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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12008The Formative Years, Individuality and Growth in the Australian Settler Subject: A Focus on the Life and colonial Texts of Lucy GrayVivers, Margaret I 1-May-2009
22012Australia, local history inWilton, Janis 21-Feb-2013
32012Review of Alistair Thomson, 'Moving Stories: An intimate history of four women across two countries', University of New South Wales Press, Sydney, 2011. 344 pages. ISBN 978 174223 278 2.Wilton, Janis 21-Feb-2013
42006History, Historians and the Many Earlier Wright College Shapers of New England's and of Australia's Self-perceptionRyan, John Sprott 4-May-2009
52002All Work No Pay: Australian Civilian Volunteers in WarOppenheimer, Melanie 23-Jan-2012
61971B. AustralianRyan, John S 5-Nov-2015
72006Uplands Always AttractRyan, John Sprott 5-May-2009
82009Remembering Wing Yuen Lee: surprises, silences and subtexts in oral testimonyBoileau, Joanna2-May-2014
92006Visual ArtsVivers, Margaret I 6-May-2009
102008Two Radical Legends: Russel Ward, Humphrey McQueen and the New Left Challenge in Australian HistoriographyBongiorno, Francis Robert1-May-2009
112006The FrontierRoberts, David 5-May-2009
122006PoliticsBongiorno, Francis Robert6-May-2009
132006Sunshine, Snow, Wind and RainHobbs, Jack; Atkinson, Alan Thomas 6-May-2009
142011Beveridge and voluntary action in Britain and the wider British worldOppenheimer, Melanie ; Deakin, Nicholas23-Jan-2012
152008Pirates of the Pacific: The Convict Seizure of the WellingtonIhde, Erin 1-May-2009
162002Writing Set in Tenterfield - and other Literary ReferencesRyan, John Sprott 7-May-2009
172006Review of Beverley Kingston, 'A History of New South Wales' (Melbourne: Cambridge University Press, 2006), pb ISBN 0 521 54168-9, pp. x, 299.Mason, Susan; Ryan, John S 17-Nov-2015
182008Telling Objects: Material Culture and Memory in Oral History InterviewsWilton, Janis 21-May-2009
192006New EnglandMessner, Andrew Charles ; Bongiorno, Francis Robert12-May-2009
202006James Squire Farnell: (18.12.1877 - 20.12.1878)Bongiorno, Francis Robert12-May-2009
212006Contemplating the Role of Mistakes in Australia's PastCrotty, M; Roberts, David 13-May-2009
222007Henry Ling Roth in TasmaniaMcDougall, Russell John 19-May-2009
232002The struggle for Anzac Day 1916-1930 and the role of the Brisbane Anzac Day Commemoration CommitteeMoses, John22-May-2009
242004The Practical administration of justice: The adaptation of English law to colonial customs and circumstances, as reflected in Sir James Dowling's 'Select Cases' of the Supreme Court of New South Wales, 1828 to 1844.Castle, Timothy22-May-2009
252014"To Dream My Family Tonight": Listening to Stories of Grief and Hope Among Hazara Refugees in AustraliaPhillips, Denise A25-Jun-2014
262010"Mind-forg'd Manacles": The Mechanics of Control Inside Late-Nineteenth Century Tasmanian Charitable InstitutionsPiper, Andrew 8-Dec-2010
272003Review of 'Australian Ways of Death: A Social and Cultural History 1840–1918'. By Pat Jalland: Oxford University Press, Melbourne. 2002. vi + 378pp. £15.99.Pender, Anne 15-Jul-2009
282010One Man Show: The Stages of Barry HumphriesPender, Anne 30-Nov-2010
292006Twentieth-century ImmigrantsWilton, Janis 1-Feb-2010
302009Different Sights: Immigrants in New EnglandWilton, Janis 1-Feb-2010
312009Historical Thinking in Higher Education: Staff and student perceptions of the nature of historical thinkingNye, Adele ; Hughes-Warrington, Marnie; Roe, Jill; Russell, Penny; Peel, Mark; Deacon, Desley; Laugesen, Amanda; Kiem, Paul4-May-2012
322012'Dig, dig, dig, until you are safe': constructing the Australian trenches on GallipoliWise, Nathan 4-May-2012
332010Hazaras' Persecution Worsens: Will the New Government show Leadership by lifting the Suspension on Afghani Asylum Claims?Phillips, Denise Anne2-May-2011
342010Behind the Lines: Cartoons as Historical SourcesScully, Richard 6-May-2011
352006Australia and Oceania: Australia (British)Ryan, JS 30-Jun-2008
362004Golden Threads: The Chinese in Regional New South Wales 1850-1950Wilton, Janis 30-Jun-2008
372010Gold and its landscapes: Uralla in the 'Roaring Days'Haworth, Robert J; Goode, Arnold5-May-2011
382014Review of John A. Moses and George F. Davis, 'Anzac Day Origins: Canon D. J. Garland and Trans-Tasman Commemoration': Barton Books, Barton, 2013, pbk, ISBN 9781921577 16 1, xxxii, 417 ppWise, Nathan 5-Sep-2014
392012Shadows of the Great War: Group Soldier Settlement in Greater Sydney, 1917-1939Allison, Glenys Maree; Oppenheimer, Melanie ; Wise, Nathan 18-Apr-2012
402011New England Lives IVRyan, John Sprott ; Newman, Warren30-Mar-2012
412007The Lost Labour Force: Working-Class Approaches to Military Service During the Great WarWise, Nathan 13-Jul-2009
422013Iconic Artworks as Stimuli for Engaging School Students in Their National History: A Priority in Pre-Service Teacher EducationBourke, Graeme F 19-Jul-2013
432001The Chinese history and heritage of regional NSWWilton, Janis 27-Jun-2008
442007Review of Robin Poke, 'Peter Antonie: Out of His Shell - A Biography of Australian Rowing's Unsung Hero', Walla Walla Press, Sydney, 2007, pp. v + 284, pb, $39.95Parker, Claire8-Jul-2013
452010"Encouraging ... intelligent interest": William Henry Archer's 'Facts and Figures' as a popular science magazineCoote, Anne 9-May-2011
462004RIP by the Roadside: A Comparative Study of Roadside Memorials in New South Wales, Australia, and Texas, United StatesClark, JR ; Cheshire, A18-Jul-2008
472010'Independent peasants': a memoir of the Tasmanian Wright brothersHoddinott, Alison Mary13-May-2011
482009'From Bullets to Pullets': Bankstown Soldier SettlementAllison, Glenys M24-Feb-2010
492005Fabian Socialism and British Australia, 1890-1972Bongiorno, FR24-Jul-2008
502011Review of Bill Bloomcamp and Gordon Copeland, 'Footscray Swimming and Water Polo Clubs: One Hundred Years, 1909-2009', Maribyrnong: Footscray Swimming and Water Polo Clubs Inc., 2009Parker, Claire8-Jul-2013
Results 1-50 of 336 (Search time: 0.037 seconds).


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