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12005Effects of light stimulation of embryos on the use of position-specific and object-specific cues in binocular and monocular domestic chicks ('Gallus gallus')Chiandetti, C; Regolin, L; Rogers, Lesley ; Vallortigara, Giorgio30-Sep-2011
22003Regional differences in naloxone modulation of Δ9-THC induced Fos expression in rat brainAllen, Kelly V; McGreggor, I S; Hunt, G E; Singh, Malini E; Mallet, Paul Emile29-Sep-2011
3Jun-2019The effects of 'preferedness of task' on stress, emotion, and behaviour responses to forced activity transitions in boys with ASDBitsika, Vicki ; Sharpley, Christopher F 2-Mar-2020
42014Analysis of the Social Network Development of a Virtual Community for Australian Intensive Care ProfessionalsRolls, Kaye Denise; Hansen, Margaret; Jackson, Debra ; Elliott, Doug14-May-2015
52003Seeking the Right Answers About Right Brain-Left BrainRogers, Lesley 21-Sep-2012
62012Building Early Career K-6 Teacher Competence and Confidence to Teach Fundamental Concepts of Electricity and MagnetismMcMullen, Bruce John; Littledyke, Michael ; Fletcher, Peter 10-Oct-2012
72007Introduction to 'The Social Costs and Benefits of Migration into Australia'Carrington, Kerry ; McIntosh, Alison Frances; Walmsley, Jim Dennis 21-Oct-2009
82006Race, Gender and the Tin Mining Industry in Malaya, 1900-1950Kaur, Amarjit 21-Oct-2009
92007Strategies, limitations and opportunities for marker-assisted selection in livestockDekkers, Jack C M; Van Der Werf, Julius Herman 22-Oct-2009
102003The Line of Wit: First Thoughts on a DefenceSharkey, Michael Francis13-Oct-2009
112006Energetics, Thermal Biology, and Torpor in Australian BatsGeiser, Fritz 19-Oct-2009
122007Human CapitalBittman, Michael ; Brown, Judith Elizabeth ; McIntosh, Alison Frances; Rolley, Frances ; Rajaratnam, Rajanathan ; Walmsley, Jim Dennis 20-Oct-2009
132002Development and Commercialization of Software for Genetic Improvement Programmes: a Case StudyKinghorn, Brian ; Meszaros, Susan Agatha; Wooliams, John A20-Oct-2009
142007Ideas from Postmodernism/Poststructuralism, Sociology of Education and Critical Pedagogy for Teacher Educators in Rural UniversitiesGamage, Sirisena 20-Oct-2009
152002Practical literacy programming for students with special learning needsGraham, Lorraine; Berman, Jeanette ; Bellert, Anne22-Oct-2009
162006Crop agronomy in organic agriculturevon Fragstein und Niemsdorff, Peter; Kristiansen, Paul 21-Oct-2009
172007Epilogue of 'McClymont's Vision: The Challenge Remains'Hinch, Geoffrey 22-Oct-2009
182004Multiple SclerosisMarsh, Nigel Vincent ; Willoughby, Ernest W.20-Oct-2009
192004Chettiars (Chettyars)Kaur, Amarjit 21-Oct-2009
202003Introduction to 'Reshaping Australian Local Government: Finance, governance and reform'Dollery, Brian Edward ; Marshall, Neil Alexander ; Worthington, Andrew13-Oct-2009
212006Local Government Organization and Finance: New ZealandDollery, Brian Edward 22-Oct-2009
222007Marker-assisted selection in sheep and goatsVan Der Werf, Julius Herman 22-Oct-2009
232006Introduction to 'Mobility, Labour Migration And Border Controls In Asia'Kaur, Amarjit ; Metcalfe, Ian 22-Oct-2009
242006Multi-Age Practices And Multi-Grade ClassesCornish, Linley 21-Oct-2009
252007Previews and prospects for the cognitive neuroscience of hypnosis and conscious statesJamieson, Graham 19-Oct-2009
262006Money can't buy love - of sport: on the unresolved contest between amateur and professionalWalsh, Adrian John 5-Jun-2012
272003Impacts, SocialRugendyke, Barbara Anne ; Walmsley, Jim Dennis James 22-Oct-2009
282001Organising Labour in Globalising AsiaHutchison, Jane; Brown, Andrew John13-Oct-2009
292004Dynamic optimization for evaluating externalities in agroforestry systemsCacho, Oscar Jose ; Hean, Robyn14-Oct-2009
302004Microbial Diversity in Soil: Effects on Crop HealthAlabouvette, C; Backhouse, David ; Steinberg, C; Donovan, NJ; Edel-Hermann, V; Burgess, LW13-Oct-2009
312004Darwin, Charles (1809-1882)Rogers, Lesley ; Kaplan, Gisela 21-Oct-2009
322002Improving organisational performance in health careIsouard, Godfrey; Messum, Diana; Hanson, Susan; McAlpin, Sue; Briggs, David Stewart 22-Oct-2009
332007Ethnic Conflict, State Reform, and Nation-Building in Sri LankaGamage, Sirisena 19-Oct-2009
342008Introduction to 'Reinventing Higher Education'Meek, Vincent Lynn ; Goedegebuure, Leo19-Oct-2009
352003CognitionWalmsley, Jim Dennis James 22-Oct-2009
362007Dissociated control as a paradigm for cognitive neuroscience research and theorizing in hypnosisJamieson, Graham ; Woody, Erik19-Oct-2009
372007Lilliputians or leviathans?: NGOs as advocatesRugendyke, Barbara Anne 19-Oct-2009
382006Tinnitus Activities TreatmentTyler, Richard S; Gehringer, Anne K; Noble, William G ; Dunn, Camille C; Witt, Shelley A; Bardia, Aditya19-Oct-2009
391999Tannins with Anthelmintic PropertiesKahn, Lewis ; Diaz-Hernandez, A20-Oct-2009
402006Soundfield hearing for patients with cochlear implants and hearing aidsTyler, Richard S; Dunn, Camille C; Witt, Shelley A; Noble, William Glass ; Gantz, Bruce J; Rubinstein, Jay T; Parkinson, Aaron J; Branin, Steve C20-Oct-2009
412005Adverse Herb-Drug InteractionsBone, Kerry; Mills, Simon; Morgan, Michelle; Burgoyne, Berris20-Oct-2009
422006The Rocks BeneathHaworth, Robert John 19-Oct-2009
432004GujeratisKaur, Amarjit 21-Oct-2009
442005The Impact of Quality Issues on the Safety of Herbal ProductsBone, Kerry20-Oct-2009
452006Inhabiting the margins: A geography of rural homelessness in AustraliaArgent, Neil ; Rolley, Frances 19-Oct-2009
462003Contract Farming and Village Organisations: Three Case-studies from IndonesiaSimmons, Phillip Ray 13-Oct-2009
472007Making poverty history?Rugendyke, Barbara Anne 20-Oct-2009
482003AuthenticityWalmsley, Jim Dennis James 22-Oct-2009
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