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12010Are you reading me? Narrative and the student experience in education for archaeologyClarke, Catherine Therese; Beck, Wendy ; Davidson, Iain ; Panizzon, Debra21-Jul-2011
22013The Moral Dilemma and Social Disadvantages of Placing Unique Emphasis on the Filial ChildLi, Shi 12-Nov-2013
32004Schoenberg's Rilke Settings and the Fragmentation of WarShaw, Jennifer 31-Mar-2010
42005The Role of Universities in Post-Conflict Recovery: A Case StudyNinnes, Peter Martin; Jenkins, Bertram A 31-Jul-2012
52008Editors' Introduction: Cultural Spaces in EuropeScott, Alan ; Bee, Christiano; Scartezzini, Riccardo22-Jul-2011
62014New rural economies: Introduction to the special themed issueArgent, Neil ; Measham, Thomas24-Dec-2014
72008Special Issue: Cultural Spaces in EuropeScott, Alan ; Bee, Cristiano; Scartezzini, Riccardo22-Jul-2011
82008Symposium: Developing a European Public SphereBee, Christano; Scott, Alan ; Scartezzini, Riccardo22-Jul-2011
92008The development of a European public sphere: a stalled project?Bee, Christano; Scartezzini, Richardo; Scott, Alan 22-Jul-2011
102016Feminist Medusas and outback Minotaurs: why myth is big in children's booksHale, Elizabeth 4-Jul-2016
112014Path dependence, resilience and the evolution of new rural economies: Perspectives from rural Western AustraliaTonts, Matthew; Plummer, Paul; Argent, Neil 24-Dec-2014
122011Environmental Education and Sustainable Development in Solomon Islands: Policy and Practice DisparityMaebuta, Jack ; Dorovolomo, Jeremy22-Jul-2011
132005Introduction: Marvellous CodesHale, Elizabeth 24-Sep-2008
142013Permanent reflections? Public memorialisation in Queensland's Sunshine Coast RegionWindolf, Frances Elizabeth; Wilton, Janis ; Piper, Andrew 14-Nov-2013
152014The Culture of Surveillance: A major ethical challenge for our timesPage, James S 6-Jan-2015
162003Japanese Students' Perceptions of Difficulties with Study Activities at an Australian UniversityYamada, Kiyomi 1-Apr-2010
172009Supervising the Creative Arts Research Higher Degree: Towards Best PracticeBrien, Donna Lee; Williamson, Rosemary A 1-Apr-2010
182013Lost and Invisible: The Representation of Indigeneity in Children's Literature in Tasmania 1950-2001Bromley, Margaret Anne; Hale, Elizabeth ; Croker, Beverley M15-Nov-2013
191992Henry Kendall: The Muse of AustraliaMcDougall, Russell J 1-Aug-2012
202009'Intervention: Katherine, NT' (Julie Nimmo, 2008)Williamson, Dugald G 1-Apr-2010
212016Assessment rubrics: Thinking inside the boxesBennett, Cary 5-Jul-2016
222013A Peace Education Curriculum for BougainvilleJenkins, Bertram A ; Jenkins, Kathryn A ; Cornish, Linley 15-Nov-2013
232016Monitoring the resilience of rivers as social-ecological systems: a paradigm shift for river assessment in the twenty-first centuryParsons, Melissa ; Thoms, Martin ; Flotemersch, Joe; Reid, Michael 5-Jul-2016
242014LoveMcDonald, William 6-Jan-2015
252014Kierkegaards Concepts - Tome IV: Individual to NovelEmmanuel, Steven M; McDonald, William ; Stewart, Jon6-Jan-2015
262006Universities and the Regulatory Framework: The Austrian University System in TransitionBurtscher, Christian; Pasqualoni, Pier-Paolo; Scott, Alan 22-Jul-2011
272014MythGiordano, Diego; McDonald, William 6-Jan-2015
281985Style Booklet: References and Bibliography for Student EssaysRyan, John S ; Davidson, Iain 5-Jul-2016
292006Changing Patterns of Settlement and Land Use in the Hinterland of Pella (Jordan) in Late AntiquityWatson, P 25-Sep-2008
302009Die Wiederherstellung des MarktsubjektsLe Gales, Patrick; Scott, Alan 22-Jul-2011
312014MomentMcDonald, William 6-Jan-2015
322009Living and Partly Living: Jean-Pierre Jeunet's 'Amélie'Hatte, Jennifer 31-Mar-2010
332006Capitalism and the Spirit of Critique: Activism and Professional Fate in a Contemporary Social Movement/NGOPasqualoni, Pier-Paolo; Scott, Alan 19-Jul-2011
342008The Formal and Informal Orders in Land Clearance Regulation in AustraliaBartel, Robyn 31-Mar-2010
352015Review of Khanmohamadi, Shirin A., 'In Light of Another's Word: European Ethnography in the Middle Ages' (Middle Ages), Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2014: cloth; pp. 216; 1 b/w illustration; R.R.P. US$47.50, £31.00; ISBN 9780812245622.Stoessel, Jason 5-Jul-2016
362005Floodplain-river ecosystems: Fragmentation and water resources developmentThoms, Martin ; Southwell, Mark ; McGinness, H M25-Jul-2011
372015Wilton House and the art of floating meadowsNoble, Louise 5-Jul-2016
382014SaleyardsIhde, Erin 7-Jan-2015
392014MusicMcDonald, William 7-Jan-2015
402004Assamese Verb Serialization in Functional, Areal-Typological and Diachronic PerspectivePost, Mark 6-Jul-2016
412007Grammaticalization and compounding in Thai and Chinese: A text-frequency approachPost, Mark 7-Jul-2016
422005Zimbabwe's Postcolonial Language Policy Formulation Paradigms 1987-1998: another Recipe for the Marginalisation of Minority LanguagesNdhlovu, Finex 20-Nov-2013
432006Review of 'The Tai Languages of Assam - A Grammar and Texts' by Stephen Morey. Canberra: Pacific Linguistics, 2005.Post, Mark 8-Jul-2016
442008Report on the International Conference on Origins and Migrations among Tibeto-Burman Speakers of the Extended Eastern Himalaya: Humboldt University, 23 - 25 May, 2008Post, Mark 8-Jul-2016
452011Motivational postures and compliance with environmental law in Australian agricultureBartel, Robyn ; Barclay, Elaine 26-Jul-2011
462012The lived experience of distance students: Individuality, mobility, connectedness, quality and resourcefulnessAndrews, Patricia Marguerite; Tynan, Belinda; Wise, Nathan 3-Aug-2012
472009An 'Odd Couple' for Teaching Writing: The Tutorial Takes in the Committee MeetingWilliamson, Dugald George ; McDougall, Russell J ; Brien, Donna Lee7-Apr-2010
482015The Hand in Art: Bronzino's Allegory of Venus and CupidLazzeri, Davide; Albury, William Randall ; Lippi, Donatella; Weisz, George M 11-Jul-2016
492016Chores, Medicine for a Widespread Lack of Gratitude in the One-child Generations of ChinaLi, Shi 5-Jul-2016
502006Performing Urban Character: Nine Takes on Place IdentityDovey, Kim; Wood, Stephen ; Woodcock, Ian6-Apr-2010
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