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12016The Bloomsbury Introduction to Adaptation Studies: Adapting the Canon in Film, TV, Novels and Popular CultureGriggs, Yvonne 10-Jun-2016
22006Inhabiting the margins: A geography of rural homelessness in AustraliaArgent, Neil ; Rolley, Frances 19-Oct-2009
32006Influence of Composition and Storage Conditions on the Concentrations of Free Fatty Acids and Peroxides in Broiler DietsNjobeh, PB; Iji, Paul ; Nsahlai, IV12-Jul-2011
42014IntroductionMcDougall, Russell J 18-Dec-2014
52011Clinical leadership: Innovation into actionStanley, David 14-Sep-2017
62012Angels and demons: Nurses on screenStanley, David 15-Sep-2017
72006Teachers' perceptions of a new environmental education initiative for NSW, AustraliaKennelly, Julie Anne; Taylor, Neil 13-Jul-2011
82000Competitive Interactions Between Weeds and Chickpea ('Cicer Arietinum' L.): Towards the Development of an Integrated Weed Management SystemWhish, Jeremy Patrick Milroy; Sindel, Brian ; Jessop, Robin ; Felton, Warwick18-Dec-2014
92005Chilean needle grass ('Nassella neesiana') - integrated grazing for successGrech, Charles J; McLaren, David; Chapman, David; Sindel, Brian Mark 27-Jul-2012
102010Experimental burning changes the quality of fallen timber as habitat for vertebrate and invertebrate fauna: implications for fire managementCroft, Peter; Reid, Nicholas ; Hunter, John T 13-Jul-2011
112015Drivers of soil organic carbon storage and vertical distribution in Eastern AustraliaHobley, Nellie ; Wilson, Brian ; Wilkie, Arjan; Gray, Jonathan; Koen, Terry14-Jun-2016
122016Justinian’s Wonder Warriors. Some Observations on the Development of Multi-Role Cavalry in Early ByzantiumKoehn, Clemens 29-May-2019
132007Managing regulated flows and contaminant cycles in floodplain riversRyder, Darren ; Vink, Sue19-Oct-2009
142007New paradigms of hypnosis researchJamieson, Graham ; Hasegawa, Harutomo19-Oct-2009
152012Clinical leadership and innovationStanley, D 15-Sep-2017
162012Rationale and study protocol for the supporting children's outcomes using rewards, exercise and skills (SCORES) group randomized controlled trial: A physical activity and fundamental movement skills intervention for primary schools in low-income communitiesLubans, David R; Morgan, Philip J; Cohen, Kristen ; Callister, Robin; Dewar, Deborah L; Costigan, Sarah A; Finn, Tara L; Smith, Jordan; Upton, Lee; Plotnikoff, Ronald C15-Sep-2017
172008Floral Morphology, Phenology and Pollination in the Wet TropicsBoulter, Sarah, L.; Kitching, Roger, L.; Gross, Caroline Lucie ; Goodall, Kylie, L.; Howlett, Bradley, G.19-Oct-2009
182018A Dual Isotope Protocol to Separate the Contributions to Phosphorus Content of Maize Shoots and Soil Phosphorus Fractions from Biosolids, Fertilizer and SoilDavis, Jean; Flavel, Richard J ; Blair, Graeme 17-May-2019
195-Mar-2019Trilobite evolutionary rates constrain the duration of the Cambrian explosionPaterson, John R ; Edgecombe, Gregory D; Lee, Michael S Y21-Jun-2019
202012Digital natives?: New and old media and children's language acquisitionBittman, Michael ; Rutherford, Leonie; Brown, Jude; Unsworth, Leonard 15-Sep-2017
212016Indirect Interaction: A Computing Lecture for Five to Seven Year-OldsBillingsley, William ; Kwan, Paul H 15-Jun-2016
222005Research of painting practice using hypermedia, and its application for development of free-form web-based teaching materialsReader, Paul 27-Jul-2012
232010Ecological Self-Portraiture: Reconnecting Through Transformative LearningReader, Paul 27-Jul-2012
242008The 'A good beginning report': Implications for AustraliaSims, Margaret 13-Jul-2011
252008Children, Families and Community: embracing change, embracing familiesSims, Margaret 13-Jul-2011
261995The Finite Sample Properties of the Estimators of the Tobit Model: A Monte Carlo StudyTessema, Getachew Asgedom; Griffiths, William E; Doran, Howard19-Dec-2014
