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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12016Discarding the disclaimer? Reappraising fiction as a mode of biographyVicars, James 9-May-2017
22010'Había una vez...' La influencia de la literatura infantil en la construcción social del cuerpoVarea, Valeria 9-May-2014
32011Etnometodologia sotto le cancellatureLivingston, Eric 7-Feb-2012
42010Intraspecific variation in essential oil composition of 'Eremophila longifolia' F. Muell. (Myoporaceae): Evidence for three chemotypesSmith, Joshua Eachan; Alter, Daniel ; Tucker, David ; Watson, Kenneth ; Jones, Graham L 30-Jul-2010
52014Toward An Ethics of Reciprocity: Ethnobotanical Knowledge and Medicinal Plants as Cancer TherapiesRyan, John C 10-May-2017
62016Review of 'Seino van Breughel. A grammar of Atong' (Brill's Studies in South and Southwest Asian Languages 5). Leiden: Brill, 2014, 660 pp., ISBN 9789004258921. €231,00 (Hb)van Driem, George10-May-2017
72013Fungi: An entangled explorationPouliot, Alison; Ryan, John C 11-May-2017
82011An Aboriginal Australian Genome Reveals Separate Human Dispersals into AsiaRasmussen, Morten; Guo, Xiaosen; Kivisild, Toomas; Zhai, Weiwei; Eriksson, Anders; Manica, Andrea; Orlando, Ludovic; De La Vega, Francisco M; Tridico, Silvana; Metspalu, Ene; Nielsen, Kasper; Avila-Arcos, Maria C; Wang, Yong; Moreno-Mayar, J Victor; Muller, Craig; Dortch, Joe; Gilbert, M Thomas P; Lund, Ole; Wesolowska, Agata; Karmin, Monika; Weinert, Lucy A; Wang, Bo; Li, Jun; Lohmueller, Kirk E; Tai, Shuaishuai; Xiao, Fei; Hanihara, Tsunehiko; van Driem, George; Jha, Aashish R; Ricaut, Francois Xavier; de Knijff, Peter; Migliano, Andrea B; Gallego Romero, Irene; Kristiansen, Karsten; Rasmussen, Simon; Lambert, David M; Brunak, Soren; Forster, Peter; Brinkmann, Bernd; Nehlich, Olaf; Bunce, Michael; Richards, Michael; Gupta, Ramneek; Bustamante, Carlos D; Krogh, Anders; Albrechtsen, Anders; Foley, Robert A; Lahr, Marta M; Balloux, Francois; Sicheritz-Ponten, Thomas; Villems, Richard; Nielsen, Rasmus; Wang, Jun; Willerslev, Eske; Skotte, Line; Lindgreen, Stinus; Metspalu, Mait; Jombart, Thibaut9-May-2017
92012Review of 'Voracious: The Best New Australian Food Writing', Paul McNally (Ed.) (2011) Prahran, Vic: Hardie Grant Books, 191 pp., ISBN: 9781742701202, p/bk, AUS$29.95Williamson, Rosemary A 25-Feb-2013
102004Parenting and employment: What time-use surveys showBittman, Michael 11-Aug-2010
112014Overland from Perth to Albany: A Journey of Botanical IntrigueRyan, John C 12-May-2017
122004Making the invisible visible: The life and time(s) of informal caregiversBittman, Michael ; Fast, Janet E; Fisher, Kimberly; Thomson, Cathy11-Aug-2010
132015Ecodigital Art: Democratization, Globalization, and InterdisciplinarityRyan, John C 12-May-2017
142016The Substance of Memory: Plants, Objects, and AffectRyan, John C 12-May-2017
152004Parenthood Without Penalty: Time-use and public policy in Australia and FinlandBittman, Michael 11-Aug-2010
162012Passive Flora? Reconsidering Nature's Agency through Human-Plant Studies (HPS)Ryan, John C 12-May-2017
172015The Impact of Gambling on Rural Communities Worldwide: A Narrative Literature ReviewTolchard, Barry 29-Sep-2015
182013Toward a Phen(omen)ology of the Seasons: The Emergence of the Indigenous Weather Knowledge Project (IWKP)Ryan, John C 10-May-2017
192014Australian Ecopoetics Past, Present, Future: What Do the Plants Say?Ryan, John C 11-May-2017
201982Review of 'Linguistic Perspectives on Literature' Edited by Marvin K. Ching: London, Routledge Kegan Paul, 1980, pp. xvi + 332.Ryan, John S 5-Nov-2015
212011Shaping Corporate Governance System: An Analysis of the impact of Law and Culture in Selected StudiesFarooque, Omar 3-Feb-2012
222013Cuerpo y Educacion Física: Perspectivas latinoamericanas para pensar la educación de los cuerposVarea, Valeria ; Galak, Eduardo13-May-2014
