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Wang, Cindy0000-0002-5235-691XSchool of Health
Morgan, MethuenSchool of Psychology and Behavioural Science
School of Rural Medicine
Schmalz, Gerd0000-0002-6141-9329Science and Technology
Billingsley, William0000-0002-1720-9076School of Science and Technology
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12018The Difficulties of Communication Encountered by Indigenous Peoples: Moving Beyond Indigenous Deficit in the Model Admission Rules for Legal PractitionersBurns, Marcelle ; Young, Simon; Nielsen, Jennifer23-May-2019
22013Shifting global power and shifting state power: DRIP, BRICs and CANZUSBurns, Marcelle 23-May-2019
330-Jan-2014Scheduling arc maintenance jobs in a network to maximize total flow over timeBoland, Natashia; Kalinowski, Thomas ; Waterer, Hamish; Zheng, Lanbo24-Apr-2019
42014Improving ethnocultural data to inform public health responses to communicable diseases in AustraliaQuinn, Emma; Massey, Peter D ; Rosewell, Alexander; Smith, Mitchell; Durrheim, David3-May-2017
5Dec-2009Migration, Poverty and Livelihood in South Asia: A Review of LiteratureIslam, Md. Shahidul ; Jahan, Nusrat21-May-2019
62012Reconceptualising the Female Athlete Triad: Locating athletes’ bodies within the discursive practices of elite sporting environmentsCosh, Suzanne ; Crabb, Shona21-May-2019
72007Environment and Sustainable Development of BangladeshIslam, Md Shahidul ; Rahaman, Khan Rubayet; Ashiq-Ur-Rahman, Md; Hossain, Md Zakir22-May-2019
82011Fingerprint Matching using A Hybrid Shape and Orientation DescriptorAbraham, Joshua; Kwan, Paul H ; Gao, Junbin19-Mar-2012
92014To label or not to label: is this the question? Commentary on Bishop, D.V.M., 2014, Ten questions about terminology for children with unexplained language problemsBoyle, Christopher ; Lauchlan, Fraser22-Aug-2014
102008Multileaf Collimator Shape Matrix DecompositionKalinowski, Thomas 24-Apr-2019
112018Expanding Horizons in Open and Distance LearningRoberts, Jennifer; Kigotho, Mutuota ; Stagg, Adrian13-Apr-2018
122011The Effect of Energy Supplementation on Intake and Utilisation Efficiency of Urea-treated Low-quality Roughage in Sheep II: Rumen Kinetics and Acetate Clearance RateMigwi, Perminus K; Godwin, Ian ; Nolan, John V 29-Jul-2011
132013Do small swarms have an advantage when house hunting? The effect of swarm size on nest-site selection by 'Apis mellifera'Schaerf, Timothy ; Makinson, James C; Myerscough, Mary R; Beekman, Madeleine17-Dec-2015
142018Professional Knowledge Landscapes in Online Pre-service Teacher Education: An Exploration through MetaphorQuinn, Frances ; Charteris, Jennifer ; Fletcher, Peter ; Parkes, Mitchell ; Reyes, Vicente18-Mar-2019
15Jun-2019Intentional rounding - An integrative literature reviewRyan, Liz ; Jackson, Debra ; Woods, Cindy ; Usher, Kim 22-May-2019
166-Mar-2014Popularizing Anti-Semitism in Early Modern Spain and its Empire: Francisco de Torrejoncillo and the Centinela contra Judios (1674)Soyer, Francois 22-May-2019
172013Polybios und seine HistorienGrieb, Volker; Koehn, Clemens 22-May-2019
1825-Apr-2019Antisemitic Conspiracy Theories in the Early Modern Iberian World: Narratives of Fear and HatredSoyer, Francois 13-May-2019
192009The contributions of nitrogen-fixing crop legumes to the productivity of agricultural systemsPeoples, M B; Brockwell, J; Sampet, C; Rerkasem, B; Khan, DF; Hauggaard-Nielsen, H; Jensen, ES; Herridge, David ; Rochester, IJ; Alves, BJR; Urquiaga, S; Boddey, RM; Dakora, FD; Bhattarai, S; Maskey, SL19-Jul-2011
202010Increasing quality inoculant production capacity and demand in Vietnam through research and on-farm extension programsTran, Thao Y; Herridge, David ; Deaker, Rosalind; Hartley, Elizabeth; Gemell, Greg; Le, Kieu N; Phan, Cong T13-Jul-2011
212013Co-inoculation effects of 'Bradyrhizobium japonicum' and 'Azospirillum' sp. on competitive nodulation and rhizosphere eubacterial community structures of soybean under rhizobia-established soil conditionsAung, Thi Thi; Tittabutr, Panlada; Boonkerd, Nantakorn; Herridge, David ; Teaumroong, Neung5-Dec-2014
222012CropMate™ a web based decision support tool helping farmers make agronomic decisions using historic and forecast weather and climate dataMcIntosh, Graeme; Herridge, David 2-Apr-2014
232012Inoculating Legumes: A Practical GuideDrew, Elizabeth; Herridge, David ; Seymour, Nikki; Howieson, John; Ballard, Neil; Ballard, Ross; O'Hara, Graham; Deaker, Rosalind; Denton, Matthew; Yates, Ronald; Gemell, Greg; Hartley, Elizabeth; Phillips, Lori20-May-2014
