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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12008Pacific Education: Issues and PerspectivesDorovolomo, Jeremy; Koya, Cresantia F; Phan, Huy ; Veramu, Joseph; Nabobo-Baba, Unaisi26-Jul-2010
22011VirtualPREX: Open and Distance Learning for pre-service teachersGregory, Sue ; James, Rosalind 31-Jan-2012
32010Leadership and Organization: The Case of Biology at BerkeleyHarman, Grant 10-Aug-2010
42012Academic Work in an Autonomous Royal University of Bhutan: Challenges and Responsibilities Regarding ResearchMaxwell, Thomas W 28-Feb-2013
52015Chapter 7: ICT and general capabilities in the Australian CurriculumMiller, Judith A 4-Nov-2015
62011Educational assessment in virtual world environmentsReiners, Torsten; Gregory, Sue ; Dreher, Heinz31-Jan-2012
72011Institutional support for and barriers to the use of 3D immersive virtual worlds in higher educationDalgarno, Barney; Lee, Mark JW; Carlson, Lauren; Gregory, Sue ; Tynan, Belinda31-Jan-2012
82011How are Australian higher education institutions contributing to change through innovative teaching and learning in virtual worlds?Gregory, Brent ; Gregory, Sue ; Flintoff, Kim; Schutt , Stefan; Linegar, Dale; Alderton, Robyn; Cram, Andrew; Stupans, Ieva ; Orwin, Lindy; Meredith, Grant; McCormick, Debbie; Collins, Francesca; Wood, Denise; Grenfell, Jenny; Zagami, Jason; Ellis, Allan; Jacka, Lisa; Campbell, John; Larsons, Ian; Fluck, Andrew; Thomas, Angela; Farley, Helen; Muldoon, Nona; Masters, Yvonne ; Abbas, Ali; Sinnappan, Suku; Neville, Katrina; Burnett, Ian; Aitken, Ashley; Simoff, Simeon; Scutter, Shiela; Wang, Xiangyu; Souter, Kay; Ellis, David; Hillier, Mathew; Salomon, Mandy; Wadley, Greg; Newstead, Anne; Jacobson, Michael; Hayes, Garry; Grant, Scott; Yusupova, Alyona; Stokes-Thompson, Frederick; Bogdanovych, Anton; Butler, Des; Hay, Lyn; Jegathesan, Jay Jay31-Jan-2012
92015Health and Physical Education: Preparing educators for the futureCallcott, Deborah; Miller, Judith A ; Wilson-Gahan, Susan4-Nov-2015
102011Changing directions through VirtualPREX: engaging pre-service teachers in virtual professional experienceGregory, Sue ; Dalgarno, Barney; Campbell, Matthew; Reiners, Torsten; Knox, Vicki ; Masters, Yvonne 31-Jan-2012
112015Chapter 5: PedagogyMiller, Judith A 4-Nov-2015
122015Gamification and digital games-based learning in the classroomGregory, Sue ; Reiners, Torsten; Wood, Lincoln C; Teras, Hanna; Teras, Marko; Henderson, Michael9-Oct-2015
132012An Appraisal-based analysis of staff perceptions of recycling in an Australian regional universityHardy, Joy ; Smith, Susen; Bartel, Robyn ; Littledyke, Michael ; Ryder, Darren 20-Feb-2013
142014Paradox or parody? Globalization and internationalization of higher educationDenman, Brian 7-May-2014
152006Review of 'Advising PhD Candidates', Peggy Nightingale: 2005 Milperra, NSW, Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia (HERDSA)Maxwell, Thomas William 11-Dec-2009
162015The impact of FTP on commitment to career choices: situating within a social cognitive perspectivePhan, Huy 9-Oct-2015
172014The ethics and politics of ethics approvalBattin, Tim ; Riley, Daniel ; Avery, Alan30-Apr-2014
182010Funding of University ResearchHarman, Grant 10-Aug-2010
192012ESL and Digital Video Integration: Case StudiesLi, Jia; Gromik, Nicolas ; Edwards, Nicolas20-May-2014
201995Teaching from a DistanceSmith, Jan; Holmes, Nola 4-Aug-2019
212017Academic domains as political battlegrounds: A global enquiry by 99 academics in the fields of education and technologyAl Lily, Abdulrahman E; Foland, Jed; Vlachopoulos, Dimitrios; Oni, Aderonke; Liu, Yuliang; Badosek, Radim; de la Madrid, Maria Cristina Lopez; Mazzoni, Elvis; Lee, Hwansoo; Kinley, Khamsum; Kalz, Marco; Sambuu, Uyanga; Stoloff, David; Bushnaq, Tatiana; Pinkwart, Niels; Adedokun-Shittu, Nafisat Afolake; Zander, Par-Ola Mikael; Oliver, Kevin; Pombo, Lucia Maria Teixeira; Sali, Jale Balaban; Gregory, Sue ; Tobgay, Sonam; Joy, Mike; Gogus, Aytac; Elen, Jan; Jwaifell, Mustafa Odeh Helal; Said, Mohd Nihra Haruzuan Mohamad; Al-Saggaf, Yeslam; Naaji, Antoanela; White, Julie; Jordan, Kathy; Gerstein, Jackie; Yapici, Ibrahim Umit; Sanga, Camilius; Erguvan, Inan Deniz; Nleya, Paul T; Sbihi, Boubker; Lucas, Margarida Rocha; Mbarika, Victor; Reiners, Torsten; Schon, Sandra; Sujo-Montes, Laura; Santally, Mohammad; Hakkinen, Paivi; Saif, Abdulkarim Al; Awshar, Mapotse Tome; Gegenfurtner, Andreas; Schatz, Steven; Vigil, Virginia Padilla; Tannahill, Catherine; Partida, Siria