific during the Last MillenniumNunn, Patrick 7-Sep-2011
192017Positive psychology: The use of the Framework of Achievement Bests to facilitate personal flourishingPhan, Huy ; Ngu, Bing 15-Dec-2017
202011Implications for the Feed IndustryIji, Paul ; Barekatain, Mohammad Reza 7-Jun-2013
21Jun-2007Die Eumenesrede (Polybios XXI 19-21) und die Neuordnung Kleinasiens 189/88 V. Chr.Koehn, Clemens 29-May-2019
222017Tracking the Literature of Tropical Weather: Typhoons, Hurricanes, and CyclonesCollett, Anne; McDougall, Russell J ; Thomas, Sue6-Jun-2017
232016Sole Parent Students and Higher Education: Gender, Policy and Widening ParticipationHook, Genine6-Feb-2017
242018Genetic parameters for milk yield, persistency, conductivity and milking efficiency in first lactation Jersey cows in Sri LankaSamaraweera, A M; Boerner, V ; Cyril, H W; van der Werf, J H J ; Hermesch, S 27-Jun-2019
252-Jul-2019The Current Health and Wellbeing of the Survivors of the Rana Plaza Building Collapse in Bangladesh: A Qualitative StudyKabir, Humayun ; Maple, Myfanwy ; Islam, Md Shahidul ; Usher, Kim 3-Jul-2019
262005Leveraging Knowledge Assets: Can Law Reform Help?Wilkinson, Margaret Ann; Perry, Mark 3-Jul-2019
2711-Jul-2018Natural selection and outbreeding depression suggest adaptive differentiation in the invasive range of a clonal plantPantoja, Pauline O; Paine, C E Timothy ; Vallejo-Marin, Mario3-Jul-2019
282000Literary Work or Mechanical CommonplacePerry, Mark 3-Jul-2019
2922-Jun-2018Modelling of flora and fauna in Nepal and adjacent HimalayasLamsal, Pramod; Kumar, Lalit 26-Jun-2018
30-Local knowledge and attitude towards the Vulnerable Bhutan takin Budorcas whitei among residents living within its seasonal rangeSangay, Tiger; Rajaratnam, Rajanathan ; Vernes, Karl ; Tighe, Matthew 28-Mar-2019
3131-Dec-2018Biting mechanics determines craniofacial morphology among extant diprotodont herbivores: Dietary predictions for the giant extinct short-faced kangaroo, Simosthenurus occidentalis.Mitchell, David; Wroe, Stephen 1-Nov-2018
3213-Feb-2018Adaptive Learning and Forgetting in an Unconventional Experimental RoutineKyonka, Elizabeth; Bell-Garrison, Daniel; Rice, Nathaniel16-Feb-2018
3325-Jun-20183D meshes data for Raptor talon shape and biomechanicsWroe, Stephen ; Sansalone, Gabriele 25-Jun-2018
34Feb-2019Repurposing population genetics data to discern genomic architecture: A case study of linkage cohort detection in mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae)Trevoy, Stephen A L; Janes, Jasmine K ; Muirhead, Kevin; Sperling, Felix A H14-Jun-2019
35Nov-2018Pleistocene divergence of two disjunct conifers in the eastern Australian temperate zoneWorth, James R P; Sakaguchi, Shota; Harrison, Peter A; Bruniche-Olsen, Anna; Janes, Jasmine K ; Crisp, Michael D; Bowman, David M J S14-Jun-2019
36Jul-2019Chloroplast genome analysis of box-ironbark EucalyptusAlwadani, Khawla G; Janes, Jasmine K ; Andrew, Rose L 14-Jun-2019
37Nov-2018Inferring Ancestry and Divergence Events in a Forest Pest Using Low-Density Single-Nucleotide PolymorphismsJanes, Jasmine K ; Worth, James R P; Batista, Philip D; Sperling, Felix A H14-Jun-2019
382019Water relations and yield of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) exposed to interactions of drought and fungal root diseases (Rhizoctonia and Pythium)Aldahadha, Abdallah M; Warwick, Nigel W M ; Backhouse, David 14-Jun-2019
392008Assessing Primary Preservice Teachers' Mathematical CompetenceAfamasaga-Fuata'i, Karoline ; Meyer, Paul; Falo, Naomi31-May-2012
40Mar-2019The Harmonious Blacksmith, Lady Music and Minerva: The Iconography of Secular Song in the Late Middle AgesStoessel, Jason 6-May-2019
415-Mar-2019Trilobite evolutionary rates constrain the duration of the Cambrian explosionPaterson, John R ; Edgecombe, Gregory D; Lee, Michael S Y21-Jun-2019
422018Modelling systems to describe maternal productivity, with the aim of improving beef production efficiency by eliciting practice changeWalmsley, B J ; Oddy, V H 23-Jun-2019
432019The Multimodal Blog: Co-Authored Texts in the Primary and Middle Years ClassroomAdlington, Rachael 13-Mar-2019
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