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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12012Australia, local history inWilton, Janis 21-Feb-2013
21991ConospermumMackay, K David 30-Nov-2018
32010Law of the SeaMoore, Cameron 9-Aug-2010
42010ForceMoore, Cameron 9-Aug-2010
52015Julia, daughter of AugustusHopwood, Bronwyn 6-Oct-2015
62012Language Analysis for the Determination of Origin (LADO)Fraser, Helen B 27-Feb-2013
72006Malthus, Thomas Robert: Observations on the Effects of the Corn Laws, and of a Rise or Fall in the Price of Corn on the Agriculture and General Wealth of the CountryPullen, John Michael 14-Jul-2010
82010Australian Fishing ZoneMoore, Cameron 11-Aug-2010
92010DominionMoore, Cameron 11-Aug-2010
102010Contiguous ZoneMoore, Cameron 11-Aug-2010
112008PlatyhelminthesRohde, Klaus; Goodchild, CG1-Feb-2012
122010Funding of University ResearchHarman, Grant 10-Aug-2010
132008GyrocotylideaRohde, Klaus1-Feb-2012
141972Dexter, Caroline (1819-1884)Ryan, John S 4-Mar-2013
152014Survivors of Suicide, Those Left Behind When Someone Dies by SuicideCerel, Julie; Maple, Myfanwy 18-Jun-2014
162009Радикальная интерпретацияBlinov, Arcady 17-Sep-2010
17-Rational-Experiential InventoryPhillips, Wendy J 25-Jun-2019
182013Grammar and the Influence of Society and CultureGladkova, Anna 25-Jun-2014
192015Australia and New ZealandAllen, Matt 18-Feb-2016
202016NecromancyDillon, Matthew P 16-Jun-2017
212013League of Islanders (Nesiotic League)Koehn, Clemens 30-May-2019
222015AnimalsMcDonell, Jennifer 13-Jun-2017
232016AdonisDillon, Matthew P 16-Jun-2017
242016HermesDillon, Matthew P 16-Jun-2017
252011Property: Legal Link between People and the SoilMartin, Paul ; Page, John 30-Mar-2012
262010Armstrong, D. M.Forrest, Peter 7-Dec-2010
272010Materialism, AustralianForrest, Peter 7-Dec-2010
282016Understanding Chinese Families' Cultural Identities and Their Children's Mathematics Learning through a Narrative ApproachMok, Angel 3-Jul-2017
292014Primary Industry: III - FisheriesTaylor, Tristan 30-Sep-2014
302014Gamification Design Elements in Business Education SimulationsReiners, Torsten; Wood, Lincoln C; Gregory, Sue ; Teras, Hanna30-Sep-2014
312011Soil Conservation LegislationBoer, Ben; Hannam, Ian 7-Oct-2014
322007Commentary - The development of change measurementCallingham, Rosemary Anne 11-Feb-2010
332001SinhaleseGamage, Sirisena 11-Feb-2010
34Apr-2018Drug Testing High School Athletes and Fitness Trainersvan de Ven, Katinka ; Mulrooney, Kyle 4-Jun-2019
352014Voluntary Measures and Environmental LawLawson, Andrew ; Martin, Paul 14-Nov-2014
36200214. 'Oxycaryum' Nees in C. F. P. von Martius et al., Fl. Brasil. 2(1): 90. 1842Bruhl, Jeremy James 22-Feb-2010
3729-May-2019Applying Post Concepts: Theorizing Voice and Power with Foucault, Butler, and Deleuze and GuattariCharteris, Jennifer 12-Feb-2020
382002Pollock, Ernest Murray (1861-1936)Lunney, Mark 23-Feb-2010
392002Alverstone, 1st viscount (1842-1915)Lunney, Mark 23-Feb-2010
4020028. 'Eleocharis' R. Brown, Prodr., 224. 1810Smith, S Galen; Bruhl, Jeremy James ; Gonzalez-Elizondo, M Sorocco; Menapace, Francis J22-Feb-2010
41200216. 'Remirea' AubletTucker, Gordon C; Bruhl, Jeremy James 22-Feb-2010
4220029. 'Websteria' S. H. Wright, Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 14: 135. 1887Bruhl, Jeremy James 22-Feb-2010
432002Cozens-Hardy, Herbert Hardy (1838-192o)Lunney, Mark 23-Feb-2010
442017Land Use (in title 330, Primary Industry)Lawson, Andrew 19-Jul-2017
452017Computerized Cognitive Behavioral TherapyWootton, Bethany; Diefenbach, Gretchen J24-Jul-2017
462013Agrippina the ElderHopwood, Bronwyn 11-Jul-2013
472013AnthropologyBlack, Sue; Randolhp-Quinney, Patrick; Mallett, Xanthe 9-Oct-2014
48Feb-2013Deissmann, AdolfGerber, Albrecht 13-Sep-2019
492012Gustav Adolf DeissmannGerber, A 13-Sep-2019
502008Assault, AggravatedDonnermeyer, Joseph F 29-Aug-2013
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