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Gurman, PhillipAnimal Genetics and Breeding Unit
McMillan, AaronAnimal Genetics and Breeding Unit
Tier, BruceAnimal Genetics and Breeding Unit
Esquivelzeta Rabell, CeciliaAnimal Genetics and Breeding Unit
Jeyaruban, Mariathasan GAnimal Genetics and Breeding Unit
Swan, AndrewAnimal Genetics and Breeding Unit
Bannister, Barbara Louise0000-0001-6346-1048School of Education
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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12019The contribution of genetics and genomics to understanding the ecology of the mountain pine beetle systemCullingham, Catherine I; Janes, Jasmine K ; Hamelin, Richard C; James, Patrick M A; Murray, Brent W; Sperling, Felix A H14-Jun-2019
2Mar-2016Nursing Students' Willingness to Care for Older Adults in TaiwanChi, Mei-Ju; Shyu, Meei-Ling; Wang, Shou-Yu ; Chuang, Hsiu-Ching; Chuang, Yeu-Hui17-Jun-2019
3Jun-2016Health care professionals' interactions with cancer patients who use complementary and alternative medicine in TaiwanWang, Shou-Yu ; Lin, Li-Wei; Chang, Ying-Ying; Huang, Yu-Ping17-Jun-2019
4Jan-2015The desire to survive: The adaptation process of adult cancer patients undergoing radiotherapyChao, Yu Huan; Wang, Shou-Yu ; Hsu, Tsui Hua; Wang, Kai Wei K17-Jun-2019
5Oct-2006Nurses' responses to people with cancer who use complementary and alternative medicineWang, Shou-Yu Cindy ; Yates, Patsy17-Jun-2019
6-Designing professional development for teachers teaching out-of-fieldKenny, John; Hobbs, Linda; Whannell, Robert 17-Jun-2019
72015Embracing their cultureSims, Margaret 7-Aug-2017
8Mar-2019Learning opportunities: Understanding farmers’ soil testing practice through workshop activities to improve extension support for soil health managementLobry De Bruyn, Lisa A 17-Jun-2019
92-Aug-2017Wonderful world of play opens the door for kidsSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
102016Family MattersSims, Margaret 28-Nov-2017
112015Monitoring vitamin DSims, Margaret 10-Aug-2017
127-Jun-2017Preschool childcare gets an early startSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
1316-Aug-2017Early start, long-term benefitSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
1421-Jun-2017Climate hot topic for childrenSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
151-Feb-2017Early learning sows the seedsSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
1610-May-2017Stress and our generic codeSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
1713-Sep-2017Learning to deal with changeSims, Margaret 14-Jun-2019
1824-May-2017The comfort of family routineSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
196-Dec-2017Lasting sting in a smackSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
2012-Apr-2017Keys to children's behaviourSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
215-Jul-2017Active encouragement: Why kids need to keep movingSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
2215-Feb-2017Study offers vision of hope for the futureSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
2315-Mar-2017Top start makes a differenceSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
2418-Jan-2017Explaining moving in picturesSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
2527-Sep-2017Learning to grow in a gardenSims, Margaret 16-Jun-2019
261-Mar-2017Take care with social mediaSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
2729-Mar-2017Parenting without perfectionSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
2826-Apr-2017The perfect storm of traumaSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
29Mar-2019Soil information sharing and knowledge building for sustainable soil use and management: insights and implications for the 21st CenturyLobry De Bruyn, Lisa ; Ingram, Julie17-Jun-2019
301-Oct-2018Exploring relationships between automated and human evaluations of L2 textsMatthews, Joshua ; Wijeyewardene, Ingrid 17-Jun-2019
316-Sep-2017Books open up a whole exciting worldSims, Margaret 14-Jun-2019
3225-Oct-2017Good start a simple game of numbersSims, Margaret 14-Jun-2019
3322-Nov-2017Substituting people with ITSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
3419-Jul-2017Simple lesson in the value of imaginationSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
3520-Dec-2017Dealing with those festive meltdownsSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
3611-Oct-2017Enjoy the outdoor playspaceSims, Margaret 14-Jun-2019
372018Data capture through Australian beef cattle and meat sheep value chains: opportunities for enhanced feedback to commercial producersGuy, S Z Y ; Brown, D J ; Banks, R G 21-Jun-2019
382019Genetic parameters for faecal worm egg count at different ages in Australian sheep under natural challengeLi, L ; Brown, D J ; Swan, A A ; van der Werf, J H J 21-Jun-2019
392018A review of factors influencing key biological components of maternal productivity in temperate beef cattleWalmsley, B J ; Lee, S J; Parnell, P F; Pitchford, W S21-Jun-2019
40Apr-2017A new lower Cambrian shelly fossil biostratigraphy for South Australia: ReplyBetts, Marissa J ; Paterson, John R ; Jago, James B; Jacquet, Sarah M; Skovsted, Christian B; Topper, Timothy P; Brock, Glenn A21-Jun-2019
416-Jan-2014Chelodina expansa Gray 1857 – Broad-Shelled Turtle, Giant Snake-Necked TurtleHodges, Kate M; Bower, Deborah S 3-Jun-2019
422018Genetic and phenotypic parameters for reproduction, production and bodyweight traits in Australian fine-wool Merino sheepDominik, S ; Swan A A 21-Jun-2019
43Aug-2015Professional Learning Regarding Pedagogy in a Virtual Academically Selective High SchoolBannister, Barbara 21-Jun-2019
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