242016Nutrient management in rainfed lowland rice farming systems of MyanmarThwe, Hla Myo; Kristiansen, Paul ; Rugendyke, Barbara; Herridge, David ; Lockwood, Peter28-Oct-2016
252015Naturalised populations of mesorhizobia in chickpea ('Cicer arietinum' L.) cropping soils: effects on nodule occupancy and productivity of commercial chickpeaElias, Natalie V; Herridge, David 23-Jan-2015
262010Managing Nitrogen to Optimise Sunflower Yield and Oil contentSerafin, Loretta; Belfield, Stephanie; Herridge, David 2-Apr-2014
272014Selection for an effective rhizobial inoculant strain for pongamiaHartley, Elizabeth; Gemell, Greg; Hartley, Jade; Herridge, David ; Bodapati, Naidu; Mackay, Marshall6-Jan-2015
282010Identification and diversity of Myanmar chickpea root nodule bacteria, 'Mesorhizobium ciceri'Than, Maw Maw; Tittabutr, Panlada; Teaumroong, Neung; Boonkerd, Nantakorn; Herridge, David 13-Jul-2011
292018Justinian und die Armee des fruhen ByzanzKoehn, Clemens 22-May-2019
302012Identifying opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural production: A Life Cycle Assessment approachBrock, Phillipa; Herridge, David ; Hulugalle, Nilantha; Madden, Patrick; Schwenke, Graeme ; Tan, Daniel; Quigley, George2-Apr-2014
311-Sep-2018Disturbances of postural sway components in cannabis usersBolbecker, Amanda R; Apthorp, Deborah ; Martin, Ashley Schnakenberg; Tahayori, Behdad; Moravec, Leah; Gomez, Karen L; O'Donnell, Brian F; Newman, Sharlene D; Hetrick, William P24-May-2019
3214-Jan-2019Interaction between temperature and sublethal infection with the amphibian chytrid fungus impacts a susceptible frog speciesCampbell, Lachlan; Bower, Deborah S ; Clulow, Simon; Stockwell, Michelle; Clulow, John; Mahony, Michael24-May-2019
33-Gene flow and genetic structure in Acacia stenophylla (Fabaceae): Effects of hydrological connectivityMurray, Bruce F; Reid, Michael A ; Capon, Samantha J; Thoms, Martin ; Wu, Shu-Biao 24-May-2019
34May-2019Postural Sway Abnormalities in Schizotypal Personality DisorderApthorp, Deborah ; Bolbecker, Amanda R; Bartolomeo, Lisa A; O’Donnell, Brian F; Hetrick, William P24-May-2019
351-Apr-2017Adaptation-Induced Blindness Is Orientation-Tuned and MonocularApthorp, Deborah ; Griffiths, Scott; Alais, David; Cass, John20-May-2019
36-Systematics and macroevolution of extant and fossil scalopine moles (Mammalia, Talpidae)Schwermann, Achim H; He, Kai; Peters, Benjamin J; Plogschties, Thorsten; Sansalone, Gabriele 24-May-2019
37May-2011Challenging the Assumptions of Positivism: An Analysis of the Concept of Society in Sampi on Behalf of the Bardi and Jawi People v Western Australia [2010] and Bodney v Bennell [2008]Burns, Marcelle 24-May-2019
382008The Unfinished Business of the Apology: Senate Rejects Stolen Generations Compensation Bill 2008 (Cth)Burns, Marcelle 24-May-2019
392014Crop-available water and agronomic management, rather than nitrogen supply, primarily determine grain yield of commercial chickpea in northern New South WalesElias, Natalie V; Herridge, David 16-Dec-2014
402013Identifying opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for climate change mitigation in grain production systems in North West NSW using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) approaches.Muir, Sally; Brock, Phillipa; Schwenke, Graeme; Herridge, David ; Scott, Fiona; Madden, Patrick24-Mar-2014
412010Improving Soybean and Nitrogen Management in Sugar Cane Systems in Subtropical NSWMoore, Natalie; Herridge, David ; Aitken, Robert; McGuire, Peter; Beattie, Rick2-Apr-2014
422015Life Cycle Assessment of grain croppingSimmons, Aaron; Muir, Sally; Brock, Pip; Herridge, David 10-Mar-2017
432017A mixed-effects regression modeling approach for evaluating paddy soil productivityZou, Ganghua; Li, Yong; Huang, Tieping; Liu, De Li ; Herridge, David ; Wu, Jinshui24-May-2019
442016Annual crop legumes may not mitigate greenhouse gas emissions because of the high carbon cost of nitrogen fixationHerridge, David ; Brock, Philippa M13-Mar-2017
45Jul-2012It’s always a pleasure: exploring productivity and pleasure in a writing group for early career academicsDwyer, Angela; Lewis, Bridget; McDonald, Fiona ; Burns, Marcelle 23-May-2019
462016Measurement of nitrogen fixationHerridge, David ; Giller, K E11-Feb-2017
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