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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12011Kizmet: the Fate of the Australian Gallipoli POWsLawless, Jennifer; Oppenheimer, Melanie ; Wise, Nathan 5-Aug-2011
22008Breaking the Bank: An extraordinary colonial robberyBaxter, Carol 18-Aug-2011
32013The History of the Australian Satirical PressScully, Richard 17-Dec-2013
42006In this world and the next: Political modernity and unorthodox religion in Australia, 1880-1930Bongiorno, Francis Robert1-May-2009
52006Frontier Conflict and Aboriginal Deaths: How do we weigh the evidence?Kent, David 1-May-2009
62006Goward, Raymond Spencer (1891-1979)Oppenheimer, Melanie 22-Aug-2011
72008Competing Voices on the Road: Seeking Pleasure and Representing Death on the Pacific HighwayClark, Jennifer Rose ; Cushing, Nancy; Oakley, Rilka5-May-2010
8200926 January 1788: The Arrival of the First Fleet and the 'Foundation of Australia'Roberts, David 17-Nov-2009
92008The Formative Years, Individuality and Growth in the Australian Settler Subject: A Focus on the Life and colonial Texts of Lucy GrayVivers, Margaret I 1-May-2009
102006The Reappraisal of the White Australia Policy against the Background of a Changing Asia, 1945-67Jordan, Matthew Brian1-May-2009
112011Robinson's Hares, Still RunningMcDougall, Russell J 22-Aug-2011
122002Beyond the Limits of Location: Human environmental disturbance prior to official European contact in early colonial AustraliaGale, SJ; Haworth, Robert John1-May-2009
132013Diary of William Henry MutlowReed, Michael16-Dec-2013
142006Bate, Thelma Florence (1904-1984)Oppenheimer, Melanie 22-Aug-2011
152006Barnes, Kathleen Hope (1909-1981)Oppenheimer, Melanie 22-Aug-2011
162007'This Special Shell': The Church Building and the Embodiment of MemoryClark, Jennifer Rose 1-May-2009
172014The University of New England: A chronology of major eventsJohnstone, Ian M; Munro, Celia23-Dec-2014
182008A Cargo of Women: Susannah Watson and the Convicts of the Princess RoyalSmith, Babette 16-Aug-2011
192013How did Burke die?Lewis, Darrell 21-Nov-2013
202014SaleyardsIhde, Erin 7-Jan-2015
212010The two world wars and the remaking of Australian sexualityBongiorno, Frank Robert19-Aug-2011
222014Our Mr GilbertMurray, Les3-Feb-2015
232006What is to be done with the men?: The role of invalids in the establishment of the Launceston General HospitalPiper, Andrew 6-May-2009
242012Alcohol and authority in early New South Wales: The symbolic significance of the spirit trade, 1788-1808Allen, Matthew 7-Feb-2014
252011Sectarianism, Respectability and Cultural Identity: The St Patrick's Total Abstinence Society and Irish Catholic Temperance in mid-Nineteenth Century SydneyAllen, Matthew 7-Feb-2014
262002Writing Set in Tenterfield - and other Literary ReferencesRyan, John Sprott 7-May-2009
272011Perry Descendants in Australia: Perry/​Nivison and Marlay/​Deloitte familiesOppenheimer, Jillian6-Feb-2015
282013'Eat, Pray, Laugh!': Barry Humphries, Reg Livermore And Cross-Dressed Australian BurlesquePender, Anne 10-Feb-2014
291977Armidale and District Historical Society Journal and Proceedings: No. 20, January 1977 - Railway IssueRyan, John S 18-Sep-2012
301977Introductory Note to the 'Armidale and District Historical Society Journal and Proceedings': No. 20, January 1977 - Railway IssueRyan, John S 18-Sep-2012
312002Introduction to 'Writing Tenterfield'Ryan, John Sprott 30-Apr-2009
322011Forgotten Women of the Forgotten War: Australian Nurses in the Korean War, 1950-1956Fleming, Rebecca; Oppenheimer, Melanie ; Wilton, Janis ; Knox, Sara17-Sep-2012
332012Resource Rents, Taxation, and Political Economy in Australia: States, Public Policy, and the New Squatters in Historical PerspectiveLloyd, Christopher 13-Feb-2014
342004PrefaceRyan, John Sprott 12-May-2009
352012The Church Act: The expansion of Christianity or the imposition of moral enlightenment?Stoneman, David; Roberts, David ; Scully, Richard ; Ihde, Erin ; Clark, Jennifer R 23-Jul-2012
361992Henry Kendall: The Muse of AustraliaMcDougall, Russell J 1-Aug-2012
372013Australia's Family Historians: Who They Are, What They Do and Their MotivationsAlekna, Leon Vince; Wilton, Janis ; Scott, John 4-Nov-2013
382001Introduction to 'New England Lives II'Ryan, John Sprott 5-Nov-2009
392012From Phillip to Grose: Leadership in New South Wales from 1788 to 1794Cunneen, Stephen; Roberts, David ; Atkinson, Alan2-Aug-2012
402008Russel Ward: Settlement and ApotheosisAtkinson, Alan Thomas 27-Apr-2009
412010George Rutledge: Success and tragedyEnlund, Peter23-Jul-2012
422010Making Sense of Australia's War MemorialsPage, James S 16-Dec-2014
432007The Diary of Phar LapBaker, Robert John29-Apr-2009
442003The Last Farewell: Devon convicts transported to Australia, 1782-1821Walton, John29-Apr-2009
452004A Spirit of true learning: The Jubilee History of the University of New EnglandJordan, Matthew Brian29-Apr-2009
462009Celebration of Anniversary Day to 1900Coote, Anne 12-May-2010
472009Armstrong, JohnCoote, Anne 12-May-2010
482008Two Radical Legends: Russel Ward, Humphrey McQueen and the New Left Challenge in Australian HistoriographyBongiorno, Francis Robert1-May-2009
492009'Harry Grimsby' Reconsidered: The New South Wales Colonial Constabulary 1825-35McCabe, Kristine; Atkinson, Alan; Roberts, David 19-Nov-2009
502005The Enlightenment at Sea: Medical Scientists in the Baudin Expedition, 1800-1804Simpson, Donald; Southwood, Jane5-Sep-2011
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