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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12012A comparison of the element interactivity effect associated with balance and inverse methods in equation solvingNgu, Bing ; Chung, Siu18-Feb-2013
22010Understanding Students' Online Learning Experiences in Virtual TeamsLoh, Jennifer; Smyth, Robyn 3-Aug-2010
32007Equation Instruction: A Comparison of Balance and Inverse MethodsNgu, Bing 28-Feb-2013
42002Online Instruction Versus Face-to-Face Instruction At UNIMASNgu, Bing 28-Feb-2013
52014An international study of the propensity of students to limit their use of private transport in light of their understanding of the causes of global warmingBoyes, Eddie; Stannistreet, Martin; Ambusaidi, Abdullah; Cheong, Irene Po-Ai; Kim, Mijung; Yoon, Hye-Gyoung; Skamp, Keith; Rodriguez, Manuel; Malandrakis, Georgios; Fortner, Rosanne W; Kilinc, Ahmet; Taylor, Neil ; Chhokar, Kiran; Dua, Shweta14-May-2014
62014VirtualPREX: Developing Teaching Skills in 'Second Life'Masters, Yvonne ; Gregory, Sue ; Reiners, Torsten; Knox, Vicki ; Dalgarno, Barney8-May-2014
72015Chapter 7: ICT and general capabilities in the Australian CurriculumMiller, Judith A 4-Nov-2015
82010Towards a 3D digital multimodal curriculum for the upper primary schoolChandler, Paul; O'Brien, Annemaree ; Unsworth, Leonard 2-Aug-2010
92008Creating Conditions for Intercultural and International Learning and TeachingGesche, Astrid; Makeham, Paul30-Jan-2012
102015Health and Physical Education: Preparing educators for the futureCallcott, Deborah; Miller, Judith A ; Wilson-Gahan, Susan4-Nov-2015
112015Chapter 5: PedagogyMiller, Judith A 4-Nov-2015
122018Health and Physical Education: Preparing Educators for the FutureMiller, Judith ; Wilson-Gahan, Susan; Garrett, Robyne22-Jan-2019
132018General capabilities and health and physical educationJudith Miller23-Jan-2019
142015Education for Sustainability in Primary Mathematics EducationSerow, Penelope A 4-Nov-2015
152011Videoconferencing between Australian and Korean schools for Intercultural ExchangesAuh, Myung-Sook ; Reading, Christine E 2-Feb-2012
162012Using pictures to analyse and construct knowledgeReader, Paul 27-Feb-2013
172008Helping Students Improve Their WritingMalouff, John M ; Rooke, Sally E ; Schutte, Nicola 27-Jul-2010
182015Using a Business Intelligence Approach to Increase Online MBA Students' Motivation and SatisfactionFisher, Josie A ; Whale, Sue ; Valenzuela-Abaca, Fredy 8-May-2017
192015Education for Sustainability in Primary English EducationHansford, Diane 4-Nov-2015
202012Learning to Solve Percentages: A Comparative Study of the Equation, Unitary, and Pictorial ApproachesNgu, Bing ; Tobias, Stephen 28-Feb-2013
212010Analogical Approach to Facilitate Learning of Trigonometry ProblemsNgu, Bing 28-Feb-2013
222009Learning to Read through GrammarFeez, Susan 4-Dec-2009
235-Jun-2018Recasts and output-only prompts, individual learner factors and short-term EFL learningLi, Huifang 5-Jun-2018
242015Teaching statistics with technologyProdromou, Theodosia 24-Sep-2015
252015GeoGebra for Australian secondary and senior secondary mathematics teachersProdromou, Theodosia 6-Oct-2015
262011Introducing the Project Approach and Use of Visual Representation to Early Childhood Education in BhutanBrooks, Margaret ; Wangmo, Tshering21-Feb-2013
272015Bad Teacher? Using Films as Texts When Teaching Business Ethics: Exploring the IssuesFisher, Josie A ; Grant, Bligh; Palmer, Denise 10-Nov-2015
282017Academic domains as political battlegrounds: A global enquiry by 99 academics in the fields of education and technologyAl Lily, Abdulrahman E; Foland, Jed; Vlachopoulos, Dimitrios; Oni, Aderonke; Liu, Yuliang; Badosek, Radim; de la Madrid, Maria Cristina Lopez; Mazzoni, Elvis; Lee, Hwansoo; Kinley, Khamsum; Kalz, Marco; Sambuu, Uyanga; Stoloff, David; Bushnaq, Tatiana; Pinkwart, Niels; Adedokun-Shittu, Nafisat Afolake; Zander, Par-Ola Mikael; Oliver, Kevin; Pombo, Lucia Maria Teixeira; Sali, Jale Balaban; Gregory, Sue ; Tobgay, Sonam; Joy, Mike; Gogus, Aytac; Elen, Jan; Jwaifell, Mustafa Odeh Helal; Said, Mohd Nihra Haruzuan Mohamad; Al-Saggaf, Yeslam; Naaji, Antoanela; White, Julie; Jordan, Kathy; Gerstein, Jackie; Yapici, Ibrahim Umit; Sanga, Camilius; Erguvan, Inan Deniz; Nleya, Paul