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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12010The Aims of Hybrid Tribunals: An examination of the theoretical basis for the work of the Special Panels for Serious Crimes in East TimorRyan, Alison; Moore, Cameron ; Simpson, Brian 6-Jul-2010
2Apr-2013Solution-focused court programs for mentally impaired offenders: What works?Edgely, Michelle 7-Jun-2019
32005Pitcairn - the saga continuesWright, Frances24-Jan-2012
42009"The scourge of residential streets": The Legal (Mis)Construction of Street Racing as Anti-social BehaviourSimpson, Brian H 11-Aug-2010
51994Withdrawing, Withholding and Refusing Emergency ResuscitationEburn, Michael E4-Dec-2009
62002Judicial Performance Evaluation, Promotion and Salary PackagingColbran, Stephen4-May-2009
72010Law of the SeaMoore, Cameron 9-Aug-2010
82010ForceMoore, Cameron 9-Aug-2010
92011Evaluation of alternative feedback mechanisms on student engagement with assessment feedbackColbran, Stephen31-Jan-2012
102015The Use of ForceMoore, Cameron 4-Nov-2015
112012Legal Émigrés and the Development of Australian Tort LawLunney, Mark 25-Feb-2013
122004International and National Aspects of a Legislative Framework to Manage Soil Carbon SequestrationHannam, Ian 4-May-2009
132007Criminology, crime and politics before and after 9/11Hogg, Russell George 1-May-2009
142016Using social science perspectives on risk to implement an environmental justice analysis: Is this the right way forward to mitigate the social risks of low carbon energy technologies and help policy makers achieve renewable energy targets worldwide?Le Gal, Elodie9-May-2017
152012The Australian Constitution and Expressive ReformGhosh, Eric 20-Feb-2013
162009Finding Another Link in the Chain: International Treaties and Devolution to Local Law Enforcement in the Case of the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered SpeciesLiljeblad, Jonathan12-May-2014
172010Australian Fishing ZoneMoore, Cameron 11-Aug-2010
182019Turbulent Times for FTAs: Australia and the RegionPerry, Mark ; Corbin, Lillian 11-Jan-2019
192010The Right to FoodChen, Ying 14-May-2017
202010Finding a Partial Cure for Rural Policy InsanityMartin, Paul 28-Jul-2010
212005Outlawry in Colonial Australia: The Felons Apprehension Acts 1865-1899Eburn, Michael E30-Jul-2010
222015Robust communications or incivility - where do we draw the line?Baron, Paula; Corbin, Lillian 5-Nov-2015
232010DominionMoore, Cameron 11-Aug-2010
242010Contiguous ZoneMoore, Cameron 11-Aug-2010
2511-Dec-2018Improved Legal and Institutional Arrangements for Peri-Urban Invasive Animal Management in AustraliaNemane, Vivek ; Martin, Paul ; Low Choy, Darryl 25-Jul-2019
262010Protecting Intellectual Property in Thai Traditional MedicineKudngaongarm, Panumas; Brohmer, Jurgen ; Forrest, Heather; Varayudej, Same 18-Jan-2012
272010Transaction Costs, Risks and Policy FailureMartin, Paul ; Shortle, J23-Jan-2012
282016The evaluation frameworkMartin, Paul ; Boer, Ben; Greiber, Thomas; Slobodian, Lydia; Bryner, Nick9-May-2017
292014The International Responsibility of the European Union: A Basic Interpretive PatternQuirico, Ottavio 7-May-2014
302009AppearanceColbran, Stephen; Reinhardt, Greg; Spender, Peta; Jackson, Sheryl; Douglas, Roger; Townes O'Brien, Molly10-Dec-2009
312003A discussion of the recent excision of Christmas Island from Australia's migration zone in the light of Australia's international refugee obligation of non-refoulementDella-Torre, Emilia Ida7-May-2009
322002Diligence as a Criterion for Judicial Performance EvaluationColbran, Stephen7-May-2009
332012The regulation of preimplantation genetic diagnosis: Is there anything the United Kingdom can learn from the Australian experience?de Souza, Michelle 8-Mar-2013
342013Road to Stream Connectivity: Implications for Forest Water Quality in a Sub-Tropical ClimateWebb, Ashley Adrian ; Hanson, Ian L11-Jun-2014
352014Catchment scale geostatistical simulation and uncertainty of soil erodibility using sequential Gaussian simulationJamshidi, Reza; Dragovich, Deirdre; Webb, Ashley Adrian 12-Jun-2014
362002Capacity to Commit a Tort and to SueLunney, Mark 14-May-2009
372012Is Near Enough Good Enough? - Implementing Australia's International Human Rights Torture Criminalisation and Prohibition Obligations in the 'Criminal Code' (Cth)Carne, Greg 30-May-2014
382009Remedying the Past or Losing International Human Rights in Translation? - 'Comprehensive' Responses to Australian National Security Legislation ReviewsCarne, Greg 3-Jun-2014
392017Intentional Innovation Communities: Concepts and Preliminary EvidenceFortunato, Michael; Alter, Ted ; Adapa, Sujana ; Thomas, Philip18-May-2017
402004A right old messLunney, Mark 20-May-2009
412010Human Dimensions of Soil and Water Conservation: MongoliaHannam, Ian 5-Mar-2012
422016Community-Investor Environmental Conflicts: Should and Could They Be Arbitrated?Radavoi, Ciprian N 15-Mar-2019
432016Locating local community interests between government's assurances and investor's expectationsRadavoi, Ciprian N 8-Mar-2019
442015Living in the shadows of Dixon: Isaac Isaacs contribution to the development of an Australian law of tortLunney, Mark 24-May-2017
452015Political Libel in the First World War: Australians Fighting at HomeLunney, Mark 24-May-2017
462002The Price of Responsible Parenting?Lunney, Mark 10-Jul-2009
472009Is it Right to Disregard 'Motive' in Criminal Law?Livings, Ben18-Sep-2014
482009Indigenous Australians and a National Charter of Human Rights: Issues for ConsiderationChenery, Terry; Cubillo, Eddie; Burns, Marcelle ; Price, Bess Nungarrayi; Anthony, Thalia; Davis, Megan29-Apr-2019
492006Advocates' Immunity: What makes Australian lawyers so special?Werren, JC ; Williamson, AL 13-Jun-2008
502015Sexting, Digital Dissent and Narratives of Innocence - Controlling the Child's BodySimpson, Brian H 13-Jun-2017
Results 1-50 of 1211 (Search time: 0.038 seconds).


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