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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12015A Systematic Review of the Benefits and Costs of Bird and Insect Activity in AgroecosystemsPeisley, Rebecca K; Saunders, Manu ; Luck, Gary W20-Apr-2018
21998Family Violence: Victim, Perpetrator And Service Provider Perceptions Of The Nature Of, Factors Associated With, And Responses To Wife-Battering - An Australian SamplePhokojoe-Niboye, Makhotsang; Potter, Roberto Hugh; Corrigan, Peter12-Sep-2012
32015Soil N2O emissions under N2-fixing legumes and N-fertilised canola: A reappraisal of emissions factor calculationsSchwenke, Graeme ; Herridge, David ; Scheer, Clemens; Rowlings, David W; Haigh, Bruce M; McMullen, K Guy14-Feb-2017
42009Ars Cooperativa Naturae. Ethical Contingencies Across Medicine and Education: A Case StudyBoon, Helen; Tobias, Stephen ; Baune, Bernhard T; Gupta, Tarun Sen; Kennedy, Lee23-Mar-2010
52008The Influence of Context on Science Curricula: Observations, Conclusions and Some Recommendations for Curriculum Development and ImplementationColl, RK; Taylor, Neil 20-Oct-2009
62013Economic Weights for Maternal Pig Traits in Australia Motivate Genetic Improvement for RobustnessLudemann, C I; Amer, Peter; Hermesch, Susanne 24-Mar-2014
72016Community Based Psychosocial Education Can Improve Mood Disturbance in Breast Cancer Survivors at Various Stages of Their RecoveryKokavec, Anna 14-Feb-2017
82014Note from the Editors: Australasian Journal of Regional Studies - Volume 20, Number 2, 2014Glavac, Sonya ; Sorensen, Anthony 7-May-2015
92018Transitions from Education to Work: Workforce Ready Challenges in the Asia PacificCameron, Roslyn; Dhakal, Subas ; Burgess, John10-Dec-2019
102006Relationship Between Paw Preference Strength and Noise Phobia in 'Canis familiaris'Branson, Nicholas Julian; Rogers, Lesley 15-Sep-2011
112019Conceptualising Graduate Work-Readiness: Theories, Concepts and Implications for Practice and ResearchPrikshat, Verma; Nankervis, Alan; Burgess, John; Dhakal, Subas 9-Dec-2019
122017Using cluster analysis of anxiety-depression to identify subgroups of prostate cancer patients for targeted treatment planningSharpley, Christopher ; Bitsika, Vicki ; Warren, Amelia K; Christie, David R H 20-Apr-2018
132015Forearm Range of Motion in 'Australovenator wintonensis' (Theropoda, Megaraptoridae)White, Matt A; Bell, Phil ; Cook, Alex G; Barnes, David G; Tischler, Travis R; Bassam, Brant J; Elliot, David A15-Feb-2017
142019Challenges and Strategies of Transition from Graduation to Work in the Post-2020 Asia Pacific and Beyond: A Comparative Analysis of Nine CountriesDhakal, Subas ; Nankervis, Alan; Burgess, John; Prikshat, Verma9-Dec-2019
152000Review of Alain Boureau, 'The Lords First Night: The Myth of the Droit de Cuissage', trans. Lydia G. Cochrane. Chicago and London: University of Chicago Press, 1998. Pp.300. ISBN (cloth) 0 226 06742 4; (paper) 0 226 06743 2. R.R.P. US $55.00 (cloth), US$ 19.00 (paper).Ryan, John S 18-Sep-2012
162008Transformation of 'Thielaviopsis basicola' to study host-pathogen interactionsAl-Jaaidi, Samiya Salim; Katz, Margaret ; Backhouse, David ; Pereg, Lily 20-Oct-2009
172013Giving Women Voice: The Ethiopian Female Skilled Diaspora's Potential Contribution to DevelopmentAmazan, Rose 24-Mar-2014
182009Chemistry problem solving instruction: a comparison of three computer-based formats for learning from hierarchical network problem representationsNgu, Bing ; Mit, Edwin; Shahbodin, Faaizah; Tuovinen, Juhani24-Mar-2010
192016A High-Latitude Dromaeosaurid, 'Boreonykus Certekorum', Gen. Et Sp. Nov. (Theropoda) from the Upper Campanian Wapiti Formation, West-Central AlbertaBell, Phil ; Currie, Philip J15-Feb-2017
202005Hemispheric specialization and dual processing in strongly versus weakly lateralized chicksDharmaretnam, M; Rogers, Lesley 21-Sep-2011
212014Recognizing Greek Literacy in Early Roman Documents from the Judaean DesertCharlesworth, Scott 7-May-2015
222016The need for a culturally-tailored gatekeeper training intervention program in preventing suicide among Indigenous peoples: a systematic reviewNasir, Bushra Farah; Hides, Leanne; Kisely, Steve; Ranmuthugala, Geetha ; Nicholson, Geoffrey C; Black, Emma; Gill, Neeraj; Kondalsamy-Chennakesavan, Srinivas; Toombs, Maree15-Feb-2017
232018Concussion Incidence for Two Levels of Senior Amateur Rugby League in New Zealand, 2008-2011King, Douglas ; Hume, Patria; Cummins, Cloe ; Clark, Trevor; Gissane, Connor20-Apr-2018