Padilla; Zhang, Zuochen; Charalambous, Kyriacos; Moreira, Antonio; Coto, Mayela; Laxman, Kumar; Tondeur, Jo; Farley, Helen Sara; Gumbo, Mishack T; Simsek, Ali; Ramganesh, E; Birzina, Rita; Player-Koro, Catarina; Dumbraveanu, Roza; Ziphorah, Mmankoko; Mohamudally, Nawaz; Thomas, Sarah; Hammond, Michael; Romero, Margarida; Nirmala, Mungamuru; Cifuentes, Lauren; Osaily, Raja Zuhair Khaled; Omoogun, Ajayi Clemency; Seferoglu, S Sadi; Elci, Alev; Edyburn, Dave; Moudgalya, Kannan; Ebner, Martin; Venter, Isabella M; Bottino, Rosa; Khoo, Elaine; Pedro, Luis; Buarki, Hanadi; Roman-Odio, Clara; Qureshi, Ijaz A; Khan, Mahbub Ahsan; Thornthwaite, Carrie; Kerimkulova, Sulushash; Downes, Toni; Jerry, Paul; Malmi, Lauri; Bardakci, Salih; Itmazi, Jamil; Rogers, Jim; Rughooputh, Soonil D D V; Akour, Mohammed Ali; Henderson, J Bryan; de Freitas, Sarah; Schrader, P G17-May-2017
22Nov-2018Submitting works for publication: Helping authors learn good practiceEdwards, Jane ; Payne, Helen3-Apr-2019
232011Collaboration through virtual worlds in Australia and New Zealand higher education institutionsGregory, Sue 24-Feb-2012
242015Grappling with Multiplicity: A Framework for Teacher FormationMasters, Yvonne ; Freak, Annette 10-Dec-2015
252014An Empirical Validation of Achievement Goals: A 2x2 Framework Study within the Context of Saudi University LearningPhan, Huy ; Alrashidi, Oqab3-Jun-2014
262011Multiple Educational Disadvantage: The research journey continuesWillems, Julie 6-Mar-2012
2718-Mar-2019Providing Initial Teacher Education Students with Flexible AssessmentParkes, Mitchell ; Fletcher, Peter 6-Nov-2019
282012Is it time to ditch the traditional university exam?Muldoon, Robyn 31-May-2012
292011Improving self-confidence and abilities: A problem-based learning approach for beginning mathematics teachersSchmude, Martin ; Serow, Penelope A ; Tobias, Stephen 2-Apr-2012
302014Management, Leadership and Change: Views from Rectors, Vice-Rectors and Academic Staff in Vietnamese Higher Education InstitutionsNguyen, Phuong Thi Mai; Cornish, Linley ; Minichiello, Victor 23-Sep-2014
312008Methods of Motivational TeachingMalouff, John M ; Rooke, Sally E ; Schutte, Nicola ; Foster, Roxanne; Bhullar, Navjot 18-Jun-2013
322004Research Notes: Revisiting the Asian Financial Crisis, Critical Review of the Economic Premises Entitled: The End of the Asian Myth: Why were the experts fooled?Reyes, Vicente24-Sep-2014
332011Interrelations between self-efficacy and learning approaches: a developmental approachPhan, Huy 18-Apr-2012
342013Higher Education in Saudi Arabia: Achievements, Challenges and OpportunitiesSmith, Larry ; Abouammoh, Abdulrahman27-Jun-2013
352013Governance in Saudi Higher EducationAl-Eisa, Einas S; Smith, Larry 27-Jun-2013
362016Understanding Chinese Families' Cultural Identities and Their Children's Mathematics Learning through a Narrative ApproachMok, Angel 3-Jul-2017
372015Commercial educationSims, Margaret 7-Aug-2017
382016Curriculum Reform and Education Policy Borrowing in China: Towards a Hybrid Model of TeachingReyes, Vicente; Tan, Charlene6-May-2016
392015Defining the purposes of educationSims, Margaret 8-Aug-2017
402016Becoming and being academic women in Lao PDR: Stoic but desiring changeMaxwell, Thomas W ; Boulidam, Somhkit; Ousy, Salika; Osay, Vong Deuan13-May-2016
412010Re-thinking persistence in the first year of higher educationGodwin, Julie 26-Sep-2014
422014Gamification Design Elements in Business Education SimulationsReiners, Torsten; Wood, Lincoln C; Gregory, Sue ; Teras, Hanna30-Sep-2014
432010Education for All and Cross-Border Provision of Higher Education in the Asia-PacificDenman, Brian ; Dunstan, Neil 10-Jul-2013
442010From Barriers to Bridges: An Investigation on Saudi Student Mobility (2006-2009)Denman, Brian ; Hilal, Kholoud T10-Jul-2013
452016Courage needed to find truthSims, Margaret 25-Jul-2017
462016Struggle for our freedom of expressionSims, Margaret 25-Jul-2017
472015Teaching Students to Learn and to Work Well with 21st Century Skills: Unpacking the Career and Life Skills Domain of the New Learning ParadigmKivunja, Charles 15-Oct-2014
482015Becoming and being academic women in Cambodia: Cultural and other understandingsMaxwell, Thomas W ; Nget, Sokhany; Am, Khunty; Sreyleak, Peou; You, Songly9-May-2016
492015Instilling complianceSims, Margaret 8-Aug-2017
502001A Cross-Cultural Investigation of the Musical Tastes of Korean, American, and Australian University Students Focusing on Informal and Formal Musical ExperiencesAuh, M ; Walker, R; Jong, J; Kim, S2-May-2008
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