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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12014Toward An Ethics of Reciprocity: Ethnobotanical Knowledge and Medicinal Plants as Cancer TherapiesRyan, John C 10-May-2017
22013Fungi: An entangled explorationPouliot, Alison; Ryan, John C 11-May-2017
32014Attention Economy in the novels of Michel HouellebecqPatrick, Sophie 24-Jan-2019
42008Linguistic Population Prehistory of the Greater Himalayan Region: Interpretations of Emergent Genetic Datavan Driem, George4-Nov-2015
52015Ignored Lingualism: Another Resource for Overcoming the Monolingual Mind-set in Language Education PolicyNdhlovu, Finex 6-Nov-2015
62016The Substance of Memory: Plants, Objects, and AffectRyan, John C 12-May-2017
72012Passive Flora? Reconsidering Nature's Agency through Human-Plant Studies (HPS)Ryan, John C 12-May-2017
82013Toward a Phen(omen)ology of the Seasons: The Emergence of the Indigenous Weather Knowledge Project (IWKP)Ryan, John C 10-May-2017
92007Everyday Forms of Language-based Marginalization in ZimbabweNdhlovu, Finex 20-May-2014
102010Deissmann the PhilologistGerber, Albrecht 31-Aug-2010
112016Sacred Ecology of Plants: The Vegetative Soul in the Botanical Poetry of Les MurrayRyan, John C 8-May-2017
122016Flick(er)ring Cockatoos: New Media as Zoopoetic SpaceRyan, John C 8-May-2017
132015Reading for Sustainability through Botanical Aesthetics: Embodied Perceptions of Perth's Flora, 1829 to 1929Ryan, John C 8-May-2017
142016Issue Editorial: Scholarly Ecotones in the Information LandscapeHubbell, Andrew; Ryan, John C 11-May-2017
152015Sense of Place and Sense of Taste: Thoreau's Botanical AestheticsRyan, John C 11-May-2017
161996Australian Folklore: A Yearly Journal of Folklore Studies - An issue commemorating the work of Alan Scott (1930-1995) and presented to Dal Stivens (b. 1911) for his 85th yearRyan, John S 4-Mar-2013
172014Conserving the Environment through Memory Research: A Case Study of Western AustraliaRyan, John C 11-May-2017
182010Complex predicate formationBaker, Brett ; Harvey, Mark10-Aug-2010
192011Leaves of a Tree: Interweaving the Many Narratives of Southwest Australian FloraRyan, John C 12-May-2017
202010Green Tropism and the Southwest Australian Flora: From the Green Man to the Ravensthorpe WomanRyan, John C 15-May-2017
212010Towards a corporeal aesthetics of plants: Ethnographies of embodied appreciation along the wildflower trailRyan, John C 15-May-2017
222017How words do things with peopleLevisen, Carsten; Waters, Sophia23-Dec-2018
232015Lige, a Danish 'magic word'? An ethnopragmatic analysisLevisen, Carsten; Waters, Sophia 24-Dec-2018
242012Towards Intimate Relations: Gesture and Contact Between Plants and PeopleRyan, John C 15-May-2017
252011Cultural Botany: Toward a Model of Transdisciplinary, Embodied, and Poetic Research into PlantsRyan, John C 18-May-2017
262010'Want' is a lexical and conceptual universal: Reply to KhaninaGoddard, Cliff ; Wierzbicka, Anna29-Sep-2010
272010Not a Bush Flaneur? The Convergent Topographies of Recreational Bushwalking, Floristic Appreciation and Human Embodiment in the Southwest of Western AustraliaRyan, John C 16-May-2017
282012Green Sense: The Aesthetics of Plants, Place and LanguageRyan, John C 16-May-2017
292017Transdisciplinary Journeys in the Anthropocene: More-than-human encountersWright, Katherine 16-May-2017
302014The 'New' World Literature: A Review EssayMcDougall, Russell J 3-Jun-2014
312011No to everything British but their language: Re-thinking English language and politics in Zimbabwe (2000 - 2008)Ndhlovu, Finex 18-Mar-2013
322017Nature, Engagement, Empathy: 'Yijing' as a Chinese Ecological AestheticsLi, Qi; Ryan, John C 21-May-2017
332010Surrealism and the Sublime or the Vertiginous Plunging into the RealJames, Klem5-Mar-2012
3421-Mar-2019Imaginative Displacement: Classical Reception in the Young Adult Fiction of Margaret MahyHale, Elizabeth 4-Apr-2019
3519-Apr-2018Why treehouses are all the rage in children's booksHale, Elizabeth ; Lounsbury, Lynnette3-Apr-2019
362013Grammar and the Influence of Society and CultureGladkova, Anna 25-Jun-2014
372016The Tide's True Daughter: Saya Zawgyi's 'The Hyacinth's Way' (Beida Lan) as an Ecological TextRyan, John C 24-May-2017
382015The Thin Black Line: Living Apartheid on Groote EylandtBrasche, Inga 16-Feb-2016
392014The Transnational ChildMok, Angel ; Saltmarsh, David28-Jun-2017
402011North East Indian Linguistics: Volume 3Hyslop, Gwendolyn; Morey, Stephen; Post, Mark 24-Sep-2014
412012Review of 'The Bioregional Imagination: Literature, Ecology, Place.' Edited by Tom Lynch, Cheryll Glotfelty, and Karla Armbruster. University of Georgia Press: Athens. 2012. US$24.95; Hardcover US$69.95; Kindle US$25.85. ISBN: 978-0-8203-3592-6Harris, Stephen 4-Sep-2014
422008The politics of language and nationality in Zimbabwe: Nation building or empire building?Ndhlovu, Finex 23-Jul-2013
432007Historicizing the Socio-Politics of Shona Language Hegemony in ZimbabweNdhlovu, Finex 23-Jul-2013
442006Rethinking the Language of Politics in 21st century Zimbabwe: A Critical Discourse Analysis PerspectiveNdhlovu, Finex 23-Jul-2013
452011Finite structures from clausal nominalization in Tibeto-Burman languagesDelancey, Scott 31-Oct-2014
462015On the Possibility of Pidgin English Toponyms in Pacific MissionsNash, Joshua 28-Aug-2017
472007Ontologies across disciplinesNickles, Matthias; Pease, Adam; Schalley, Andrea ; Zaefferer, Dietmar17-Feb-2010
482014Naming places: on and around Kangaroo IslandNash, Joshua 28-Aug-2017
492010Towards a History of Verb Agreement in Tibeto-BurmanDelancey, Scott 27-Oct-2014
502016A decolonial critique of diaspora identity theories and the notion of superdiversityNdhlovu, Finex 24-May-2016
Results 1-50 of 538 (Search time: 0.037 seconds).


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