242010A Phenomenological Study of Foster Caregivers' Experiences of Formal and Informal SupportCavazzi, T; Guilfoyle, Andrew; Sims, Margaret 21-Sep-2011
252014Brushtail possums ('Trichosurus vulpecula') counting using response sequences under ratio reinforcementClarke, Katrina H; Bizo, Lewis ; McEwan, James S7-May-2015
262010Introducing Multimodal Literacy to Young Children Learning English as a Second Language (ESL)Unsworth, Leonard ; Bush, Robyn24-Mar-2010
272012Keynote Address: Inclusive Education: Where are we?Boyle, Chris 24-Mar-2014
282018Comparison of the efficacy of a commercial inactivated influenza A/H1N1/pdm09 virus (pH1N1) vaccine and two experimental M2e-based vaccines against pH1N1 challenge in the growing pig modelOpriessnig, Tanja; Gauger, Phillip C; Tan, Ming; Gerber, Priscilla Freitas ; Castro, Alessandra M. M G; Shen, Huigang; Murphy, Lita; Digard, Paul; Halbur, Patrick G; Xia, Ming; Jiang, Xi23-Apr-2018
292013Development, Application, and Results of Routine Monitoring of Marek's Disease Virus in Broiler House Dust Using Real-Time Quantitative PCRWalkden-Brown, Steve W ; Islam, Aminul; Groves, Peter John ; Rubite, Ambrosio; Sharpe, Sue M; Burgess, Susan 24-Mar-2014
3014-Mar-2018Inclusion and work: addressing the global challenges for youth employmentDhakal, Subas P ; Connell, Julia; Burgess, John28-Nov-2019
312014The ability of two internal clock models to predict performance on a temporal bisection taskWiles, Lisa; Bizo, Lewis ; McEwan, James S7-May-2015
322009Social Computing: Reducing Isolation In Remote Australian SchoolReading, Christine E 24-Mar-2010
332007Internationalisation of Higher Education and the Australian Academic ProfessionMeek, Vincent Lynn 22-Sep-2011
342005Working mathematically to revitalise assessmentCallingham, Rosemary Anne 20-Sep-2012
35Dec-2019A Preliminary Distribution of the Bengal Slow Loris Nycticebus bengalensis (Lacepede, 1800) in BhutanThinley, Phuntsho ; Norbu, Tshewang; Rajaratnam, Rajanathan ; Vernes, Karl ; Wangdi, Sonam; Tshering, Kaka; Leki; Tenzin, Jigme14-Jan-2020
362018Categorising sheep activity using a tri-axial accelerometerBarwick, Jamie ; Lamb, David ; Dobos, Robin ; Welch, Mitchell ; Trotter, Mark 3-May-2018
372015Distribution and genetic diversity of 'Tomato spotted wilt virus' following an incursion into KenyaMacharia, Isaac; Backhouse, David ; Ateka, Elijah Miinda; Wu, Shubiao ; Harvey, Jagger; Njahira, Moses; Skilton, Robert A12-May-2015
382011Densely regenerating coolibah ('Eucalyptus coolabah') woodlands are more species-rich than surrounding derived grasslands in floodplains of eastern AustraliaGood, Megan Kate ; Price, Jodi N ; Clarke, Peter J ; Reid, Nick 28-Sep-2011
392017The Effect of Exercise Training Intensity on Quality of Life in Heart Failure Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisOstman, Cecilia; Jewiss, Daniel; Smart, Neil 21-Feb-2017
402009The Taboo of Client Suicide: Silenced Therapist NarrativesClark, Jane Laura; Wilson, Annmaree Caroline; Kottler, Jeffrey26-Oct-2009
412009The New Scientific Eyewitness: The Role of DNA Profiling in Shaping Criminal JusticeWise, Jenny 29-Mar-2010
422002A flashlight assessment of multimedia courseware designed to improve student-centred learning in professional responsibility for lawyersColbran, Stephen30-Mar-2010
432004Labor and Labor UnionsKaur, Amarjit 26-Oct-2009
442007Phytotoxic response and yield of chickpea ('Cicer arietinum') genotypes with pre-emergence application of isoxaflutoleDatta, Avishek ; Sindel, Brian Mark ; Jessop, Robin Stephen ; Kristiansen, Paul ; Felton, W. L.27-Oct-2009
45Dec-2019Bioavailability of Arsenic and Antimony in Terrestrial Ecosystems: A ReviewBagherifam, Saeed; Brown, Trevor C ; Fellows, Christopher M ; Naidu, Ravi2-Mar-2020
462010Quality of lamb meat from the Information Nucleus FlockWarner, RD; Jacob, RH; Hocking Edwards, JE; McDonagh, M; Pearce, K; Geesink, Geert ; Kearney, G; Allingham, P G; Hopkins, DL; Pethick, DW30-Sep-2011
472005Incorporating different assessment tasks to gauge student understandings of planetary processesPanizzon, Debra Lee ; Pegg, John Edward ; McGee, Steven24-Sep-2012
482015Baseline and greenhouse-gas emissions in extensive livestock enterprises, with a case study of feeding lipid to beef cattleHerd, Robert M ; Oddy, Hutton ; Bray, Steven22-Feb-2017
492008Days to calving in artificially inseminated cattle: Alternative models and analysesRobinson, Dorothy L 9-May-2018
502006Land and LivelihoodReid, Nick ; Kahn, Lewis 27-Oct-2009
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