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12019Genetic Aspects of Growth in a Dual-Purpose Thai Native ChickenTongsiri, Siriporn; Jeyaruban, M Gilbert ; Hermesch, Susanne ; Chormai, Teerachai; Wolcott, Matt ; Li, Li ; van der Werf, Julius 8-Aug-2019
22009Development of an attracticide for heliothine moths: from laboratory bioassay of plants to commercial field trialsdel Socorro, Alice ; Gregg, Peter ; Hawes, A J30-Jul-2012
32015The Agile Learning Model: Using big data to personalise the acquisition of accounting skillsGregory, Brent ; Wysel, Matthew ; Gregory, Sue 17-Jun-2016
42016Practising Teaching using Virtual Classroom Role PlaysDalgarno, Barney; Gregory, Sue ; Knox, Vicki ; Reiners, Torsten17-Jun-2016
52009Development of an attracticide for heliothine moths: Regulatory and commercial considerationsGregg, Peter ; del Socorro, Alice ; Hawes, A J30-Jul-2012
62008Tourism and local people in the Asia-Pacific regionConnell, John; Rugendyke, Barbara Anne 19-Oct-2009
72014The Views of Parapsychologists: A Survey of Members of the Parapsychological AssociationIrwin, Harvey J22-Dec-2014
82011Thinking about Peace TodayFox, Michael Allen 14-Jul-2011
92011Social Sciences and the Study of Family Fortunes in the Global Financial CrisisBittman, Michael 18-Sep-2017
102013The Pangolin Diary: An Australian Male Midwife in AfricaStanley, David 18-Sep-2017
112009Differentiation in Diverse Classrooms: One Recipe for Success!Smith, Susen14-Jul-2011
122008Semiochemicals for green mirids and 'Helicoverpa': an updatedel Socorro, Alice ; Gregg, Peter 30-Jul-2012
132018Feeding behaviour traits recorded during gestation are heritable even though feed intake itself is restrictedVargovic, L; Bunter, K L ; Hermesch, Susanne ; Athorn, R Z1-Aug-2019
142015PST Online: Preparing pre-service teachers for teaching in virtual schoolsGrono, Stephen ; Masters, Yvonne ; Gregory, Sue 17-Jun-2016
152006Effects of spatial and temporal variation in hydraulic conditions on metabolism in cobble biofilm communities in an Australian upland streamReid, Michael ; Thoms, Martin ; Dyer, FJ14-Jul-2011
162014Reaching the finishing line: some outcomes and results of online enabling educationMuldoon, Robyn ; Wijeyewardene, Ingrid 22-Dec-2014
172013Disavowal and foundational fantasies: A psychosocial exploration of the class, race and the social construction of the sexual child in the Anglophone WestEgan, R Danielle; Hawkes, Gail 18-Sep-2017
182008Effective Earth and Space Science AnalogiesTaylor, Neil ; Lyons, Terry 19-Oct-2009
192014Rhetorical and represented agency in the 2006 Thai coupWijeyewardene, Ingrid 22-Dec-2014
202008Using Analogies to Increase Student Interest in ScienceTaylor, Neil ; Coll, Richard K19-Oct-2009
212015New applications, new global audiences: Educators repurposing and reusing 3D virtual and immersive learning resourcesGregory, Sue ; Gregory, Brent ; Nikolic, Sasha; Ellis, David; Kerr, Tom; de Freitas, Sara; Farley, Helen; Schutt, Stefan; Sim, Jenny; Gaukrodger, Belma; Jacka, Lisa; Doyle, Jo; Wood, Denise; Blyth, Phil; Corder, Doborah; Reiners, Torsten; Linegar, Dale; Hearns, Merle; Cox, Robert; Jegathesan, Jay Jay; Sukunesan, Suku; Flintoff, Kim; Irving, Leah; O'Connell, Judy; Grant, Scott; Hillier, Mathew; Butler, Des; Masters, Yvonne ; Stokes-Thompson, Frederick; McDonald, Marcus17-Jun-2016
222015Medication errors in hospitals: a literature review of disruptions to nursing practice during medication administrationHayes, Caroline; Jackson, Debra ; Davidson, Patricia M; Power, Tamara18-Sep-2017
232015The Nursing Dean's World: Professional and Personal LivesWilkes, Lesley; Jackson, Debra ; Daly, John; Cross, Wendy18-Sep-2017
242015The Factor Analytic Structure and Personality Correlates of 'Spiritual Emergency'Cooper, Emma; Rock, Adam J ; Harris, Kylie ; Clark, Gavin 20-Jun-2016