T; Sbihi, Boubker; Lucas, Margarida Rocha; Mbarika, Victor; Reiners, Torsten; Schon, Sandra; Sujo-Montes, Laura; Santally, Mohammad; Hakkinen, Paivi; Saif, Abdulkarim Al; Awshar, Mapotse Tome; Gegenfurtner, Andreas; Schatz, Steven; Vigil, Virginia Padilla; Tannahill, Catherine; Partida, Siria Padilla; Zhang, Zuochen; Charalambous, Kyriacos; Moreira, Antonio; Coto, Mayela; Laxman, Kumar; Tondeur, Jo; Farley, Helen Sara; Gumbo, Mishack T; Simsek, Ali; Ramganesh, E; Birzina, Rita; Player-Koro, Catarina; Dumbraveanu, Roza; Ziphorah, Mmankoko; Mohamudally, Nawaz; Thomas, Sarah; Hammond, Michael; Romero, Margarida; Nirmala, Mungamuru; Cifuentes, Lauren; Osaily, Raja Zuhair Khaled; Omoogun, Ajayi Clemency; Seferoglu, S Sadi; Elci, Alev; Edyburn, Dave; Moudgalya, Kannan; Ebner, Martin; Venter, Isabella M; Bottino, Rosa; Khoo, Elaine; Pedro, Luis; Buarki, Hanadi; Roman-Odio, Clara; Qureshi, Ijaz A; Khan, Mahbub Ahsan; Thornthwaite, Carrie; Kerimkulova, Sulushash; Downes, Toni; Jerry, Paul; Malmi, Lauri; Bardakci, Salih; Itmazi, Jamil; Rogers, Jim; Rughooputh, Soonil D D V; Akour, Mohammed Ali; Henderson, J Bryan; de Freitas, Sarah; Schrader, P G17-May-2017
292015Grappling with Multiplicity: A Framework for Teacher FormationMasters, Yvonne ; Freak, Annette 10-Dec-2015
302015All kinds of leadersMcCrea, Nadine L 9-Dec-2015
312016Knowledge, Creativity and Failure: A New Pedagogical Framework for Creative ArtsHay, Christopher16-May-2017
322010An Example of Qualitative Research: Insights from School StakeholdersReyes, Vicente26-May-2014
332019Solution representations of percentage change problems: the pre-service primary teachers’ mathematical thinking and reasoningNgu, Bing Hiong 11-Dec-2018
342017Linking the experiential, affective and cognitive domains in biology education: a case study - microscopyVlaardingerbroek, Barend; Taylor, Neil ; Bale, Colin; Kennedy, John 17-May-2017
352010Accepting Choices: To ICT or Not to ICT - Engagement!Gregory, Susanne ; Lloyd, Ian29-Sep-2010
36Sep-2018‘When are we going again?’ Investigating children’s responses to a new nature playspace at an environmental education centreElliott, Sue ; Rizk, Nadya ; Taylor, Subhashni ; Kennelly, Julie; McKenzie, Matt6-Mar-2019
372017Literacy in Australia: Pedagogies for EngagementFlint, Amy Seely; Kitson, Lisbeth; Lowe, Kaye; Shaw, Kylie; Feez, Susan ; Humphrey, Sally; Vicars, Mark23-May-2017
382011Levels of use of Interactive Whiteboard technology in the primary mathematics classroomSerow, Penelope A ; Callingham, Rosemary A 18-Apr-2012
392011Toucan You Can Sing and PlayHays, Terrence N; Hoermann, Deanna; Alter, Frances 30-Mar-2012
402002Constructivist-informed Pedagogy in Teacher Education: An Overview of a Year-Long Study in FijiTaylor, Neil ; Coll, Richard K4-Jun-2012
412011Developing intercultural language learning textbooks: Methodological trends, engaging with the intercultural construct and personal reflections on the processMorgan, Anne-Marie ; Kohler, Michelle; Harbon, Lesley29-Jul-2013
422012Language, literacy, literature: Using storytelling in the languages classroomMorgan, Anne-Marie 30-Jul-2013
432012Early Learner Language Needs: Piggy-Backing Second Language Learning on First or Dominant Language CurriculumMorgan, Anne-Marie 30-Jul-2013
442010We could have loved and lost, or we never could have love at all: Syntactic Misanalysis in L2 Sentence ProcessingConroy, Mark A ; Cupples, Linda6-May-2011
452011Improving self-confidence and abilities: A problem-based learning approach for beginning mathematics teachersSchmude, Martin ; Serow, Penelope A ; Tobias, Stephen 2-Apr-2012
462011Improving the Numeracy Performance of Middle-School Students through Enhancing Basic Academic Skills: Evidence From the use of QuickSmart with Indigenous StudentsGraham, Lorraine; Pegg, John E 2-Apr-2012
472000Theatrical Advocacy: A report of Advocacy Training at UNEEburn, Michael E19-Apr-2012
482012Patterns of corrective feedback in a task-based adult EFL classroom setting in ChinaIwashita, Noriko; Li, Huifang 15-Jun-2017
492014Opening Pandora's Box: Exploring Inequalities In EducationZhang, Hongzhi; Chan, Phillip Wing Keung; Boyle, Christopher 6-Sep-2014
502014The Courageous CarpEverett, Lynn M 9-Mar-2016
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