231998Australian Folklore: A Yearly Journal of Folklore Studies - an issue presented to Bill Scott (b. 1923) to acknowledge his unique contribution to Australian folklore and contemporary legend, and to celebrate his seventy-fifth birthdayRyan, John S 4-Mar-2013
242009Remembering Wing Yuen Lee: surprises, silences and subtexts in oral testimonyBoileau, Joanna2-May-2014
252016Sacred Ecology of Plants: The Vegetative Soul in the Botanical Poetry of Les MurrayRyan, John C 8-May-2017
262016Flick(er)ring Cockatoos: New Media as Zoopoetic SpaceRyan, John C 8-May-2017
272015Tim Winton's 'Dirt Music': Sounding Country/Re-siting PlaceHarris, Stephen 9-Oct-2015
282015Plant-Art: The Virtual and the Vegetal in Contemporary Performance and Installation ArtRyan, John C 8-May-2017
292015Reading for Sustainability through Botanical Aesthetics: Embodied Perceptions of Perth's Flora, 1829 to 1929Ryan, John C 8-May-2017
302016Issue Editorial: Scholarly Ecotones in the Information LandscapeHubbell, Andrew; Ryan, John C 11-May-2017
312015Sense of Place and Sense of Taste: Thoreau's Botanical AestheticsRyan, John C 11-May-2017
322015Neoliberalism by Stealth: Exposing the flaw of neoliberal understandings of 'freedom'Thompson, Lester j; Coghlan, Jo 11-May-2017
332009Héros trop magnanime: le crime d'Horace et son châtimentGossip, Christopher J1-Jul-2010
342009Samuel Chappuzeau: 'Le Théâtre françois'Gossip, Christopher J3-Dec-2009
352010Managing Hindu festivals in Pilgrimage Sites: Emerging Trends, Opportunities and ChallengesShinde, Kiran 30-Jul-2010
362014Conserving the Environment through Memory Research: A Case Study of Western AustraliaRyan, John C 11-May-2017
372011Leaves of a Tree: Interweaving the Many Narratives of Southwest Australian FloraRyan, John C 12-May-2017
382004The rush hour: The quality of leisure time and gender equityBittman, Michael ; Wajcman, Judy11-Aug-2010
392013En la búsqueda de significaciones socioculturales de cuerpos en la Educación FísicaVarea, Valeria 13-May-2014
402010Green Tropism and the Southwest Australian Flora: From the Green Man to the Ravensthorpe WomanRyan, John C 15-May-2017
412010Towards a corporeal aesthetics of plants: Ethnographies of embodied appreciation along the wildflower trailRyan, John C 15-May-2017
422013Views on National Security: the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Australia, Canada, and the United States of AmericaGroves, Lauren; Davis, John M; Page, James S ; Whitley, Michael; Rose, Dylan; West, Doe22-May-2014
432012Towards Intimate Relations: Gesture and Contact Between Plants and PeopleRyan, John C 15-May-2017
442013Apology and Reconciliation in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Canada, the United States, and AustraliaDavis, John; Davis, Carol; Stone, Ariel; Page, James S ; Whitley, Michael; West, Doe22-May-2014
452012Review of 'Images of the Pacific Rim: Australia and California, 1850-1935', by Erika Esau, Sydney, Power Publications, 2010, 368 pp., AUD$59.95 (paperback), ISBN 9780909952396Ryan, John C 18-May-2017
462011Cultural Botany: Toward a Model of Transdisciplinary, Embodied, and Poetic Research into PlantsRyan, John C 18-May-2017
472017Protective Factors in Families: Themes From a Socioecological Study of Australian Defence Force Families Experiencing Parental DeploymentRogers-Baber, Margaret 22-May-2017
482010Not a Bush Flaneur? The Convergent Topographies of Recreational Bushwalking, Floristic Appreciation and Human Embodiment in the Southwest of Western AustraliaRyan, John C 16-May-2017
492013UK/Anglo Perspectives on the Achievability of PeaceSalmberg, Mathilde; O'Keefe, Kathryn; Davis, Jenna; Davis, John; Page, James S ; Whitley, Michael; Davis, Carol; West, Doe22-May-2014
502013Re-Thinking Values in Africa: For Collective Well-beingKuyini-Abubakar, Ahmed29-May-2014
Results 1-50 of 559 (Search time: 0.038 seconds).


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