252007Lilliputians or leviathans?: NGOs as advocatesRugendyke, Barbara Anne 19-Oct-2009
262011Valuing Time: A Conference OverviewBittman, Michael ; Ironmonger, Duncan14-Jul-2011
272013Australia's Troubadour: Gary Shearston 1939-2013Hill, Garry Victor22-Dec-2014
282006Reduction of the in vitro pro-inflammatory response by macrophages to poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate)Wu, ACK; Grondahl, L; Jack, KS; Foo, MX; Trau, M; Hume, DA; Cassady, Alan 15-Jul-2011
292017Homo sapiens is the apex animal: anthropocentrism as a Dionysian swordFleming, Peter; Ballard, Guy 26-Sep-2017
302007Review of 'Tourism and Global Environmental Change: Ecological, Social, Economic and Political Interrelationships' S. Gössling and C.M. Hall (eds), Routledge, London and New York, 2006, xi + 323 pp, ISBN 10: 0 415 36132 X (paperback), US$39.95Nunn, Patrick 15-Jul-2011
312012Article 101: Regle de la SpecialiteQuirico, Ottavio 3-Jun-2019
322008Place, Gender and Student Outcomes: Implications for Pedagogy ReformsMcConaghy, Cathryn Elizabeth ; Maxwell, Thomas William ; Foskey, Ros ; de Blaeij, Machteld20-Oct-2009
332007In Pursuit Of EFA: Expanding And Enhancing Multigrade Schooling In BhutanNinnes, Peter Martin; Maxwell, Thomas William ; Rabten, Wangchuck; Karchung, Karchung20-Oct-2009
342007Space and Place in an Ocean of Islands: Thoughts on the Attitudes of the Lapita People Towards Islands and Their ColonizationNunn, Patrick 15-Jul-2011
352012Article 102: Emploi des TermesQuirico, Ottavio 3-Jun-2019
362017A longitudinal, quantitative study of student attitudes towards audio feedback for assessmentParkes, Mitchell ; Fletcher, Peter 26-Sep-2017
372007Designing robust common property regimes for collaboration towards rural sustainabilityBrunckhorst, David John ; Marshall, Graham Roy 20-Oct-2009
382004Highways and RailwaysKaur, Amarjit 21-Oct-2009
392005Diatom-based models for reconstructing past water quality and productivity in New Zealand lakesReid, Michael 18-Jul-2011
402017The association between parents' ratings of ASD symptoms and anxiety in a sample of high-functioning boys and adolescents with Autism Spectrum DisorderBitsika, Vicki ; Sharpley, Christopher 26-Sep-2017
412017The Two-Dimensional Gabor Function Adapted to Natural Image Statistics: A Model of Simple-Cell Receptive Fields and Sparse Structure in ImagesLoxley, Peter 26-Sep-2017
422014Searching for emotion or race: Task-irrelevant facial cues have asymmetrical effectsLipp, Ottmar V; Craig, Belinda M ; Frost, Mareka J; Terry, Deborah J; Smith, Joanne R18-Jun-2019
432010The Victorian Gambling Screen: Reliability and Validation in a Clinical PopulationTolchard, Barry ; Battersby, Malcolm18-Jul-2011
442006Trend, variability or extreme event? The importance of long-term perspectives in river ecologyReid, Michael ; Ogden, R W18-Jul-2011
45Jan-2015A Happy Face Advantage With Male Caucasian Faces: It Depends on the Company You KeepLipp, Ottmar V; Craig, Belinda M ; Dat, Mylyn C18-Jun-2019
462007StagnationWalmsley, Jim Dennis James 21-Oct-2009
472004IndiaKaur, Amarjit 21-Oct-2009
48Mar-2018Influence of Evolutionary Allometry on Rates of Morphological Evolution and Disparity in strictly Subterranean Moles (Talpinae, Talpidae, Lipotyphla, Mammalia)Sansalone, G ; Colangelo, P; Kotsakis, T; Loy, A; Castiglia, R; Bannikova, A A; Zemlemerova, E D; Piras, P27-May-2019
492007Editorial: Global partnerships and the new International Society for River Science (ISRS)Thorpe, J H; Stanford, J A; Thoms, Martin ; Petts, G E18-Jul-2011
502018When moles became diggers: Tegulariscaptor gen. nov., from the early Oligocene of south Germany, and the evolution of talpid fossorialitySansalone, G ; Kotsakis, T; Schwermann, A H; Van den Hoek Ostende, L W; Piras, P27-May-2019
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