272005Differential impact of low birth weight on PPAR and leptin expression in perirenal fat in male and female lambsDuffield, J A; Vuocolo, T; Tellam, R; McFarlane, James Robert; Kauter, Kathleen; Mulhausler, B S; McMillan, I C13-Jul-2011
282013Narratives of the sexual child: Shared themes and shared challengesHawkes, Gail ; Dune, Tinashe15-Sep-2017
291996Evaluation of the Soil Water Infiltration and Movement model for Assessing the Effects of Grazing Intensity on the Soil Water BalanceDouglas, Janelle Frances; MacLeod, Donald; Cresswell, Hamish19-Dec-2014
302008Attitude Functions in Persuasion: Matching, Involvement, Self-Affirmation, and HierarchyWatt, Susan Ellen ; Maio, Gregory R; Haddock, Geoffrey; Johnson, Blair T19-Oct-2009
312005Visual diversity: Is painting an indicator of lost learning theory?Reader, Paul 27-Jul-2012
322008Local Government Reforms in AustraliaMarshall, Neil Alexander 19-Oct-2009
332016Recent activity by Peace Studies, University of New England, AustraliaBranagan, Marty 16-Jun-2016
342017Genetic and economic benefits of selection based on performance recording and genotyping in lower tiers of multi-tiered sheep breeding schemesSantos, Bruno; Van Der Werf, Julius H ; Gibson, John ; Byrne, Timothy J; Amer, Peter R18-Sep-2017
352016Estimation of genetic parameters for lambing ease, birthweight and gestation length in Australian sheepLi, Li ; Brown, Daniel 20-Jun-2016
362013Fundamental Movement Skill Interventions in Youth: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysisMorgan, Philip J; Barnett, Lisa M; Cliff, Dylan P; Okely, Anthony D; Scott, Hayley A; Cohen, Kristen ; Lubans, David R19-Sep-2017
372014Replication Kinetics and Shedding of vvMDV and Rispens CV1988 Vaccine Virus during Single and Mixed InfectionsIslam, Tanzila; Walkden-Brown, Steve W ; Renz, Katrin ; Islam, A Fakhrul ; Ralapanawe, Sithara 21-Jun-2016
382005Analysis of Distinct Tartrate-resistant Acid Phosphatase Promoter Regions in Transgenic MicePan, W; Mathews, W; Donohue, JM; Ramnaraine, ML; Lynch, C; Selski, DJ; Walsh, N; Cassady, Alan ; Clohisy, DR15-Jul-2011
3930-Mar-2015Symmetry is less than meets the eyeApthorp, Deborah ; Bell, Jason28-May-2019
402006The biocompatibility of carbon nanotubesSmart, SK; Cassady, Alan ; Lu, GQ; Martin, DJ15-Jul-2011
412014Female sexual dysfunction or not knowing how to ask for what feels good?Hunter, Sally 23-Dec-2014
422005Adverse Herb-Drug InteractionsBone, Kerry; Mills, Simon; Morgan, Michelle; Burgoyne, Berris20-Oct-2009
432005The Impact of Quality Issues on the Safety of Herbal ProductsBone, Kerry20-Oct-2009
442016'Just how useful is it?': Disruptive user-focused technology design supporting older rural people to age in placeNisbet, Leanne; Luxford, Yoni ; Conway, Jane 22-Jun-2016
452014One Size Doesn't Fit All: Teacher Education In Developing Pacific Island CountriesSerow, Penelope Anne ; Taylor, Neil ; Burnett, Greg; Sullivan, Terry ; Smardon, Dianne; Tarrant, Jodana; Angell, Emily 23-Dec-2014
462006Geohazards revealed by myths in the Pacific: a study of islands that have disappeared in Solomon IslandsNunn, Patrick ; Heorake, Tony; Tegu, Esther; Oloni, Bronwyn; Simeon, Ken; Wini, Lisa; Usuramo, Sereana; Geraghty, Paul15-Jul-2011
47Jun-2011The spatial tuning of "motion streak" mechanisms revealed by masking and adaptationApthorp, Deborah ; Cass, John; Alais, David29-May-2019
483-Sep-2010Anisotropies in judging the direction of moving natural scenesDakin, Steven C; Apthorp, Deborah ; Alais, David29-May-2019
492011Holocene Sea Levels and Coastal Change, South-west Viti Levu Island, FijiLal, Kirti Kamna; Nunn, Patrick 15-Jul-2011
502014Strengthening teacher co-leadership through professional inquirySmardon, Dianne; Charteris, Jennifer 23-Dec-2014
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